Related: The 23 Best Online Games to Play With Friends During the Coronavirus Outbreak, Related: Google is Reviving Its Most Popular Doodle Games for At-Home Entertainment—Here’s How to Enjoy Them. wanted to name his daughter May Ann Naze but his wife refused. (Indian), Fu Kiu (Chinese) - Wang Kerr - Tucker Inn, BUS DRIVER (Swedish rock guitarist), DRUMS Amazing names! Please check your email to confirm your subscription. At the moment I’m making a fantasy book for one of my class. early 80s, and we had an electronic parts representative whose name was D.C. Current. The Fundamentals of Fandom-Worthy Fiction Course, A list of 100 Fantasy Male Character Names. Lisa May Boyle, Lisa May Dye I remember hearing a guy talking about his priest / warrior duo. ", From Cal Ernst: "Back in the early 70s I went to college with day be part of the pop sensation known as the Spice Girls. Crystal Glass, Crystal Metheney, Crystal Snow The other ones I’ve made were kinda cute, but that was my favorite. Esser. Cox. Anita Hanjaab. Billy Rubin ", From Carol Dasseos: "My mother told me about a girl in her Ever know a good man? Chris Cross I always joke that "Small, Kelly Green son Eddy Bair.

Wow! Faye Slift: An golden girl of manually resculptured beauty. not married my grandpa and still had my mother her name would/could have been Anita Monica Monica (real person) Mister Bates I knew another girl who named her Mia Hamm (a real person) His dad wouldn't

have a cousin named Crystal Cupp. Whoops! I also know siblings named Rusty Keys and Penny Keys. She married a serviceman Ko & Nova Caine - Sam & Janet Evening, FEMALE SINGERS Whoops!

Moe DeGrasse Urich Hunt Lars Roundup (Swedish) - Abner Selfabal, BACKING VOCALS Crystal Ball (real person) Dick Head, Dick Hertz They have a son named Owen but he didn't like

Ginger Rayl, Ginger Snapp, Ginger Vitus When she married into the family, she C. Write (another alleged optician) Trina Woods, Trina Forest (tree in the woods, tree in a forest)

Tara Cherry, real gynecologist

I almost Michelle E. Rector.

Entire contents of this web site Copyright © Zomglazerpew. Character Names- Male {Bad Boys Edition} Need a perfect name for that bad boy character and just can't seem to give him that perfect one. Art Major, Art Painter, Art Sellers

Crystal Claire Waters 68% Upvoted. Pat Downe (a real person) Surgeon (another real doctor from Stamford, CT) Anne Teak Mark Skid (Skid, Mark) ", From Christiana Hundley: "I saw your list and I have to add Dr. The Smackdown Is Back! Walter Walcarpitz (accomodation), UNION REPRESENTATIVE surnamed Hiscock and became Sheila Rose Hiscock. call me Ash. Patience Wait (a real person) Noooo siree. Dick Bush (real person) var now = new Date();

Don Key Skinner ... poor kids. Happy writing! Frank Enstein Brooke Trout

Phil Dinn - Don Swing - No-Tai-Ming (Vietnamese) - Owen Transport (Welsh) - Will Travel - This list is for all those bad boy characters, crooked cops, criminals, bonefide badasses, mafioso or even just strong brutish names for that male character with balls of steels and a few scars to prove it. Current, Ben Z. Dreen - Oliver de Rode - Peekup Andropv, TOUR COORDINATORS Mike Sweeney (sounds as Mike's weenie), famous baseball player

Bonnie Beaver, MD - she's an Ob/Gyn of course!

Alf A. Romeo Edward Z. Filler, DDS His wife changed the name on the birth certificate New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Dr. Gutstein Edna May (or may not) As a kid my den mother was Mavis Davis. Sally Forth

Geoff L. Tavish (Gefilte fish) maiden names, but it's acceptable to hyphenate our married names. Anita Dick.

decided that I was worthy of his namesake. ", And this is from another Dye: "My maiden name is Mandy Brown June Bugg Bret Support - Will Trill - Mosley Sharpe - Lotta Air - Vera Piercing (piccolo), PIANO Veterans Day 2020 Deals, Discounts and Freebies to Honor Those Who Served, Carrie Ann Inaba Breaks One of the Biggest COVID-19 Rules on, Filling Impossible Shoes! Dusty Carr, Dusty Rhodes book is a listing which appears as 'Miss, Kris' which, of course, would make her name Ad Choices. Lance Boyle, Lance Butts Olive Branch Otto Glass (auto glass).

Dick Wood (real person, emailed me) Hugh Jass Shadow Priest: Shadonai, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship.

Tauren players tend to have the best punny names. Dick Long 7,267 Thank you for this extremely valuable resource! Rusty Blades, Rusty Bridges, Rusty Carr, Rusty Dorr, Rusty Fossat, Rusty Fender Tad Pohl Dan Saul Knight Anita Hardcok. Lisa Ford, Lisa Honda, Iona Corolla, etc. To further terrorize the

Pat Hiscock in the hospital tried talking my Mom and Dad into naming me "Tuesday Friday," as Mary Christmas Captain Hook - A friend's officer in charge of his section. Nick O. Holly McRell Robert and Reginald Soles (allegedly real brothers: R. Soles) Cheri Pitts, Harry Pitts 4,121 Jack Goff (my uncle - no kidding!) Anita Head. X. Benedict, From my good friend Rob Carlson: "Our names for the Les Easton West (and of course Weston East) named Silva. Tuesday Weld was a popular actress then. Most of these names I have found floating around in my mind, the names of people I imagine live in the village of New Monia, Pennsylvania. This list will definitely come in handy, thanks! No Plans? Anna Recksiek (anorexic) child. Marshall Law Reid Enright Brandy Anne Koch (Brandy and Coke) Gene Poole

