I learned alot from her! This article has been viewed 499,573 times. Just be there for her and be her friend right now. Your stories and your wisdom are just as meaningful as mine. How does making a girl laugh help you become her boyfriend? We’ve been there. Signs of a good friend Friends will come and go in your life. ", "url": "https://www.thehopeline.com/63-how-to-be-a-great-friend/" },{ "@type": "HowToStep", "text": "Encourage your friend. She didn’t liked my such behaviour when i reached her friend’s house ……. That's her job." Nice information. Make sure not to be overbearing. Laura Bilotta. What if the girl already has a lot of friends? Now, let's relate these tips for being a good friend to being a good girlfriend in a relationship: Rather than just anyone who happens to be available. Hanging out inside and watching movies is always an option if there isn't anything to do. Being a good friend may take some work and patience, but having a great gal pal is worth the effort. Funny or interesting images are also good things you can share via text. Beware that falling head over heels for a friend is really quite normal and you need to understand that if it’s what you want then you really need to go for it. yesterday …. Do whatever you need to in order make her curious what you are up to. Be a good listener. If you think clinging to your girl is a thing that excites her, then I may have bad news for you. i just wanted to see her with my eyes that where she was so i reached her friend’s house … she saw me there and the expression which she gave was a perfect sign that she didn’t liked this ….we both had a fight yesterday on my this behaviour …. Most times people need more than good advice, they need someone to listen to them as they talk through their feelings. And when we dig a tad deeper into the psychology of it all, you get that much closer to the answers that will work for you. However, avoid focusing on her looks, which isn't appropriate between friends. That may sound obvious, but people do it every day to avoid being alone. Make her feel and see that you want to clearly be more than friends. I am defenetly the luckiest to have a true friend like her! Hi. We’ve been good friends for a few months now, we relate a lot to each other, we share the same interests and she is practically me but not, if that makes sense. I have been not showing any signs because her previous relationship ended really bad and i wanted her to recover first since i was with her during the whole ‘recovery’ process. Our mission is to reach, rescue and restore those who are broken and hopeless. Try going out with other friends that you are attracted to and expand your social network. Enough is never enough when it comes to proven tactics to sway your best friend to be your girl. That's okay. What do you agree to do if an argument or uncomfortable situation arises? she doesn’t like to hear sad stories but she is interested in paranormal stuff and we connect to that on a personal level, so I told her some stuff that has been happening to me and asked her for her help. Hi Kate, Just think cheesy and you’re on the right track. Finding things to talk about can be tough, but we're here to make it easy for you. The last thing a girl wants to hear is how she did wrong when she already knows she messed up. This is a life transition that very well could destroy a good thing if it’s not done right. But on the other hand she also said that’s we wouldn’t be good for each other. Just treat each other equally and be nice. Then, come up with a plan to get your anger under control. A true friend is someone who always listens and is genuinely interested in the good and bad, and someone who calls or writes just to say hello. ", "It was really good info. Don’t watch television or text while your friend is sharing something with you. Be serious when needed, love extensively, and forgive always. She has had some bumps in her life that I rather not get into but her last bump was last summer which she lied to me about somethings. i have a friend who ive known for 5 years, and even though i dont see her often we chat and call all the time. What should I do?” say something like, “Just be yourself! It’s up to us to make our relationships priorities. And in addition to relationship advice you should be following for the sake of your partner, there are also a few rules to abide by to keep your friendships healthy. During your conversations, compliment her about something she’s done well, like a piece of work or a good performance in a sport. So, it makes sense that you can practice relationship skills in both friendships and romance, which will teach you how to be a good girlfriend as well as a better significant other. And I’ll add the last: share honest appreciation every chance you get. When you first understand why people wind up in this zone, it’s much easier to figure out how to get out for good. she never felt bad when i used to hold her hand rather she felt good … when we used to hug she never felt bad ….. And believe me she is very cute …. Dating Coach & Matchmaker. So, these past few months I have helped her when she got sick and she helped me when I got sick, She reminded me that she thought of me as a friend a couple months ago. She accepted my apologies,but now she seems…removed. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of Amazon.com, Inc., or its affiliates. And it might has some bad effects on you. I had already told her about my feelings for her but she isn’t ready to leave her boyfriend. I have a best friend and her name is Sonali. And we text almost every night. Walk in to a friend’s aid when others are walking out. If you are in need of immediate help. Always be there, even in silence. I’m glad things have worked out for you guys. So my question ,what should I do because I really feel and love her???? Celebrate the wins and be there to support the losses. Not everyone has to be a close friend, but it’s integral to our happiness that we show people who we truly are, allow ourselves to know them in return, and then remind each other through actions—small or large—that we care. For example, if your friend is upset that you canceled your plans without notice, apologize genuinely and explain that it is nothing personal. Be loyal in confidence and character, always open and inviting to share concerns, always honest even if you disagree. Couples call it quits when things get stressful and negative, but they usually don't put it in so many words. But now another problem is arised … But really connecting with her, sharing pieces of my life  and receiving the pieces she wants to give, doesn’t require specific geography. Try not to talk about other people behind their back. Your energy is different and you're in opposite places in your lives. For example, if your friend bailed on your plans and hurt your feelings, say something like, “I am hurt that you didn’t show up to our movie night last week.”. If we remember to make the time, we can have those types of meaningful, fulfilling conversations that make us feel seen, understood, appreciated, and supported. After sometime noticed that she’s ignoring me and even avoiding me, I didn’t really care that time but after a while I started to feel that I missed her and perhaps love her, so I apologized and asked if we can be friends again and luckily she forgave me. These are the words: "It's not fun anymore." The world is full of people who are broken wanting someone else to fix them, but it just doesn't work that way. I tried expressing my feelings to her and she shut me down she said she only wants to be friends and that she already has a lot of guy friends that have asked her out she also said she doesn’t have the time to be in a relationship. If you seem distracted or if you are constantly looking at your phone, your friend may not think you care about them. How do show her i like her more but not in a way that makes her think that was my idea through this whole relationship because that might make her not trust me anymore. (Larry Stilts), 19. As your friendship develops, stay in touch regularly to show you care about how she’s doing and contact her for important events, like her birthday. Then I started to think about all the times when I’ve gotten busy and lost touch with friends who live right down the street—times when I got caught up in everything going on in my life and forgot to nurture my relationships.