Changed from stork to block butter.. much firmer and easy to handle.

When it comes to the chocolate chips, I, as always, use actual chocolate chips. I also really like that you have explained why you use certain ingredients and what different substitutions will do to the recipe, as someone relatively new to baking that is really useful to know. Did any of the brands of ingredients change, how you mix it or type of oven etc? all granulated, or all light brown sugar. If you make half size, they will take about 9-10 minutes, but you can also lower the temp slightly to make them a bit softer! I made the smaller 60g cookies with white chocolate as it’s all I had and they still turned out really nice and gooey – I personally would have found the bigger cookies a bit too sickly, but my partner ate 3 in a row so just down to personal preference! Stick to the recipe for at least the first time, and then you can try altering it to different sugars and so on! I’ve been following you for a few years now and have made quite a few of your recipes over that time, all of which have been very tasty! My husband and I managed to get in when there was absolutely no queue, and we then trotted over to Central Park to enjoy them, and my gosh it was the best thing ever. Thanks. Could you make the cookies smaller or do they need to be the size in your recipe? I was unsure about these as I LOVE supermarket style chewy cookies and wasn’t sure how these would compare having never had a NYC style cookie.. however took a risk and they were delicious!! And I don’t think that would work, unfortunately.. it would probably be far too raw in the middle and also burnt on the outside! My plan was to bake on a flat round tray so I can do it quite big. Would it work if I stuffed these with frozen biscoff to get that ultimate combination? But regular salt is often stronger and doesn’t taste nice at all! I’m thinking of giving it a try making two batches one gluten free and one the same as your recipie. Another great recipe, made smaller ones and they all went. Love all your recipes, thank you ☺️. I even think these are better with a bit of cornflour. Thank you for sharing your recipes x, Ahh thank you so much!!

I popped them back in for another couple of minutes but still the same so I’ve left them out like you said for 30 mins to carry on cooking. This is a horrible comment to receive considering I try my damn hardest to respond to as many people as I can all day every day from the thousands and thousands of comments I receive across my channels when I am the sole person running this blog. YUMMY! Would you advise I follow the recipe 3 times or can I duplicate the ingredient list times 3 so for eg Instead of using 125g of butter I can use 375g of butter for the cookie dough ? Any suggestions? I haven’t seen a difference when I’ve baked directly from frozen (when they’ve been frozen for a while). Sweet chestnuts and chocolate make a heavenly combination at Christmas time, A make-ahead treat, these will take you back to toasting marshmallows around an open fire, These sponges with a cream cheese topping are light yet wonderfully chocolatey, Very cherry chocolate sponges dotted with fruit and topped with creamy frosting - perfect for a cake sale, These easy chocolate chip, vanilla and pale pink buttercream cupcakes mimic Neapolitan ice cream and are perfect for a little treat at a picnic, Children will love to make these yummy double chocolate chip cakes topped with rice paper flowers - perfect for a kids Easter baking project, These decorative cupcakes make the perfect centrepiece for a wedding or christening, or a lovely gift, Beautiful individual chocolate brownie cakes with a dollop of softly whipped cream and extra fruit for garnish, These gorgeous low-fat muffins make a great coffee morning treat, best served warm from the oven, Kids will love making these little chocolate cupcakes, with a crunchy biscuit base and Easter egg topping, Got a sweet tooth? Looks amazing.. You mention in the notes that you use Callebaut callets in your recipe. Why could this be?? Tried these cookies today for Memorial Day. Twitter You can definitely just chop up some chocolate – you don’t even have to blitz it! Thanks x. I replaced 100g of choc chips with peanut butter chips as we love peanut butter in this house and they are amazing. I tried yours for the fist time following the suggestion of the corn starch and they came absolutely amazing! So so delicious and we all agreed, the best cookies we have ever tasted! Made these today, absolutely delicious, best ones yet! I want to have a crack at these today but only have three types of sugar in the house, I’ve seen in your comments that caster sugar isn’t recommended (I have regular caster and golden caster, so that’s those two out! Thank you so much for all the recipes they are amazing they said they were one of the best they’ve had. This time I don’t have any light brown sugar – I have Demerara or dark brown. Yes, it would just spread and might not work nearly as well as if it was contained. ❤️ Can’t wait to make the next batch. We’ve done the NYC cookies a couple of times now and they turn out perfect every time!! I swapped in cornflour as recommended and the texture was gorgeous, really gooey. Thanks ! I really want to make these but I’m missing bicarb! I made these yesterday!

Will it make a difference? Aiming to try a new recipe each week from now on! How do I make these without the baking powder? Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Thank you I’m advance you baking goddess haha xx, Hey! I refrigerated it for 30 minutes. Thank you so for sharing the recipe.

