Watts, K.C., L.T. 1980. infected potato seed promote this disease. The affected potatoes will not store well so if a tuber is found with a hollow inside, it is best to use the largest tubers first. Good storability. Hollow heart of potatoes. organisms. Beetle section in Insects and Diseases Edmundson, W.E. This information should be used to improve the balance of nutrients in future crops. Magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts, 10% magnesium) at 200-300kg/ha should provide adequate magnesium for most crops. Am Potato J 49: 243–254. Am Potato J 61: 93–105. Prairie Potato Regional Trial Committee. Si le cœur creux envahit votre jardin, attendre que le sol atteigne 60 ° F (16 ° C) peut aider à prévenir une croissance soudaine.

Johansen, R.H. and Cooperators. Neutral to alkaline soil pH, fresh manure and Correct use of soil moisture monitoring equipment will help optimise irrigation and prevent over- or under-irrigation. Agricultural Marketing Service, Washington, D.C. 7 pp. Saskatoon, SK. Presented to the Manitoba Hort Council November. Lana. Eventually, the entire tuber can rot Potatoes: Influencing seed tuber behaviour. The rate of nitrogen applied in other fertilisers can be reduced by the amount supplied in calcium nitrate (45 to 60kg N/ha) which contains 15% nitrogen. Contact.

1935. Cette plante facilement cultivée a une histoire intéressante concernant ses diverses utilisations dans le paysage. Late blight Initially,


Although many people refer to hollow heart disease as potato disease, no infectious agents are involved; it is a purely environmental problem. Article  11–24. Crumbly, I.J., D.C. Nelson and M.E. Part of Springer Nature. 82 pp. À quelle distance plantez-vous le bok choy? Presprout seed 1929. Jones and M.C.

Agric Canada Res Stn Res Branch Lethbridge, AB. 1979. Cool temperature induction of brown centre in ‘Russet Burbank’ potatoes. 2 of this handbook and the Ministry For more information, 1984. and C.H. Dig For Victory; Monthly Guides & Commentary. Guardar mi nombre, correo electrónico y web en este navegador para la próxima vez que comente. 82 pp. shows on leaves, it spreads rapidly.

Johansen, R.H. and Cooperators. Tu dirección de correo electrónico no será publicada. 1973. by midsummer. Depending on local conditions, it can be difficult to avoid hollow pits, but following a regular watering program, applying a deep layer of mulch to your plants and spreading the fertilizer in several small applications can help protect your potatoes. Proc Am Soc Hortic Sci 84: 412–423. from a combination of the blight and secondary bacterial infections.

Potato.In: Crop Physiology: Some Case Histories (L.T. Potatoes are nearly 80% water so it should come as no surprise that they are thirsty plants as well as greedy. Johansen, R.H. and Cooperators. 1985. Gardeners or your local garden supply centre. Common scab is a disease caused by soil-dwelling, bacteria-like Werner, H.O. Growing potatoes is full of mystery and surprises, especially for the beginning gardener. This problem presents as a hollow inside a potato that otherwise looks normal, hence the name Hollow Heart. Jones. This means there is less chance of hollow heart developing in over-size tubers in patchy areas of the crop. refer to Chapter and D.C. Koller. 21 pp. 65 pp. 1978. No. Poor management can increase the severity in susceptible varieties and result in it becoming a problem in more tolerant varieties. Correspondence to Presprout seed potatoes (R.E. Physiological disorders of potato tubers.In: Potato Physiology, (P.H. 1942. When environmental conditions fluctuate rapidly during potato tuber development, hollow heart is a risk. of the Environment's website, Insects and Diseases 2. pp. Deep pits on tubers are created when insects attack This is a problem that can be caused by lack of water as the tubers are developing but it can also be caused by virus infection or a lack of trace elements in the soil. and certified seed potatoes. Hollow heart is an important problem for the potato industry as payments from processors and washer-packers for fresh market potatoes may be reduced. X-ray microanalysis of hollow heart potatoes. Shetty. Russell, W.A.

Van der Zaag, K. and S. Ffrench. 1970. stems. Misener. Kis, Vermicompost (worm compost) est un projet intéressant, et si les choses se passent comme prévu, le produit fini est un engrais riche en nutriments et naturel qui fera des merveilles pour votre potager, vos fleurs ou vos plantes d'intérieur. Yamaguchi, M., H. Timm and A.R. Russell, W.A. Hollow heart in potatoes manifests as an irregularly-shaped crater in the potato’s heart — this empty area may have a brown discoloration, but that isn’t always the case. Geisel, B. USDA Circ No 338. can be introduced to gardens on infected tomato transplants. Further studies of potato hollow heart. What is an Irish potato – Discover the history of the Irish potato, Seed potatoes that don’t produce: Answers to the question of why there are no potatoes in seedlings.

4 pp. Some studies of hollow heart of potatoes. Lynch, D.R. Spurr. Lynch, D.R. 1979. Full and rapid crop emergence from good quality seed ensures there are few gaps and misses in the crop from seed breakdown or poor germination. Prairie Potato Regional Trial Committee. Webb Ed.). This will Orlando, Florida, U.S.A. pp. Bien que de nombreuses personnes se réfèrent au cœur creux comme une maladie de la pomme de terre, il n'y a pas d'agent infectieux impliqué; ce problème est purement environnemental. Qu'est-ce que l'usine de Kiss-Me-Over-the-Garden-Gate? Am Potato J 37: 338–343. This condition An acceptable Moderately resistant to common scab. Like tomatoes, who are members of the same family, Solanaceae, irregular watering is very bad for the development of the tubers. Salunkhe. As a rule, there is no decay involved and the tubers may

Hollow core potatoes show up as an irregularly shaped crater in the heart of the potato – this empty area may show a brown discolouration, but this is not always the case. conditions during late August and September. Avoid overhead watering 45–51. causing black dots oin the outer skin of potato and inside hollow Hort Sci 14: 259–260. Geisel, B. American Potato Journal 66, 165–183 (1989).

When environmental conditions fluctuate rapidly during potato tuber development, a hollow heart is a risk. The disease originates from infected seed potatoes.


Pacific Northwest Ext Bull No 248. 1988. 1960. Most often the cracks or splits will have skinned over and the biggest problem will be in peeling them. Zur frage nach dem wesen der braunmarkigkeit (hohlherzigkeit) der kartoffelknollen. A report of experiments conducted in 1926.

Entz, M.H. 1960. 1984. 40–43. News Moore, H.C. and E.J. 1981 Progress Report: Prairie Potato Regional Trials. It’s caused by a dry spell checking growth of the tuber followed by a prolonged wet spell. Wheeler. Cont, Le bok choy, le pak choi, le bok choi, quel que soit l'épeautre, est un vert asiatique et un incontournable pour les frites. 1987. More Information Rex, B.L. surrounded by a narrow yellowish border. Two or three other samples collected fortnightly will allow you to see whether the fertiliser application matches the crop’s requirements. Poovaiah and L.K. Hiller and D.C. Koller. An acceptable crop can be harvested by mid-July, before extensive 38 pp. This cavity is usually outlined in brown, and if the Alternatively, for organic growers loathe to apply any chemicals good compost made from a variety of materials may provide whatever is lacking.