How to Use Essential Oils to Soothe Teething Pain, The Million Dollar Mama. Similar to lavender, this stuff will calm anyone. It can even reduce inflammation, definitely an added bonus. Whatever you do, make essential oils never come in contact with your child internally. Chamomile oil is to be used diluted, with a ratio of less than .5% of essential oils to carrier oil. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Did I miss one that works well for you and your little one? 2018 Jul. Essential oils are highly potent. Home-Remedies or Medicines? Make separate searches for each one of them and find out about their dilution levels etc. Essential oils for teething are a great natural alternative that allows you to treat symptoms without medication and even while baby sleeps! Yes we can use essential oils for teething. Only apply a small amount of the oil topically and remember to dilute it before using. Required fields are marked *. Their healing and soothing properties have made them popular in recent years. Don’t have access to specialists? Top Source for Infant, Baby and Toddler Teething.

For authentic and credible information about parenting and pregnancy follow us here, A Guide to Using Essential Oils for Teething Babies and Infants. Only proceed if the result is positive. Hence, precaution is absolutely imperative. 2015 Jul. Also Read: My Newborn Won’t Sleep Unless Held – What Should I Do? 2019 Feb. PMID: Ahmad Z, The uses and properties of almond oil. 5. Some essential oils for teething should not be used on babies below a certain age, for example, clove oil and ginger oil should not be used on babies below the age of 2 years. Thanks for dropping by PMID. Bear in mind the following safety tips that will ensure that their usage on your baby is safe and efficient. Here is a detailed list of suitable essential oils for your teething infant or baby of various ages: Lavender, with its exquisite aroma, is a calming agent. If your babe is anything like my first, they will be fussing and crying so much that they will suck in lots of air and create one unhappy, gassy tummy. Essential oils can be wonderful to soothe and calm a teething baby or toddler.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. In addition to using essential oils to help with baby teething pain, I also use them to help ease baby coughs and congestion. So, if you have a wailing baby at home, here are some potent oils that you can buy right now: Chamomile is one of the most commonly used oil for teething as stated by healthline (3).

Try it either in a diffuser or diluted and massaged onto baby, focusing near the jawline. 2010 Feb. PMID: Leigh Winters, How Long Should You Really Be Diffusing Essential Oils? ( Log Out /  Comment below if you have tried essential oils before! Essential oils are obtained from plants, herbs, or flowers. This can be incredibly detrimental and can result in a myriad of undesired health-related consequences. They are natural but we still need to use from precautions. Never make the baby ingest essential oils for teething. However, make sure that the application is only done on safe areas. Clove bud oil therefore should be used carefully and in the right amount.