While some of the curriculum overlaps, CFA charterholders and licensed CPAs generally work in very different professional arenas. You enjoy a goodwill that you never expected.

As long as you have a bachelor’s degree, you can take level I of the CFA exam. GARP does not endorse, promote, review or warrant the accuracy of the products or services offered by EduPristine, nor does it endorse the scores claimed by the Exam Prep Provider. Both credentials represent significant accomplishments and can result in significant increases in earnings and career prospects. Which has better earning potential—the CFA ® charter or the CPA certification?

The average salaries for a Chartered Financial Analyst ® (CFA) and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) fall in a broad range. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Public companies produce annual reports that are often prepared by CPAs, and on the basis of these reports, CFAs then make recommendations to clients on how to invest in securities offered by these companies. In general, it takes more time to earn the CFA charter than to become a licensed CPA.

If a CPA has a master’s degree, the median annual income increases to $91,000, according to accounting.com. Earning the CFA charter requires passing three exams administered by the CFA Institute. At minimum, CPAs have completed certification requirements after earning a bachelor’s degree in accounting and are qualified for better positions than regular accountants. The CPA exam, on the other hand, consists of 4 sections. Earning the CPA provides a direct path to higher income and opens the door to a variety of career paths. Just keep in mind that the exams are very difficult and you really need to be highly motivated and ready to commit to the necessary hours required to pass the exam. It takes much longer to become a CFA than a CPA. Because of the low pass rates, many CPA candidates use a CPA exam prep course as part of their CPA exam study plan. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation.

Although these two designations frequently represent divergent career paths, many students evaluate the merits of a career in both accounting or finance when consider their own career path. Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designations are arguably the two most prestigious titles in their respective fields.

CFA vs CPA – A detailed comparision. That makes sense because a solid understanding of the accounting that drives changes in corporate financial statements is required to accurately evaluate a business. The specific requirements of each state are included here.
CFA Institute, CFA®, and Chartered Financial Analyst®\ are trademarks owned by CFA Institute. Utmost care has been taken to ensure that there is no copyright violation or infringement in any of our content. A CPA can help people and companies choose the best course of action in terms of minimizing taxes and maximizing profitability. The CFA program focuses on investment management, covering broad topics such as financial analysis, fixed income, equity, and derivatives. They may calculate taxes owed or assess business practices to identify ways to save money.

There is understandable confusion between different financial professionals and their designations. They are often better compensated than other accounting professionals and see significant upward mobility. The paths towards CPA and CFA have their own challenges. Chartered Financial Analyst® is a professional credential offered by the CFA® Institute to Investment and Finance professionals. Difference Between CPA and CFA. Average CFA Salary/Package Vs CPA Salary in India.

The requirements for being licensed as a Certified Public Accountant are determined based on the Boards of Accountancy of each state. Level II of the CFA exam is composed of 120 questions which are structured in a case study format. You can sit for the exam any time in the CPA exam testing window, which is the first 2 months of each quarter and at any prometric centers throughout the US. ; The CFA exam covers topics such as … Further, GARP is not responsible for any fees or costs paid by the user to EduPristine nor is GARP responsible for any fees or costs of any person or entity providing any services to EduPristine. The exams are very challenging and the only way to pass is with hard word and dedication. $2,400 compared to over $100,000 for an MBA which represents a massive cost saving. CPA vs CFA. – Level 3: 12+ Lakhs P.A. There are also testing centers in Japan, Brazil and 4 Middle Eastern countries. The CFA and CPA combo helps the professional to be seen as an accounting expert within finance, and a finance expert within the accounting field.

Which has better earning potential—the CFA® charter or the CPA certification? Financial reporting (accounting) represents 20% of the CFA Level I exam topic weights and it represents 15% to 20% of the level II exam topic weights. CFP Board recommends you spend at least 250 hours studying for the CFP® exam. As a result, many students consider taking an additional year of college as part of a graduate level program in order to meet the credit hour requirements.

As we noted at the beginning of this article, both the CFA charter and the CPA certification have solid earnings potential. It’s pretty simple actually.

