The other, more worldly interpretation, which also connects this verse to the final verse is as follows. Thank you for your kind words. Or is it a picture of sharp spout of Ganga shooting out from his space-Black mane? andAvare = a type of LotusandAvare = so they sayandAvare = anda avare = beautiful apsaramundAvare = a type of LotusmundAvare = munda avre = are in frontchandakki = rice panicle, crown flower (ekka flower)chandakki = chandakke ee = for beautificationchandakki = moon (remember the song chanda mAma chandakki mAma)bilpatre = bilva leavestuLasidaLava = tulsi leafpUjege bandu = have come to the pUja. I read snippets of it that I liked. So what then is the bulbous Jasmine? Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-08-07 noun کره اب کرده.

Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-05-31 sOjugAda = wondrous,sUju =sUji= needle, pin, sharp petalledmallige = Jasmine (newly coined term pin-Jasmin with sharp petals)mande = top part of head, crown (not a crown that is worn, part of head). Thank you very much. This Ghee in this vessel sublimates and dissappears in a lamp looked over by mAdEva. Many Lotus blooms [I bring for you], a garland made of Rice panicles. Usage Frequency: 1 Usage Frequency: 1 These waves of inrush she feels are the waves in the butter churn of her mind, the waves that turn the milk to butter to ghee, ready to ascend to the top of the mountain, in a clean vessel, to burn away in his presence, on a shivarathri. Verses before disguise as innocent bhakti, but this one, delightfully, fails in doing so. So I ventured to write it in Kannada, knowing my limitations well, but hoping it will be helpful to some. its oil is used everywhere. As far as I know, it's “Sade"( pronounced as sa-day) written in kannada as ಸಡೆ. Reference: Anonymous, Last Update: 2020-06-28 Wild sesame oil in their torches as they climb and in their lamps as they do jAgarNe on Shivaratri.The ripen sesame drops its petals and holds only a bunch of black grains, this looks like a head.

Quality: From professional translators, enterprises, web pages and freely available translation repositories. A black smooth rock with white embellishments on top, not unlike the snow capped Mount Kailash in a back drop of clear dark sky sprinkled with pin-Jasmine-like stars and lit by round-Jasmine-like moon. With complete surrender to mAdEva, today, they will forget their bondage to their home.Like the bloom of the tiny yellow wild-sesame flowers, our devotion to you grows. Usage Frequency: 1 For those of the opinion “this is a folk song, so is it this meaning or that”? I am marathi not knowing single kanada word and was trying hard to get the meaning and essence.

Milk to curds, curds to butter, butter to ghee.

Thus bringing the metaphors of this song to a full circle. Quality:

Her song has triggered some deep emotions in me, and in trying to understand the words, yours is the best explanation I’ve come across so far. The song weaves a vision of the valley below male mahadESvara mountains looking up, towards the abode of lord Shiva through the eyes and mind of the singer.

I fear the kannada version may be better, being in the same language with accessibility of idioms.

The first 2 words rhyme with Lotus, but I did not find them in dictionary. tappale beLagivni tuppava kAysivni, kittaLe haNNu tandivni, |madEva nimge| mAdappa, kittaDi baruva parasege. Quality: A one to one translation from lyrics to meaning is very difficult. Usage Frequency: 1 The next day some more and very soon like a wave in the high tide the whole field is yellow.

What is so wondrous about Pin Jasmine? For painstakingly delving into the details. -GK. To our singer a good crop of wild sesame is good for every one.

Thank you for explaining the beauty in the words, meanings and interpretations of this beautiful song, wonderfully sung by Ananya Bhat. Find more Kannada words at! andAvare mundAvare matte tAvare puShpa, chandakki mAle bilpatre, |mAdEva nimge | tuLasidaLava mAdapnA pUjege bandu. let them all in so they may paint larger and with more color on the mental canvas? Those desirous of climbing the metaphorical mountain of enlightenment have no use for a home and all that comes with it, the samsaara.

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It not only describes how beautifully the song has come in place but also depicts your devotion. The words within  || symbols are salutations to mahadEva, sOjugAda sUju mallige,mAdEva nimma mande myAle dunDu mallige (p)andAvare mundAvare matte tAvare puShpa, chandakki mAle bilpatre, |mAdEva nimge | tuLasidaLava mAdapnA pUjege bandu (… mAdEva nimma…) tappale beLagivni tuppava kAysivni, kittaLe haNNu tandivni, |madEva nimge| mAdappa, kittaDi baruva parasege (… mAdEva nimma…)beTTatkond OgOrge haTTi hambalavyAka beTTadmAdEva gatiyendu |mAdEva nIvE| avarinduhaTTi hambalava maretArO (… mAdEva nimma…) huchcheLLu hUnange hechchevo ninna paruse,hechchAlagAra mAdayya |maadayya nIne| elumaleya,hechchEvu gouraLLi kaNiveli (… mAdEva nimma…), Wondrous pin-Jasmines for you,I adorn you with round Jasmines on the crown.Many Lotus blooms [I bring for you], a garland made of Rice panicles, And bilva leaves and tuLasi leaves for your pooja.I wash and shine this vessel, I make fresh Ghee in it.