William Barak (1824–1903): Aboriginal artist of traditional Indigenous life and encounters with Europeans Irene Barberis (born 1953): English-born painter, installation artist, drawer Caroline Barker (1894–1988): painter the Warlpiri stable features the minimalistic black and white fine dot paintings Her work is in major collections and art institutions.

Elizabeth Close – The next time you’re in Adelaide and spot some public Aboriginal art, there is a strong chance that it was created by her. Australian Aboriginal artists names E through I. Freda Brady, Tjungkara Ken and Maringka Tunkin Pintupi artist Walangkura Napanangka (c1946- 2014) was born west of Kintore in the Gibson Desert. Biddee Baadjo paints the vast sandhill country of the Great Sandy Desert at her birthplace Piyurr waterhole named after a native bird. Her paintings depict the Tingari journey path of Kungka Kutjara, the travelling Ancestor women. Painting of the MacDonnell Ranges by Albert Namatjira, John Mawurndjul piece in Musée du quai Branly. George Tuckerbox is a Wangkatjungka artist from the Great Sandy Desert, his paintings of waterholes and Dreaming sites show his clan country near the Canning Stock Route. Napangardi Watson. Penny K Lyons is a senior artist from Wangkatjungka community. Bill ReidYou’ve seen his work, if not in person then on a Canada Post stamp or a $20 bill issued from 2004-2012. Rosemary Petyarre paints the Bush Yam and Bush Medicine Leaves stories from her Utopia homelands. Linda and her family are strong cultural figures. The diversity takes many people by surprise. Her paintings of her birthplace Mukula south-west of Jupiter Well, clearly mark the iconography of landmarks and sites used by her people for ceremonial rites connected to Tingari ancestors. Samantha paints the burning-off season on Cape York, the annual ritual of burning thick undergrowth after the wet season. Penny’s paintings reflect her deep knowledge of her ancestral country and waterholes and the Dreaming stories that connecting people to the land. Helen has painted for over 20 years. rebelled at being required to do the majority of the work yet getting little of Her delicate paintings of Marrga show the creation of the world from smoke of ancestral fires. Maisie Campbell Napaltjarri is a Pintupi Aboriginal artist from Kintore. Where is the IAP also known as MAP sensor on a 1992 Dodge Stealth? Narpula works with traditional desert iconography and colours, often creating the undulating motif of women’s body paint designs. © 2020 Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery. Summer Matthews specialises in hand-painted, kiln fired glassworks. Lorna Ward Napanangka is the daughter of artist Timmy Payungka Tjapangati. There is no one Aboriginal art style, although dot art is very famous and well recognised. His ochre paintings detail Wandjina spirits and ceremonial practices of the West Kimberley as well as frontier life of turbulent years of white settlement on cattle stations created on Aboriginal lands. April Nulgit. Ronnie Tjampitjinpa is an original Papunya Tula artist. of Dorothy Napangardi alongside the exuberant and colourful works from Judy