an apparition of a boy with high red knee socks, a red vest, very old-style shoes, high shorts, and one of those hats you see on many men back in the '20s and '30s. Groups of 4 go through at a time. McClean Hall - McClean Hall on campus is supposed to be haunted by Mattie McClean the woman it’s named for. Check out: Pennywise returns to terrorize Louisville — in a 2005 Jeep Wrangler.

Academic Complex - The Academic Complex used to be an old hospital and now houses several classrooms, medical facilities, and the campuses TV and Radio stations. This place is now called "Lovers Leap". It is not known what happened to the body of the mother, however, the little girl, Mary Evelyn, is buried in a steel lined grave that is covered with rock and not dirt. Anyway, if you visit this cemetery late at night like 1 or 2 something will sound like it is running beside the old church banging very hard on the walls. there are now tours. Stepp Cemetery - A lady appears sitting upon a tree stump at the east end of the cemetery.


Upon further inspection he finds a man hanging from the tree inches from the tailgate. There was one morning a student was helping the social studies teacher carry some things up to her class. rumor is if you go to that isle you'll feel a cold wind rush past you and get the sense someone is behind you. It is thought that the two dolls and the girl are linked somehow. If you go at night, it is said you can hear them laugh, cry and see the shadows of them flying around. Beware these tunnels are still in service and actual trains still pass through each day. Most definetly worth the drive. No one knows why she is here, they think that maybe she died here. You can only see it from the road. No other road in the state, according to Weird N.J., has had more rumors and tall tales attached to it than this long, lonely stretch of asphalt. The state's scariest-sounding road can be found in Warren County, minutes from the town of Hope. Janitors have even heard faint cries or whispering in their ears. Waterfield Hall - On the Third floor in room 358 you can hear screams, the TV goes and off and the door to the room and stairs open by themselves. In the basement and all over the building are strange markings as if they are warnings of some kind, anyone who goes in walks past, or drives by have said they felt sick and a threatening hostility. Nunn Hall - A ghost of a former student named Penelope, is said to haunt Nunn Hall. 2940 Old Montreal Rd, Cumberland, Ottawa, Ontario K4C 1G3,, Canada There is another story of a grave there, I don't know which one but that you pull up in front of it and roll down all your windows open your trunk and doors and turn a love song up loud, because some guy committed suicide after his girlfriend left him, the ghost of a young teenager will scream a death roar and you have to get the trunk closed along with the doors and roll up the windows before he gets to your car or you will die. Spirits of civil war soldiers are said to still haunt the house. The next day, the kids went to see if the night before had really happened. There is said to be a young woman who was paddling in her canoe one day.

It is said that some of the dead haunt it, angry that the cemetery is in such bad shape. Very scary sometimes when you are in the bathroom alone you can hear weird noises. Unexplained noises come from the 3rd floor of the assisted living wing of the nursing home--Some staff and residents have claimed to have seen the ghost of "pearl"-The nursing home is run by the Carmelite Sisters--do not go uninvited as this is a nursing home and respect the residents that reside there - WARNING - the area is highly patrolled by Ft. Thomas police in addition to Carmel Manor Security. Cumberland museums haunted historic village is back with new scares. You can go there and feel like you are being watched, the laughter of little kids and in the third building you can feel heat as you go up the stairs to the punishment rooms. It is reported that all of them had gone to lunch except for one man, a guy named Joe. The RAMADA INN was built on haunted grounds. If you do let things get this far do not startle the shadow looking spirits. They report her name was Teresa nicknamed Tye-Dye. If you stop on the side of on the second curve a head- less woman will get in and ride so far. Then if someone made her mad, Gretta would slam the shutters on the windows and sway the chandeliers a bit. If you visit the school after dark you may see shadow figures in the old cemetery. Check out our list of N.J.'s 10 creepiest spots - and feel free to add your own. Very eerie. you hear things move and nothing is there. No one ever figured out who he was, or what he died of. Also, the most recent experience happened when one of the brothers was sleeping and his door opened from the shut position (doorknob turned, and the door opened completely) and no one was there.

- December 2006 Update — has been torn down. There is a lake down in Spotsville Kentucky. It is said that sometimes at night, one can hear the babies crying. Witnesses say if you shut your car off, you will have a hard time starting it again and leaving before she can get to you.