The CPA license is granted by each of the 55 states or jurisdiction in the United States. This adds a lot of flexibility in the process. Exam content is focused on financial analysis and portfolio management instead of accounting, audit and taxation.

The certified public accountant (CPA) credential is well established but is primarily associated with careers in accounting. Required Disclaimer: CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by Kaplan Schweser. CFA, on the other hand, is the gold standard in finance and investment.

By contrast, CPAs produce financial records.

In addition, you should plan to take as many mock exams as you can to get used to the whole exam process. For those who are looking for career as equity analysts, fund managers, and professionals in asset management or hedge fund houses, this is the best title you can get. If you don’t complete the exam within this 18 month window, you will have to retake each section that exceeds the 18 month mark.

How to Become a CFA: My Awesome Complete Guide, CFA Exam Pass Rates: What the Latest Statistics Reveals. Copyright 2008-2020 © EduPristine. CPA Program: It stands for Certified Public Accountant. What are the differences, and which one is better? ERP®, FRM®, GARP® and Global Association of Risk Professionals™ are trademarks owned by the Global Association of Risk Professionals, Inc. CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, or warrant the accuracy or quality of the products or services offered by EduPristine. They must also ensure that applicable financial regulations are followed. CFA ® Charter vs CPA Salary: Which Designation Has Better Earning Potential? It seems like a pretty difficult choice to make, but it isn’t! An auditor is a person authorized to review and verify the accuracy of business records and ensure compliance with tax laws. Let’s try and understand each course in detail and then decide as to what suits you the best. CFA or CPA: Which Qualification is Better? – Level 2: 6- 10+ Lakhs P.A. However, it takes most candidates an average of 4 years to pass all three levels of the exam. The exam format is much less flexible for CFA. GARP does not endorse, promote, review or warrant the accuracy of the products or services offered by EduPristine of GARP Exam related information, nor does it endorse any pass rates that may be claimed by the Exam Prep Provider. Students have four hours to complete each exam. Your supervisor, who will be verifying your experience, does not need to be a CFA.

Best Career Option: CPA versus CFA Which credential is best-suited for an individual is based on their interests. Once you meet the requirements of one state, your typically granted the ability to practice in any state (with a few small exceptions). Both offer excellent career paths, so it’s important to know which one is a better fit for you.

Why Get a CFA: CFA Benefits & Why the CFA Program Is Important. CPA is the “black-belt” in accounting. Here are the average salaries for some of the most common positions for CPAs: Another similarity between the two designations is that the exams are nearly impossible to pass if all the candidate does is last-minute cramming.


Ethical and Professional Standards (Level 1,2,3), Financial Reporting and Analysis (Level 1,2).

Must have a minimum of bachelor’s degree through any English medium college or university with a minimum of 45%. After passing the exam, eligible candidates are granted a CPA license from the state in which they intend to practice. A CFA is likely to receive and analyze reports produced by a CPA or other accountant.
However, if you feel that there is a copyright violation of any kind in our content then you can send an email to care@edupristine.com. In order to register for level II of the CFA Exam, you need to have completed your bachelors program. Each exam is offered annually in June. Press Esc to cancel. Once you have cleared all the papers of CPA with a minimum score of 75% in each paper you are eligible to apply for the CPA License also. Stephanie chooses to be a CPA only, but John is a CPA and CFA. The CFA Institute recommends at least 300 hours of study to prepare for each exam level. Prepare well and all the best! As long as the candidate has a bachelor degree or 4 years of practically any working experience, this person can sit for the exam. The CPA is similar to the Indian CA qualification, the only difference is that while Indian CA focuses on IND AS (Accounting Standards) the CPA focuses on the US GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). Although the requirements are generally similar, each state has specific requirements that must be met in order to be licensed. Each level of the CFA exam includes a 6 hour test.

This may sound a little wrong but that is the ground reality, focus on any one initially and save up that money and time for future. The final level of the CFA exam is split between an essay format and a case study section. There are many international testing centers for CFA exam in major cities and metropolitan areas.