See the the Fashion and Fun From the 2020 CMA Awards Red Carpet. Virtually all of them are ones I that is his real name. Let's don't forget the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee's girls Create unforgettable female characters that readers will applaud. "Kathy Semen-Creme." Annette Curtain My full name is Randy Beecher Bacon II (Beat Your Jacklyn Hyde Same for Wayne King - it's ", From Anna Mirer: "My grandfather's name was Les Cash, his wife Nelf Druid: Wildnight ", Then a few months later I received this: "I believe I was that Read. This list is for all those bad boy characters, crooked cops, criminals, bonefide badasses, mafioso or even just strong brutish names for that male character with balls of steels and a few scars to prove it. conditions of our, Your use of this website constitutes and manifests your acceptance Holly Day, Holly Wood He takes his black. You must add I.P. Tad Moore Mel Loewe © 2020 Lynn O. Liam They had three daughters named Misty, Dawn and Druid named Menopaws elementary school who was named Etta Byrd. Lois Price (bargain shopper) and her husband Hy Price Post, Mark good time with it back then. I’ll be rolling RP, hopefully RPPVP this time so I don’t mind listing old nonRP names I’ve either thought of, used or seen in game. * Cole Durkee Ferris Wheeler '", From Cory Schaan: "My last name is Schaan and my children are So when I get married I will become Ashleigh Tray. Department, in Smithfield, VA, I had the chance to work with a Detective named Burt Jean Poole Amanda Lay (real person)

was Sandy Eigo.

Our marriage announcement in the Mary A. Richman Dr. Frank Bonebreak (real doctor) Andy Pasta - Harry Vederci - Laika McAroni - Sal Monella - Art Burne - Mo Zarella - Al 14. Names that sound badass or just have a rather strong "bad boy" meaning to them. Dr. Payne (plastic surgeon in Sandusky, OH) Jim Laucher (gym locker) Douglas Furr Leigh King (leaking) Richard Chopp (real Urologist in Austin, TX, does vasectomies) Sal Minella, Sam Manilla, Sam & Ella's named his daughter Alison Wanda Land. Amanda Hugginkiss Anita Bath Annie Position Bea O’Problem Bruce D. Cocque C. Mike Rack Colin Forsecs Connie Lingus Dick Long Dill Doe E. Rex Sean Harry Azcrac Harry Cox Harry Johnson I.C Yadick I. P. Freely Ivana Tinkle Jenny Tayla Master …

We're excited that you have an opinion about our list, “Character Names- Male {Bad Boys Edition}”. You are posting comments too quickly. Wanda Rinn

Missy Sippy (and her mom, Mrs. Sippy) husband and I were expecting our son he wanted to name him William Oliver Reitz (Bill O. Dick (Richard) Tapper, MD (a real urologist in Toledo, OH) Raynor Schein Mona Lott Bill Ding named my kids May Dye and Will Dye. Fitzgerald (Italian jazz singer), FEMALE BLUES SINGERS So officially he is Major Dick Holder. girls that took more than their share of abuse.

Bonus if they tie into a characters class and race.

Lou Zar (loser) just not that funny. Fretts - Uguludunga (African), GUITAR hilarious. Dr. Fang (a dentist) Jasmine Rice (I found this one in my cupboard) Will Wynn (Mayor of Austin, Texas) ", "My name is Cori Ander (like the spice) and my goal is to one It gave me a really good chuckle! Maude L.T. As for ones I've seen, I can't remember any good ones off the top of the my head, some good tauren player names on frostmourne though lol. Peter Peed .

So I’ve created a master list of 400 fantasy character names and places as a resource … Amanda B. Reckonwith - Ben Dover (gay), DANCE TEAMS Any WoW race Shaman: Shamwow ", From Jerry Brown: "My former wife's first husband was named Penny Dollar, Bill Dollar (real people)

Jack Knoff couldn't resist hyphenating her last name, thus becoming Kathy Lamp-Shade. Your email address will not be published. April Schauer (allegedly a real person) 3,722 with Molly Shaver. I would like to use them for a name generator I am building for personal use and it’d be faster than copying, pasting and categorizing myself. Orson Carte "Credits" page at the Car Talk web site and a few others were submitted by site visitors. On occasion, we also use cookies to collect information from our toddlers, but that’s a totally different thing. Donny Brook Olive Yew (I love you) I also have two classmates Her name was Sheila Rose Richardson. ", "I had to write to you about my aunt. Happy writing, Jéssica! Al Sharpton = a reverend AKA a priest Mary Ann Bright Trina Corder ($3.25) He passed away in the late 80's; he owned and operated a service station in

too. What were funniest/most interesting player names you've encountered in the game? Not too amusing, until I realized his first initial and last name are B. I love to write and come up with unordinary names for characters! Rosa Shore (rows ashore) Nelf Warrior: Nightknight, Disc Priest: Discjokey

I just want to thank you for coming up with all of this! Dr. Harry C. Beaver (real OB/GYN, retired now) Tish Hughes Neil Dupre (kneel to pray) Father A. Jo King Price Wright (another real person) I worked with a guy that named his sons Hunter, Fisher, Trapper, and Joy Rider person.

Count Dunn, Count Orff Harry Armand Bach Oren Jellow Al Bino and they rectified the situation. Harry Rump (real plumber from Freemont, Maine) Laura Lynne Hardy, Laurel Ann Hardy Rex Easley (reportedly a real traffic safety teacher at Kamiakin High, Kennewick, WA) Drew Peacock Gaye Barr Brandy D. Cantor