“I can almost always hunt ya,” he says, “and if I don’t have ducks I’ll tell ya straight up. |   When duck hunting rivers you are going to need a boat in order to accomplish this hunting method.

I’m not as much about shooting any more. SITKA Gear waterfowl product manager Jim Saubier shows off the company's full line-up of women's waterfowl hunting gear for 2019. Then since they went in front of the ducks it is likely that the ducks will fly upriver and allow the hunter in the boat additional shooting opportunities. And I got these camps you can’t believe in Mexico…”. “He jumped out of his truck wearing a string of Christmas lights around his neck and yells ‘Good morning Vietnaaaaam’ and then starts laughing. This video is unavailable. The river keeps him young, always seeing new things. Burris is exactly the mildly outrageous, huge, charismatic personality that elevates any Deep South hunt. Duck hunting rivers can be one of the most unique and action-packed types of duck hunting that you can do. Skip navigation Sign in.

I just want them in the hole. Lumber river afternoon duck hunt. Lumber River. Ducks can hear well on the water so the quieter you are the less likely you are to scare them off. Anticipation, as our senses took it all in. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION......... & it AIN"T High Rock !!! Using this method you can use natural vegetation as well as natural curves in the river to stay concealed. He was a ledgend back in the day. Duck hunting rivers can provide some great results and an enjoyable hunt. When it’s right, it’s in your blood, the trees are in your blood…once people hunt in the trees, it’s just something about a duck that halos down into the hole. Would not get my hopes to high. “But 80 percent of my business is repeat customers, in fact whole repeat groups. Habitat is plentiful and the river’s countless alcoves and sandy bars offer an endless number of places to rest, dabble, and preen. Blake Burris has run this river since he was 6 with his dad, and his sons and their sons are hunting it now, four-generations of duck-killing carnage, introducing thousands of hunters to the swamp: 55 years on the river for Blake alone. Blake Burris has run this river since he was 6 with his dad, and his sons and their sons are hunting it now, four-generations of duck-killing carnage, introducing thousands of hunters to the swamp: 55 years on the river for Blake alone. Whatever you chose you should do your best to make your boat blend in with the surrounds as best as possible. You guys Going to keep messing around them lums and get in one of their huntin holes and then your going to know what cold steel feels like.

trust me I know I'm married to one. And the duck hunting, it’s world class.”, “There’s no dull moments when you’re hunting with Blake,” Murray says.

One way is to buy a camouflage boat or to paint it camouflage. A place to discuss duck hunting in North Carolina and other waterfowl. A celebration of Realtree’s new Timber pattern done right, with swamp legend Blake Burris of Ole’ South Outfitters at the helm. Post a reply. Check out these highlights from a few of our early-season waterfowl hunts. Does everyone love that? Mav I do some quail huntin not far from you guys in Hoke though but I hear you guys probably got the largest population of wild quail left in the state. For example, if you buy a canoe you can get some camo spray paint and paint reed patterns on the boat. Watch Queue Queue. If you are hunting with a buddy you should keep any talking quiet and to a minimum. Lumber river afternoon duck hunt. The Prairie Potholes Region is alive with waterfowl and a perfect place to test a new shotgun. A follow-up interview with him starts out like this: “Skip, me and the wife are sitting on the porch cooking hot dogs right now talking to you, and a danged bobcat crossed the road just now, I swear. 2 Easy Duck Recipes for Summertime Grilling, Testing the Savage Renegauge on North Dakota Waterfowl, How Stress Affects a Dog's Hunting Ability, An Emperor Goose Hunt 30 Years in the Making, Iconic Waterfowling Figures: First Gun Stories, 2017 Waterfowl Trailer: Eagles' Quarterback Stars in Wentz Bros Outdoors, Old Man River: Duck Hunting the Arkansas Timber. Hell when they send a Baby Lum home from the hospital they have their SSN, Birth Certificate, Can of Forumula, Pacifier, and their first Pocket Knife. Duck hunting the mighty Columbia Here on the edge of town, the Columbia is not quick to give up her birds. “I’ve seen some people grit their teeth pretty tight.

