you’ll need a high school diploma. Some artists work from home, and others work in creative co-ops or commercial arts studios. It’s in demand, too, because there are a projected 49,900 jobs opening in the next 6 years. Anticipate earning $60,250 in one of the 152,000 projected openings. Wine specialists often reap a lot of enjoyment from their jobs. And that's why one of these high-paying, fun jobs may be exactly what you're looking for: Software developers are just as creative as they are technical. And I should know; I do one of them. And many video game companies are known for their laid-back, fun work environments. The median salary is $65,220, and you’ll need a high school diploma. Like with freelance writing, some computer support specialist jobs will require a degree, but many don’t. If you happen to like elevators—or any electric or hydraulic systems maintenance, you could find yourself happy in this job—the $76,650 you could earn with your high school diploma might help too! projected job openings through 2022. In this job, you’ll direct and coordinate the workings of a casino. Plus, you may even have the opportunity to specialize in a specific area such as coding, creating sound effects, designing graphics, or writing narratives. There are plenty of fun jobs that pay well without a degree (including cash paying under the table jobs!). Due to the vastness of the earth's oceans and the large number of animals and organisms within them, there are a number of specialties within the field of marine biology. Or are you passionate about the beer and wine industry? If you possess a strong business sense and are highly motivated and organized, then you may want to consider a fun, high-paying career in business management. The good news is that there are a number of high-paying, fun careers available in the automotive sector. This career requires working your way up by attending the policy academy and serving on the force for two or more years, but if you're willing to put in the time, you'll earn a solid salary of around $60,000 for a highly stimulating job. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a7a6fcebf0320c4a22681d7ff8892f65" );document.getElementById("c4e6d6af4c").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Install the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel app on any device and earn up to $50. Barbers, hairstylists and cosmetologists, 15. Can you picture yourself working in a career where you help solve crimes, catch criminals, or stop terrorists? You may not have to earn a bachelor's degree at all. You do much more than make spaces attractive to the eye. Making a good living as an artist is definitely possible. Whether you are a self-employed artist or work for an employer, your options may only be limited by your creativity and imagination. There are jobs available in a range of fields too, so you’re sure to find something to suit you. Dental assistants constantly move around, so you’ll never be standing in one spot for very long. Radiation Therapist Providing radiation treatment to cancer patients pays, on average, $80,160 per …

You can easily get these by writing content for your own blog or just by putting together a PDF or Word Document containing some articles that you’ve written. You’ll need to be a U.S. citizen, be at least 21 years old and be able to meet the rigorous physical and personal qualifications required to become a police officer. If your aptitude runs to mechanical and plumbing repairs, you might enjoy assembly, installation, and repair of boilers and other containers. Most stationary engineers work in manufacturing, hospitals, educational services, and government. This is a complicated-sounding way of saying middle management of a corporate sales force; your workload would likely include supervision of daily and weekly workforce activity, sales goals and company revenue. Police work can be physically demanding, stressful, and in many cases, dangerous. While travel agents usually work from offices, they can also work remotely, as long as they have a phone and a computer. You will work with directors, producers, and other film staff to ensure that production goals are achieved. (For additional requirements see Training/Education: None. Marine biologists typically spend a great deal of time conducting research, so you could expect to work closely with universities and other educational institutions. Like NASCAR big. Here’s a great way to be a part of the healthcare industry, help people, and learn the inner workings of a complex system.MRI techs need an associate’s degree and receive a median annual wage of $65,360. 34. If this sounds like you, then consider a fun beauty career such as the following: A makeup artist can work in a number of settings. Check out these fun possibilities: When you are captivated by beautiful, mouth-watering images of food while flipping through a magazine or watching TV, you are admiring the work of food stylists. A makeup artist can work in a number of settings. Median salary: $92,780. Not many jobs offer the chance to experience nature like farming does.

Barbers, hairstylists, and cosmetologists offer haircutting, hairstyling, and a variety of other beauty services. Fun Factor: Potential to meet new … This job comes with a median salary of $70,180 and requires an associate’s degree. They often respond to emergency calls, patrol neighborhoods or work in an office.

