The photos of Mt.

A4 sheet of paper describing an accident to Mr. Norman Coad. Ron was later appointed General Superintendent and then in 1974 to principal Hydro Engineer of the recently titled Hydro Division.

hand corner of top page All equipment belonging to the State Electricity Commission of Victoria was labelled with a metal plaque attached to it. Ltd./ DunnBennett & Co. ITC / Burslem / Made in England, Four A4 typed sheets on white paper - 1. It is typical of the apparel worn in the 1950's. This dinner plate was used at one of the sites on the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme which began construction in 1938 and concluded in 1961. 3. Maker's states: 500 volts/Megger/Regd Trade Mark/Made in England/Patent No/400728, 1. The article photocopied from the Yackandandah times states that he (Norman Coad) "was sent to the Ovens District Hospital, Beechworth for treatment" which would mean that this was the closest hospital to the Kiewa Valley for emergencies in 1912. The people and their families working on the scheme were encouraged by their employer the State Electricity Commission of Victoria to purchase and use electrical appliances. Wedding Photo is in KVHS 0970(B). B12: "Mt. Date taken is unknown but possibly c 1910. The iron was popular as it was quick and easy compared to those used previously. B5 - B10 printed in ink, lower left corner "Buffalo". Squeezer, white - fits on top for juicing. 4. F4: Written in ink lower edge "Norman Coad". Two photographs, one black and white and one sepia tone, Photographs of Ian and Margaret Rose McKendrick (nee Vyner) on their wedding day. The article from the Yackandandah Times is of a personal nature with concern for the individual involved. The area was known as Gundowring and Upper Gundowring. Buffalo Chalet have social, architectural and historical significance. One would crank madly whilst the other shifted the leads. All photos have been stamped on the back - Two "965U" in red, four "S80 " in green (indistinct) and two "141" in red. Bogong Jan. 1969" (underlined) Old hut near Summit, since removed, at the top of Staircase Spur. This was applied to the device being tested for a duration of approximately 30 minutes with reading of the resistance taken at regular intervals. It was deliberately burnt down in the early 1980's. He was later appointed General Superintendent and then, in 1974, he was appointed Principal Hydro Engineer of the recently titled Hydro Division. What was nasdaq index close on December 31 2007? Automatic Level made of metal with black leather carry strap.

It is a device that supplies a DC (direct current as per car batteries) voltage to enable testing of electrical apparatus. These photographs are of historical significance. The SECV had chalets, cafes, mess halls and tea rooms all over Victoria including their construction sites.

All Rights Reserved. His hut is significant in the history of Cattlemen's huts on the Bogong High Plains.

The State Electricity Commission of Victoria supplied First Aid Kits to its employees and 'ran' an ambulance during the construction of the Kiewa Hydro Electric Scheme (KHES). B11: no inscription. The small one has a spout. B13: "Buffalo?". Currently, their carton measures 9 cm x 5.8 cm x 19.3 cm (LengthxWidthxHeight). My Old black Poley Cow (and) Roper's Track. Cleve Cole dedicated his life to the mountains and wanted to make them safer to visit - more huts and improved maps, pole lines and tracks. Can you take flexeril and diclofenac together? A rectangular box in dark brown bakerlite casing. If an electrical device, such as a kettle or toaster, blew a fuse or tripped a circuit breaker, when switched on, then it must be checked electrically before any more use. 3 black and white photographs of a building being transported by steam train. Red and black writing on all sides except the bottom. The Agent's Plaque states: H. Rowe & Co. Pty Ltd/Melbourne & Sydney/Sole Agents/in Australia for/Evershed & Vignoles Ltd One poem. The iron was popular as it was quick and easy compared to those used previously.

'THE THREE FLORAS OF BOGONG' inside a rectangular box. Page headed History and Visitors prior 1971. Who is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all time? They are both now gone with Bivouac being replaced with a more modern structure but there is nothing left of the Summit Hut. Photocopied sheets, printed on Rt. K2: handwritten in ink lower L hand corner "Mongan's Bridge or Towonga". 246 Minute Book with red cloth spine and thick brownish cardboard cover. He pre cut the timber at his property in Tawonga and along with iron for the walls, chimney and roof took it up to the Bogong High Plains on pack horse. Metal plaque with black background fixed with four nails "Cowley Automatic Level. K3 and K4 would have been taken in the 1880's and show the type of trees and plant growth along the river prior to land clearing for farming. To inform the interested public, visiting the Kiewa area, about the Geology, Flora and birds as documented by various professionals and commissioned by the State Electricity Commission of Victoria. Black dial at back with speeds numbered and type of mix eg. "The Cowley" Automatic Level.

the Chalet has been used by skiers, bush walkers and day trippers since its completion in 1910 and its closure in 2006.

(Size) 4 is indented on the sole between the toe and heel. (Note for easier identification they have been numbered and grouped - K1-5 (Kiewa Valley), F1-8 (Families) and B1-17 (Mt. How long will the footprints on the moon last? B3: "chalet at Bufflo" in ink lower left corner. Howard Michell made it out to Glen Valley, a small mining town, to get help. White electrical food mixer with six parts. The first meeting was held on 25th February 1960.

The Gundowring School was opened in 1871 and most likely the Upper Gundowring school would be built at the same time.