Even though you are going to be camouflaging or covering your boat with blind grass it is still necessary to take extra steps to stay out of the view of ducks for as long as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to hug as close to the shorelines as possible with your boat as you float down the river. McGhee, Arkansas, was where we stayed at the Delta Resort and Lodge last November, bagging pintail, gadwalls, woodies, teal, mallards and more in the timber holes. Remember to keep your boat concealed well, stick close to the shoreline, minimize noise and bring a buddy. Burris is exactly the mildly outrageous, huge, charismatic personality that elevates any Deep South hunt. Some of them don’t like the five-ticket-ride,” he says with a laugh, alluding to carnival tickets. Kevin Steele takes part in a family driven duck hunt in Sweden. This is the North Carolina duck hunting forum. hey the lumbees aint dangerous......just crazy and unsafe at times lol.....i used to love hangin out with them, but id trust them with my life, especially the boys i was on the fire dept with down there. Make summertime barbecues super easy by grilling up one of these duck recipes from Scott... A dainty English setter suited for the uplands has the drive for waterfowl.

Free Stuff + Content perfect for you + No hype [period] “I won’t bore you with articles written as if you have been hunting for 50 years!”. This is the North Carolina duck hunting forum. Subscriber Services. When you do get the opportunity to go duck hunting rivers with a buddy you can use this as an added opportunity to bag even more ducks.

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Please tell me you are not related to Eddie Hatcher. But it was not the shooting that seared in my brain. However, by staying close to shore he will have a better chance of getting closer before being spotted. I thought it would black both my eyes. That, and meeting the old man of the river. A 20-pounder hit me right square in the nose yesterday. This step should probably be obvious but when you are duck hunting rivers you should be as quiet as possible when floating down the river. One particular way you can do this is when you see ducks well in advance on the river. Wildfowl contributor Mark Romanack shares advice about choosing your next retriever. Get The DecoyPro Ducks App Duck hunting rivers can be one of the most unique and action-packed types of duck hunting that you can do. Wildfowl Editor Skip Knowles took this short video showing all the Snow Geese flying.

Watch Queue Queue. A teacher made a $100 row boat into a bluebill's worst nightmare, and a dog's best friend. All Rights Reserved.

Another option is to make or buy a boat blind. Search. “It’s always changing like any river. Let’s take a look at an example duck hunting rivers method. Subscribe to the DecoyPro Email List to get instant access to your Free copy! “Zipping through the trees to get to the blind, the steady stream of action from group after group of birds diving into the masterfully placed spread, or the consistent jokes and stories from Blake that have you laughing so hard you don’t know how you haven’t scared every bird in the county. Special thanks to... Give a Gift   Just takes a while to get the lingo figured out with the Cuz's, Papa's, and Shines.

Particularly with aluminum boats that can really create a lot of noise. The old man sighs deeply, collects his thoughts. 10 Cheap Ideas On How To Make An Ice Eater For Duck Hunting, How To Make A Snow Goose Electronic Caller. There are a lot of boat options like canoes, john boats, kayaks and more. In the example diagram above you can see that the hunter is hugging close to the shoreline with his boat.

That’s how it is around Blake. That is most vivid, perhaps because we had to travel to get there and that was the first powerful emotion. “I love to put them right in front of everybody. Up ahead of him there are ducks around the corner and if he had been way out in the middle of the river they would likely see him before he gets in shooting range and fly away.

We might not see anxiety or worry in our dogs, but it is there and can affect hunting ability. It used to be a tight river with huge timber, now there are big holes and much of the timber has faded back…you have to adapt and change with it.”. If I hadn’t seen it coming it would have knocked me right outta the boat. Talked to some fellows this mourning, while crying about not seeing any ducks, and they didn't see any either and they were hunting Lumber River. Then another, and another, and another! Knowing this you may be wanting to see ideas and tips for duck hunting rivers before you head out.