Perhaps the only thing more personal than your mess kit when it comes to camp cooking is your stove. The Halulite Microdualist Camp Cook Set is an all-inclusive, yet highly compact and lightweight (one pound) unit that performs with flying colors in the field. With a bit of practice and forethought, you’ll learn to cook some pretty righteous meals with what this set has to offer. The right cookware can go a long way to making your time in the kitchen easy and fun. Dehydrate your vittles and you'll carry less weight, save money, and eat better. My current ultimate cook set consists of the following: 4. long handled titanium spoon with polished bowl, 8. small cutting board that rolls up to fit the inside diameter of the pot, The entire setup is around 14 or 15oz including fuel, and everything nests inside the pot(except for the spoon). You must enable JavaScript to shop on Just because you're packing in dinner shouldn't mean you have to skip the best course. This cook set is a solid choice for a lot of camping/backing scenarios, and it comes at a very reasonable price. If I start off with a fresh canister it's another 13 ounces, though if it's just me and my usual buddy and it's just for a weekend I might bring 1/2 canister for about 9 ounces. Total weight – less than one ounce. The IKEA website uses cookies, which make the site simpler to use.

Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. By performing risk assessments and adhering to the strictest safety standards, we minimize most known risks. Turn your daily dairy into a tangy, protein-packed snack that's ready for the backcountry. It’s a simple, yet all inclusive mess kit that you’ll learn to make due with – definitely an awesome buy from Stanley you’ll own for years of regular camping and backcountry use. The Pinnacle Backpacker Cook Set is an awesome option for solo or two person use that allows you to cook with some creative freedom without crossing the cumbersome, “not-so-packable” threshold. Our expert chefs solve these problems and more, with tips, recipes, and gear picks for 9 flood-flummoxed hikers. This set is also designed for backpacking pairs like the Pinnacle Backpacker set but is a bit more minimalist and significantly more lightweight. A high-quality camp cook set at a more than reasonable price point that packs great and cooks even better – definitely a solid buy from Solo Stove! Our kitchenware range is filled with pots and pans, like stockpots, frying pans, and sauté pans, in different sizes for almost any kind of cooking. Match it up with our practical, and stylish, kitchen accessories that will fulfil all your kitchen needs. Sometimes you just want a little more than a flask of whiskey. The Perfect Backpacking Cooking Kit: Undertaking the job of “camp cook” on a backpacking trip is full of choices. It's very sturdy, just the right size and oh so much fun for the little one! 97. These tasty, easy-prep apps might just be the most memorable part of the meal. Our top picks for backpacking mess kits for those looking to own an ultralight, ultra-packable cook set include: Not all mess kits include camping utensils for prepping and enjoying your meal, so consider purchasing a set that's specific to your needs.

On a final and less practical note, this mess kit has a tough aesthetic to it with the green on black color scheme. Prepare delicious backpacking foods by dehydrating at home. Our complete range of pots comes in various materials, sizes and price ranges. Whether you're seeking some ultralight essentials for dinner time and breakfast on bare-bones backpacking trips or a full utensil set for car camping, there is a full spectrum of awesome options to choose from. Learn hygiene tips, bear safety, culinary creativeness and kitchen efficiency with Backpacker's expert advice on how to maintain a top-notch kitchen in the wild. GSI Outdoors describes this set as being fully equipped for two “gourmet backpackers”. It weighs less than 2 ounces, is about 6-1/2” in diameter, by 2” deep and cleans up really easily. Winterial has recognized this fact and equipped this kit with a 1 Qt kettle for your convenience without bumping up the weight very much at all. It’s a matter of preference really, but it’s difficult to have it both ways without spending the big bucks! pot, a 2 qt. Made of durable material and stainless steel. Heavy duty construction feels more like actual pots and pans you use at home! Here’s a simple, but high-quality stainless steel pot set from Solo Stove that could be perfect for your compact, camp kitchen needs. Product possible to recycle or use for energy recovery, if available in your community. PRO TIP: Drill a small hole in the lid top as shown in the illustration. Are your camp recipes ultralight but ultra boring? Very reasonably priced for the quality of all the included pieces, Pretty minimalist kit - everything you NEED is here but if you prefer to have a bit more of a camp kitchen then consider purchasing an additional camp kitchen set, Some complaints about the integrity of the plastic lid around high heat, 21-piece set includes a 3.7 qt pot, frying pan, cooking utensils, and serving plates/bowls and cutlery for four people. The 1.4-liter pot is an ideal size for shared meals – not too big not too small.

Made of anodized aluminum, this mess kit conducts heat quickly and washes clean with ease. The “Light My Fire” brand flint and steel weighs about the same as a BIC lighter but lasts a lot longer and is not affected by altitude or temperature. We’ve included it here because of this set’s superior cooking ability – the food grade 304 stainless steel used to craft these pots is beloved by camp cooks for its heat transmission, durability, easy cleanup, and light weight.

