A 24 karat gold pig necklace (pigs are emblems of fertility) is often gifted to the bride as part of her wedding jewelry to wear immediately. To the heaven and earth, to the parents, and to each other. Feature Image from Charlene and Brian’s Chinoiserie Wedding Photography in an Old Kampong Attap Roof House by Maritha Mae Photography. When decorating the wedding, the character for happiness (xi) would be hanged, which symbolizes happiness in the future. June is at the half of year, Chinese think the couples will easily get divorce if married in June. Guests will sign their names in a book or on a scroll to present their gifts. After the Tsao Chün tea has been finished, the couple would receive lai see, a lucky red envelope, given by the family that is filled with money and sometimes jewelry.

Only upon winning all challenges will he be allowed to enter the bride’s room where the final challenge is to locate the missing bridal shoe to put it on the bride’s foot, and then carry her out to the living room for the Chinese tea ceremony. A celebration marked by rituals and traditions, many symbolic aspects focus on blessings of prosperity, abundance, and happiness for the couple from both friends and family members. The Double Happiness symbol, composed of two identical Chinese characters meaning joy, appears in all Chinese weddings.

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As you can see from the above pictures, the whole time the bride’s head is covered with her wedding veil, the veil will be revealed when the couple enters to the wedding chamber.

The ritual of the Chinese Wedding Tea ceremony has prevailed over time as it is an important part of Chinese culture. “This is the time the bride and groom express their respect, gratitude, and appreciation for their parents’ love, support, and effort in raising them.” The ceremony takes place at a single location, or separately at the bride and groom’s respective homes. Lauren Mack is a journalist who covers Chinese culture and history. For most families, Si Dian Jin is considered an heirloom and may be passed down to the couple’s daughter or daughter-in-law as their wedding dowry in the future. 4. Pre-wedding photo shooting(Behind the scenes) © 2020 RecomN Technologies Sdn Bhd. It all begins with the groom’s parents asking the bride’s parents for their daughter’s hand in marriage.

Find out what these items are and what you can do with them after you have completed these Chinese wedding traditions. A bridesmaid or a lady of good fortune will give the teacups to the couple who will kneel (or bow) and serve tea to the parents (the groom’s family will be served first) uttering the phrase “please drink tea.” After each takes a sip of their tea, the couple will be offered a red envelope with money or gold jewelry to bless the union, and as an official welcome to the family. Formal ceremony - Bai tang(拜堂), Chinese wedding traditions: 6. Otherwise known as the Chinese betrothal ceremony, the Guo Da Li (过大礼) ceremony is an important Chinese wedding tradition where the first formal meeting between both the bride’s and groom’s families takes place. Chinese Wedding Banquet. The groom’s parents visit the bride’s family and offer them a grand wedding gift including food, cigarettes, wine, jewelries made of gold, silver, jade and so on. The Modern Chinese Wedding Ceremony and Banquet. Today it is a ritual practiced for tradition’s sake, and is often removed by the groom after the ceremony. When the marital bed has been set up, a baby boy from either one of the families born under the Year of the Dragon will be made to play and roll around on the bed. Most modern Chinese weddings will have a professional wedding ceremony host. On the day of the 提亲, both the bride and groom should be dressed in proper attire to show respect to each other and their families. Formal ceremony – Bai tang(拜堂) It is a meaningful moment in a Chinese wedding as it seen as the moment when the two families officially unite in marriage.

Our photographers are ready to capture your precious moments. 5. While these traditional pastries may be common and familiar to our parents and grandparents’, modern day couples do not know much about this cultural treat. The groom’s best friend may also offer up a toast. During some of these Chinese wedding traditions, a number of items are included and gifted for their symbolic meaning instead of their practical use. When asking for the bride’s hand in marriage, the groom should be courteous, sincere and respectful, especially if there is a discussion on the wedding date, where or how the wedding should be held at, or who should be invited, to avoid any unpleasant confrontations right from the start. The length and size of the party largely depend on what both families agree to and their requirements, as well as the provinces, different traditions, and rituals. Here are our favorite LA and OC wedding vendors. During a formal Chinese wedding proposal, the groom’s family will present different gifts to announce the engagement, which is usually food and cakes. A woman of good fortune will light one stick of incense and a pair of red taper candles and start the hair combing ceremony. Presented during the Guo Da Li ceremony, the gifting of Si Dian Jin represents the groom’s promise that the bride will always have a roof over her head and be well taken care of and provided for. The wedding banquet is a lavish affair lasting two or more hours. The tea recipients will remain seated while the couple kneel or bow to serve them the tea, and will then present them with an ang pao packet (cash gift).

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On the wedding night, the newlywed’s room will be lit with a dragon and phoenix candle, and the new couple will drink wine from two cups tied together with a red string.