You usually work shifts.

Free T-Shirts: 1000+ Companies & Colleges That Send You T-Shirts for Free, 24 Apps that Pay You to Play Games (Some with Real Money! Most security guards learn their job in a few weeks. Often you’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent, but some jobs may not have any education requirements at all. It’s your job to prevent theft and violence and to make sure that all the rules are being followed. 117 Ways to Make Money During Coronavirus, If you want to save money, you may want to check out Earny. Sales Managers are responsible for leading their team towards a certain sales goal.

US News ranks the best jobs without a college degree in America by scoring 7 factors like salary, work life balance, long term growth and stress level. If your aptitude runs to mechanical and plumbing repairs, you might enjoy assembly, installation, and repair of boilers and other containers. Street rod fabricators don't just build vehicles; they create high-performance pieces of custom art. Career pressure builds when a job contains m… A veterinary technician provides essential support services to veterinarians.

It’s a fun career that allows for study advancement. And you’ll work in a dentist’s office. Radio and TV announcers research, prepare, and present information on a wide variety of topics. And the pay is awesome too!

You’ll need excellent IT skills, alongside the ability to lead a team. Many fun, well-paying jobs are available in the wine industry. And if you already have a fun job that pays well, doesn’t require a degree and you’re happy doing it, Id love to hear about it.

Contrary to popular belief, a college degree isn’t necessary for a high-paying salary.

Looking for a fun job that pays well without a degree or much experience? Although ethical hacking positions could be seen as weird or odd jobs, many people love the thrill that comes from staying a step ahead of computer criminals. This is a great option for creative types! The median salary is $61,850, and there are 15,500 projected job openings through 2022. Well, yes, they do. Take a moment to discover the training options in your area by entering your zip code into the search box below! For instance, in order to get a fun job as an architect, you will first need to major in architecture. Career opportunities can be found within production companies, recording studios, radio and TV stations, sports arenas, and theaters. Many graphic designers are employed in advertising, marketing, public relations, and communications departments within a variety of organizations.

Several career paths benefit from gaining experience over education. You’ll need an associate’s degree for this important job, in which you’ll assist physicists and engineers nuclear research and production. Your email address is already registered. Don’t see your dream job on the list above? But only an anesthesiologist is likely to consider his or her profession the most fun in the world.

Air travel may not be as glamorous as it once was, but being a commercial pilot—flying and navigating aircrafts on non-scheduled (aka fancy private planes) air-carrier routes, or helicopter trips—is a lucrative and exciting career. Travel agents sell transportation, accommodation and entertainment activities to people. After all, being a waterslide tester would certainly be fun, but, realistically, how many waterslide testers does the world need?

Have you always had an interest in law enforcement but for whatever reason not pursued the police academy? Thank you! If you love doing research and giving advice to others on the best places to stay in any given city, this might be your dream job. Between interacting with patients, you’ll sterilize tools, maintain records, and more. Chances are, you can pursue a career that incorporates one or more of them in some way. Here’s a position that comes with long-term on-the-job training. Typically new repair techs start with an apprenticeship.

Projected growth between … So no matter what you’re interested in, you won’t feel restricted without having a college degree. The average salary is around £40,000 depending on the area and location. After all, think about what they do: A viticulturist does highly satisfying work by using science to oversee soil preparation and the planting, growing, and harvesting of high-quality grapes. The average salary for air traffic controllers is over $92,000, putting you just under six figures. I’ll cover that, along with plenty of others, below. Take a moment to explore a couple of the fun, good-paying jobs that could be available to you whether you hold a certificate, diploma, two- or four-year degree, or higher designation: A marine biologist studies sea creatures and the ocean's ecosystems. With the growing interest in craft beer and microbreweries across the nation, now might be an ideal time to begin a career in the beer industry. Put your strong reading comprehension and interest in investigative processes to work as a reviewer of settled claims to against company practices and procedures. They’ll answer all your questions about the tuition, our programs, and enrollment process.