The two hard-anodized litech pots are built exceptionally well for rapid and even heat transmission as well as rock solid durability. 99 (16) HEMLAGAD. When done, lift and jiggle the filter to get all the coffee out of it and then set it down in the handy plastic holder (see the illustration of how the "blister" holds the used coffee filter) to keep dirt and pine needles from sticking to it. Perfect. Here’s something that is so versatile you won’t want to camp without it. It is incredibly useful for mixing up batters or eggs, or thickening a stock using flour. A quality mess kit for the serious camp cook, the Bugaboo Base Camper set is the real deal. Here’s a killer mess kit for backpacking or camping pairs that has everything you need and more without exceeding an unreasonable size or weight. When traveling or trekking as light as possible, owning cooking ware that’s both lightweight and highly packable yet still fully inclusive with all the utensils, pots, and pans you need is not just a luxury — it’s a necessity. Shaving ounces is essential on more intensive hikes and your mess kit is certainly one gear-category that you can lose some significant weight (and volume) with by choosing a mindful option. Does your food bag weigh more than you do?

The large set is recommended for family use while the small set is ideal for the solo camper. The best pans I’ve used are from GSI and they come in either an 8” or a 10” size (diameter measured from inside lip to inside lip across the top of the pan). Find more GSI Outdoors – Bugaboo Base Camper Mess Kit information and reviews here. This kit includes a serving ladle, two serving bowls, a spatula, and a cleaning sponge in addition to the aluminum oxide pot, pan, and kettle.

The pot’s folding handle is both built durably and also secures the mess kit together when fully collapsed.

Benefits of Using a Pot Cozy while Backpacking My at-home test of the pot cozy: water went from boiling 212F to 183F after 45 minutes with 60F air temperature. Not impressively lightwieight or compact if you're seeking a backpacking mess kit, Some campers might not be interested in paying for a drying rack or Silicone trivet - it's a matter of preference, Both sets include 2 pots, 2 strainer lids, a frying pan and a stuff sack (of varying sizes), 18/8 Stainless steel provides even, controlled heat, Not recommended for use directly over the camp fire, Heavy, more cumbersome option is not all that suitable for backpacking applications.

and that is just the stove/fuel part of my cook kit. Match it up with our practical, and stylish, kitchen accessories that will fulfil all your kitchen needs.

Copy link. They amaze any adult that sees them.

There’s a two-liter, one and a half liter, and one and one quarter liter pot included in this set that all nest together nicely. Go for a simple aluminum non-stick set, I use MSR Blacklite non-stick. Obviously if I’m going to bring a frying pan, I’ll want to plan several dishes around it, to justify the extra weight.

A reliable mess kit is a staple piece of equipment in every backpacker’s gear locker.

99 (2) Showing 10 of 10. Or even a simple snack serving bowl, say while making fried onion rings in batches. A lot of cuisine fanatics prefer not to cook on Teflon, but this set is designed for hassle-free cooking – eggs are no problem to clean up with this set which is always appreciated. Make sure the hole is just big enough that the shaft of an instant-read thermometer will fit through easily. The two most commonly asked for seasonings in a single container with screw-on caps to prevent spillage. The Winterial 10 Piece Camping Cookware and Pot Set is an impressively inclusive and lightweight cook set geared towards backpacking pairs that’s offered at a downright awesome price point for those shopping on a budget! One other thing that I always keep in my kit is a 2-Part Salt and Pepper shaker (salt on one side, pepper on the other) by GSI Outdoors.

Plus the lip of the Frisbee catches all the loose bits of stuff that you are cutting. Having a kettle included within your mess kit is underrated considering more than half of what you’re realistically using your camp stove for is simply boiling water. I call it the Ultimate Cutting Board, made from a Frisbee. VideoVideo related to best minimalist solo mess kit: gsi outdoors unisex pinnacle soloist cook and eat set2018-10-16T13:19:24-04:00.

The Bugaboo Base Camper Nesting Cook Set is not meant for more intensive backpacking treks – this is a fairly heavy cook set compared to a lot of other options on the market. The included stuff sack also doubles as a washbasin – it’s a mindfully designed kit overall that covers all the bases. There is a Teflon non-stick coating on this set – a pro or a con depending on who you are. Believe it or not, you only need three utensils to complete your cookset: A silicone “spoonula”: a spatula with a spoon shape (Williams-Sonoma) with a removable wooden handle – overall length about 7”, a long-handled spoon (Sea to Summit makes a nice titanium model) with an overall length of 8-1/2” and a folding lock-back knife with a 2-1/2” inch drop-point blade (Gerber).