Additional caffeine overdose symptoms for infants include low blood pressure and alternation between tense and relaxed muscles.

Normal sensitivity to caffeine: This is the vast majority of people.They can consume up to 400 mg of caffeine per day without adverse side effects. Physical symptoms of a caffeine allergy are similar to those caused by other food allergies. You're Restless In Bed At Night. Since people with caffeine sensitivity metabolize caffeine more slowly, their symptoms may last for several hours. An abrupt decrease in caffeine may cause withdrawal symptoms, such as headaches, fatigue, irritability and difficulty focusing on tasks. To change your caffeine habit, try these tips: While you may not be giving your child coffee, be aware of the other sources such as so… While others need coffee in order to feel peppy, even a few sips of … For example: mouth, tongue, or lip itchiness; swollen lips or tongue; hives

Fortunately, these symptoms are usually mild and get better after a few days. Signs and Symptoms of Caffeine Intolerance | Livestrong…

The reaction to caffeine in infants is similar to that in adults, but because infants weigh so little it takes less caffeine to produce the effects. A person with caffeine sensitivity may experience anxiety, trembling, and jitteriness when they consume it. The symptoms that were the strangest included itchy ears & anus suffered by one poor soul and a sweaty butt crack reported by another… Caffeine allergy has also been linked to a form of ADD and dementia in adults.

A person with a caffeine sensitivity will feel the effects of caffeine after consuming a small amount; those with an allergy will have a more serious reaction. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under the age of 12 years should not eat or drink any caffeine-containing foods or drinks. ; Low Sensitivity to Caffeine: These people have very … They have a strong response to even small amounts of caffeine, and will commonly experience jitters and insomnia.

For people with a caffeine sensitivity, consuming low amounts may cause the … Hypersensitivity to caffeine: These people have very low CYP1A2 activity.

The claim is that caffeine-induced anaphylaxis impairs people’s abilities to concentrate and remember things.