Did you know that you can easily organize it for your own group of friends? One of the best parts about this game is that it gives you the opportunity to trade between players, making it a highly interactive experience. I also find that it is one of best ways to connect with people. Here are a few of my favorites: ✓ Just enough strategy and depth to be engaging, ✗ May not have enough depth for hardcore gamers. If you just want to relax and chill out with your friends, Playnation is the ultimate hangout where you can both play and enjoy free flow of drinks and popcorn. If ziplining across the beautiful Bedok Reservoir at sunset doesn’t excite you, I’m not sure what will! Any games from Exploding Kittens! The rest of people only know each secret agent’s code name so the spymaster has to give them clues to help them guess their team’s spies and while avoiding the other team’s.

Catch a film at the Omni-theater in Science Center, watch farmers milk goats at Hay Dairies or buy fresh eggs at the Quail Farm in Farmart Center. When you do, your new friends will appreciate how much you opened yourself up and it will encourage them to do the same. So pull up a chair and play your favorite board game! Pick up the cards and pass them around until someone gets four of a kind. I did my top 3 for each category. Over the course of 10 rounds, you and 2-5 of your friends will use your power cards and negotiating abilities to conquer land across the map. Despite their age, men enjoy video games, one of the most popular male bonding activities. Make it even more fun by sharing some of the candy featured in the game. , Your email address will not be published. Singapore Office It’s basically something designed to make you wet your pants. Because we empathize, here’s a list of 14 group outing ideas that kick ass so you don’t end up doing something lame. People take turns choosing a category card and everyone else has to put down a card that fits. Ouch! Full of random, silly words and phrases for you and your team to act out, this game is guaranteed to spark laughter. Want to get your brain going? Based on the original puzzle board game, each player is given potions to complete with specific ingredients. Rather than competing against each other, you and your friends or family have to work together to play to your assigned character’s strengths and find a cure to the diseases that threaten to wipe out humanity. This is an all-time favorite game to know each other better and to make your friends reveal their secrets. Whoever is the best at guessing what other people would do wins.

I love Code Names too. Time to lose the soccer boots and have a splashing good time!