My husband is so happy right now, I just cooked up a batch and we both agree they are incredibly delicious! These are so tasty! Enjoy! x, Just made these, super easy to make and so gooey inside. So glad I found your site for lockdown. These are amazing! Your recipes are super easy to follow and always amazing results. You want a decent amount of flour, and to help it raise to get the classic texture so that when you bite into it… heaven. x. Thank you very much!

If I were to use cornflour as you suggest in the body of this blogpost, would it be a straight swap out with the plain flour? If I wanted to double the batch, is it ok to straight double or do the quantities of bicarbonate of soda and baking powder need altering? So it will bake the exact same, the colour may be darker and the flavour will be slightly deeper! Ahh thank you so much!! Absolutely amazing!! I have honestly made about 20 batches of cookies now, to get these right. They’re gooey and chocolatey as well and what’s great is I freeze the batch and bake them whenever I get a craving for cookies! Hey! Using other sugars can change the texture. Couldn’t ask for a better recipe. This is similar to my other recipes, such as my Mini Egg Cookie Bars – in the fact that it gives the best flavour and texture.

We substituted dark chocolate chips for white chocolate chips because it was what we had in and they were still delicious. Thank you Jane ! If you prefer your cookies flatter, you can squish them down slightly before baking but I don't do this personally!

I froze 4 cookie balls and cooked them a few days later from frozen, they cooked perfectly. My husband has had cookies from Levain Bakery when we visited New York but I couldn’t due to a food allergy so it’s been nice to try a similar cookie. Say you make them half size, they’d take about 9 minutes to bake! The first batch me and my husband ate within 2 days!

I teased this post on my Instagram a little while ago and you guys went crazy for them… so I hope you are READY!! Hi I wondered if you can use normal chocolate in replace of the chocolate chips for this recipe? Can you suggest how many grams should i put? Yes they can be frozen after baking – they just need reheating in a microwave or oven to bring back to a gooey texture! I used a mixture of milk, dark and white chips and oh my goodness, delicious! OMG!!! But anyway… I will say the reason they took this long to come to my blog, is because I only, finally, went to New York four months ago on my Mini-Moon, so I finally got to try some classic NYC Cookies for myself! I read that you mentioned you could add nuts to them, I was just wondering if you would take out say 100g of the chocolate chips and add the nuts instead? Hey! I really don’t. Super gooey! Blend in the cocoa and add baking soda, salt and blend well. Definitely worth a try, even for a novice baker. Yes it can be! Have made these 3 times already, they are the PERFECT COOKIE! However, you can switch it up. These cookies are amazing! Arrange them in the right order to make a gorgeous display and test your science skills, Cupcakes are all the rage, and this festive version are super cute and contemporary, Delicious and simple chocolate cup cakes to make with the kids at Halloween - real crowd-pleasers, Everyone loves crispy cornflake cakes, whatever their age. It’s a soft cookie which I really love and is quite similar to insomnia cookies from New York! Microwaved for 20 seconds the day after baking and enjoyed with a coffee; perfect!

I can’t get over it. I’m having trouble getting hold of light brown sugar? I used white chocolate chips and they were amazing.

Would they still be ok if I baked the rest of the cookie dough on Saturday? I’ve just made these and followed the ingredients/instructions exactly as you’ve said. The best of all, for me personally, was the ones from Levain Bakery. Thanks, Half size (60g) is about 8-9 minutes, so roughly 10 minutes should be okay. They are so good, will be making again. Thank you for sharing it with all of us! After two days I would suggest freezing though! X.

My newest craving! Add in the plain flour, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, and salt and beat till a cookie dough is formed! I usually follow every step and ingredient in your recipe including the cornflour in the cookies. I’ve got 6 more cookie balls in the freezer and can’t wait to eat more! Pinterest Perfect cookie recipe. I tried the exact recipe which turned out super good! I just use the same temp and for the same 12-14 minutes – as these are already baked from chilled the difference isn’t too bad. Amazing! This is the BEST cookie recipe ever, thank you so much. Hi Jane, I LOVE this recipe, I want to bake them to today but only have access to dark brown sugar instead of light brown? These are amazing the best cookies I’ve ever made can’t wait to try the triple chocolate ones. As I have someone who would love them but are sadly gluten intolerant, Quite a few of my readers have made a simple switch to GF flour and said they worked well! Hi, i want to gift these to someone but I want to bake them for the recipient. Best cookie recipe I’ve ever tried, fab and so easy to make. xx. They didn’t have that deeper brown color as the ones in your pics. Hi, this recipe is absolutely incredible and wondered if cocoa powder can be added in and if so would I need to reduce the amount of flour ?