Driving in Thailand should not present a problem for expats. This town is two and a half hours from Bangkok and locals have easy access to that city’s hospitals, health facilities, infrastructure, and resources. Below is a list of related articles you may find of interest. Add accommodation, living costs and other expenses, like books, for the full cost. Public school standards rate poorly compared with other countries, according to the OECD PISA ratings. Lopburi is worth a thought when coming to Thailand Currently, the 15-year rule restricts expats to voting in elections for 15 years after leaving the UK. Motorcycles or quad bikes for hire in beach resorts are generally unregistered and are illegal to ride public roads. The average Thai salary is £500 a month which compares to a UK State Pension of £760 a month for retirees. Expats are tax resident if they live in Thailand for at least 180 days in any tax year – which is the same as a calendar year. Residents have easy access to all the big city amenities that Chiang Mai has to offer. I am glad that many people speak English there. Moving retirement savings to another country will attract the Overseas Transfer Charge – a tax of 25% of the fund value.

To better understand Thailand today, you need to understand what has gone before and how the country’s history has influenced the present. Thailand welcomes tourists and expats, has low crime, a cheap cost of living and glorious sunshine for much of the year. Where to live in Thailand is not easy to answer a question. Posting images on social media of people drinking alcohol or wearing inappropriate clothing can trigger a fine or even a jail term for the person uploading the images and the people in them. I think Lopburi is an open minded easy going town, maybe because of the monkeys. Yes. They will pay tax on Income earned in Thailand but should be careful about working if they have a retirement visa as the conditions bar them from taking a job. The exchange rate is around 39.5 Thai baht to £1. The currency of Thailand is the Thai Baht. The Thai government likes to think of the country as a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy. A UK driving licence with an international driving permit makes driving legal. The policy should cover up to 40,000 baht (£1,000) for outpatient treatment and 400,000 baht (£10,000) for inpatient costs. Although there are just a few tourists coming and going on a daily basis. A drawback in an otherwise tranquil backwater is poor air quality when farmers burn the stubble in their fields to clear the way for new crops. Residents all enjoy all of this at a fraction of Bangkok’s crime rate, air pollution, and traffic congestion.