In particular the suppression of the monasteries benefited the crown in two ways. weedy relatives have benefited from the acquisition of crop genes. Slaves, heirs, women and children, were benefited, and he made serious attempts to deal with the steady fall in the birth-rate of legitimate children.

Benefit sounds a little different in British and American English. The humphead wrasse, that can fetch up to $ 130 per kilo in the live reef fish trade, has also benefited. I think that it would be better than this, for the students, or those who desire to be benefited by it, even to lay the foundation themselves. : 2: They would have benefited from the virtue to remain faithful, or at least the wiliness to appear faithful while cheating discreetly. Both of them are clearly focused on how the applicant benefited his previous employers, which the right approach to take when applying for a job with a new company. The most common cause is that your DNS settings are incorrect.

A 523 error means that Cloudflare could not reach your host web server. Others have benefited from relaxation and mind control techniques. The cereal crops (wheat, barley, oats, rye, maize); the cruciferous crops (turnips, cabbage, kale, rape, mustard); the solanaceous crops (potatoes); the chenopodiaceous crops (mangels, sugar-beets), and other non-leguminous crops have, so far as is known, no such power, and are therefore more or less benefited by the direct application of nitrogenous manures. As a rewards member, I receive the benefit of free Internet when I stay at one of the brand’s hotels. Of nitrogen, the cereal crops take up and retain much less than any of the crops alternated with them, notwithstanding the circumstance that the cereals are very characteristically benefited by nitrogenous manures. These spots benefited from mild winter climates (except for Fort Collins and for Kalispell), good job prospects, low living costs (except for Laguna Beach and Scottsdale) and splendid outdoor recreation endowments. Sign up for free or try Premium free for 15 days, © 2014-2020 Ludwig S.R.L.S. grandson of the company 's founder, realized how much the family had benefited from photography and acted accordingly. He could destroy, but he could not create, and other people benefited by his exploits. 2. a payment, advantage, or gift. Your IP: Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " His height was a great benefit for playing basketball. Here are some tips that many have benefited from... You don't have to feel loving to be loving. But it is the trade of the lower Danube that has principally benefited. A stammering child can benefit from speech therapy. 1 : something that provides an advantage or gain specifically : an enhancement of property value, enjoyment of facilities, or increase in general prosperity arising from a public improvement. Vigee-Lebrun, Marie-Anne Elisabeth (1755-1842), French painter, was born in Paris, the daughter of a painter, from whom she received her first instruction, though she benefited more by the advice of Doyen, Greuze, Joseph Vernet and other masters of the period. His sieges, the most difficult part of medieval warfare, though won sometimes by stratagem, prove that he and his followers had benefited from their early training in the wars of Edward I. That was to my benefit. Maybe they have even helped you with a special project or benefited your life in some way. Performance & security by Cloudflare. Troy benefited financially by the War of 1812, during which contracts for army beef were filled here. As the New Town expanded, the Heriot Trust - whose revenues were greatly benefited thereby - erected day-schools in different districts, in which thousands of infants and older children received a free education, and, in 1 James Gillespie (1726-1797) was a tobacco and snuff manufacturer, and when he set up his carriage Henry Erskine suggested as a motto the homely couplet " Wha wad hae thocht it, That noses wad bocht it? The out-patient chemotherapy service has benefited from an increase of staff and now has five F grade chemotherapy nurse practitioners. Twenty hitherto unlisted or inadequately listed collections have benefited from detailed cataloging by professional archivists. The Witches, the play's great purveyors of rhyme, Better was Mrs Diner's Eton Mess, which arrived in a pleasingly retro knickerbocker glory glass and, Just as London enjoyed growth through international trade, the rest of Great Britain also, Cameron explained the film's success as having significantly, Since the year 2000, approximately 324,000 patients have, Because the CAP has traditionally rewarded farmers who produce more, larger farms have, Community Chest was established in 1999 and since then over 700 projects have, Noteworthily, Figure 2 reveals that some of the successor states. But the regions not under its administration benefited at least equally by the methods above described. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. I benefited because my husband always came first with me and because my mother-in-law became a good friend in letting me know her son's likes and dislikes. Without entirel y break ing with the pseudo-classic method he had adopted in Don Carlos - the two lovers, Max Piccolomini and Thekla, are an obvious concession to the tradition of the French theatre - Wallenstein shows how much Schiller's art had benefited by his study of Greek tragedy; the fatalism of his hero is a masterly application of an antique motive to a modern theme. They are the chief instruments of research, and have themselves much benefited by being so employed. The still more highly nitrogenous leguminous crops, although not characteristically benefited by nitrogenous manures, nevertheless contribute much more nitrogen to the total produce of the rotation than any of the other crops comprised in it. (proven, practical, long-term, short-term, direct, indirect, lasting, potential)

(great, considerable, enormous, huge, significant) " The positive benefit of my injury is I finally get some rest. Additional troubleshooting information here. It benefited greatly during the 19th century from the care of the archduke John and received extended civic privileges in 1860. ', Though he hasn't received any more money or any weapons from the US or Jordan, ".

Nothing was found in the archives, but an old peasant 107 years of age avowed that his father had been similarly benefited a century previously. "I benefited a lot from the surprise factor as the mayor showing up," he said. Certain skin diseases, as psoriasis, pemphigus and occasionally chronic eczema, are much benefited by its use, though occasionally a too prolonged course will produce the very lesion for which under other circumstances it is a cure. Apart from improving my Spanish, I felt I benefited a lot from having genuine contact with local people which you don't necessarily get when you are just travelling around.

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