There’s literally nothing you can’t barbecue on this beast of a grill. It comes with beautiful stainless steel features you might not expect in a budget gas grill and looks really, really nice. The lid and body are cast aluminum. Hope it helped.

The body and casing are made out of cast aluminum, making this a lighter-weight grill for easier maneuverability around a patio or deck. Truth is, it’s only marginally portable at over 80 pounds but does offer a relatively small footprint for apartment dwellers. Its Commercial line, introduced in 2003, is still sold exclusively by Lowe’s. Moisture and steam from this feature infuse flavor.

Has a maximum output of 32,000 BTU per hour. I love this classic model and am very happy it’s still available today. Of course, you need to be prepared for the space that this will consume.

Char-Broil is Weber’s closest competitor, with a history dating back to 1948. Best Gas Grills Under $500 Reviews: 10. Capable of high temperatures in the low-600-degree level, it is more than hot enough to achieve a good sear, the Grillin’ Pro doesn’t disappoint. All of these selections offer cast-iron grates, space to cook meals for a standard household and high-enough temperatures for proper sears and speed. Chris Johns is the founder of The BBQ Report® and has been an avid barbecue fan for over 20 years. If you are a seasoned grill master and looking for a gas grill for professional use, your search might just end here. A poorly designed grill will lose a lot of its heat. This propane gas grill provides a primary grilling area of 525 square inches which is sufficient to feed a group of 5-6 at a time. The Weber Spirit E-210 LP Gas Grill is the older version of the Weber Spirit II E-210 model, but it stays on our list for a very good reason: this model comes with the original enclosed cabinet, unlike the cart of the newer model. Its three burners provide 30,000 BTUs of heat, and boasts a respectable 533 square inches of primary cooking area, enough space for burgers for an entire little league team! inch – Square inch.

Users will want to clear space behind the grill or find a suitable location that allows access to the rear: Not only will the propane tank need to be replaced from behind, but it can also be controlled more easily from behind, and the grease pan is accessed there as well. Main/ 110 sq. You may opt-out by. Royal Gourmet Classic Stainless Steel 6-Burner Cabinet Gas Grill with Side Sear Burner, 10. Preheating and cooking the food will take longer and the food might not even have the desired taste. This is easily done in several hardware stores, gas stations, and even grocery stores. Char-Broil Performance 550 5-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill, 19.

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It has high quality stainless steel burner tubes, which helps ensure that they don’t rust easily and generally have a longer life span. Shelling out a couple of extra bucks can even get you additional … No removing ash from the bottom of the pan. There are a lot of things you can do with a monster like this, such as grill breakfast foods like eggs and pancakes, to sauteed vegetables and hamburgers.