The plant has small brown flowers that bloom in May. Soak the seeds in a bowl of cool water overnight to... 3. Spreading by underground stems which send up shoots. We think that you will find European ginger to be beautiful and long lasting edition to your garden plant collection. The hairy root stems can be separated and planted with 10-12 inches of space.

It has deep dark glossy green foliage, grows about 6-8"…, Wild European Ginger is the ideal companion plant for hosta. Deciduous. Euroseeds is the voice of the European seed sector. If you’re planning on growing it anytime soon, here’s everything you should know about its care and maintenance. Greenish purple or brown 1/2" flowers. Glossy, leathery, rich green, rounded heart-shaped leaves are pretty all season -- from spring to fall. Its glossy, dark green leaves offer mediation between variegated perennials like pulmonarias and hostas or enhances the color of vibrantly foliaged coral bells. We all want perennials that are attractive all season. 2. Brownish flowers. Asarums will remain brightly evergreen in winter where overhead shade cover, and in milder districts.

Zone 5. $12 for first Plant, .85c for each additional plant.

PROPAGATION: Division (autumn or spring), root sections. In addition to Green Mountain Nursery's beautiful hosta varieties, we also have European wild ginger. – Soil: Asarums are natural born forest and woodland plants. – Water-wise:  Asarums are water-wise plants, once they are established in the shade they enjoy. Since 2014, the import volume has increased by 12% annually. And they are not plagued by slugs and snails. Brown flowers April-May. Although the wild ginger plant is native to Europe, there are many different species found in North America as well. Zone 4-10.

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Set out in spring 12" apart. It is pretty planted with fine-textured perennials like astibles, corydalis and ferns. It can also be grown in areas that are not as favorable for hostas such as those with deep shade.

2-6" leaves. European ginger features a lush, vibrant green leaf. You can still grow the plants in a container if you wish, but they will quickly outgrow the pot. Zone 4. Therefore loam and clay based soils are perfect for them, while they will struggle in sandy soils. It does not flaunt flamboyant flowers. However, European ginger performs in dry shade, too -- a landscape challenge for many gardeners. A. caudatum (British Columbia Wild Ginger) 7". As mentioned before, this one grows best in partial to full-shade, so it barely needs sunlight.