I'd give 'Skin Base' merely a 2/10 for the match and the service I received in the shop. See 176 member reviews and photos.

Illamasqua Skin Base is a liquid foundation with a natural finish and light-medium coverage that retails for $42.86 and contains 1 oz. I thought the bottle was gorgeous, almost like a genie lamp. Just thought I’d share as none of my friends (or anyone I know for that matter!) Because I don’t like being too negative about products, though (I… start feeling sorry for them. Offerta con durata limitata e fino a esaurimento scorte, si applicano esclusioni.

Related: The Best Foundation for Pale Skin | Tips for people with fair skin, Quick review of Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation in 02 : http://t.co/1lVW4wEyCg #paleskin #makeup #scottishbloggers. Also apologies if you’ve already tried it/reviewed this foundation! Achieve a flawless complexion with the award-winning Skin Base Foundation from Illamasqua. Our award-winning Skin Base Foundation is the go-to choice to create a flawless complexion every day. The reason for that is simple: it’s that, I’m lazy about a week after I bought this, it was resigned to the back of a drawer, where it remained until this week, when I realised my other foundations were all about to run out, and it was either this or nothing. item is in your basket By Terry Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge Lipstick - 8. I’m a student so I’m gonna be on that wonderful student budget for the next few years haha. With that said, I’ve noticed that it looks better after it’s been allowed to set for a few minutes than it does immediately after application, so at least that’s something. *Si applicano esclusioni, Visiona la nostra informativa sulla privacy. 11:12. Illamasqua Skin Base correttore in penna (Various Shades).

Ricevi l’omaggio a partire da 46€ di spesa su Illamasqua. Totale parziale:

If you DO want to just jump right in and buy it, meanwhile, you’ll find it here. The Illamasqua assistant did say to me that a highlighter brush must be used for the foundation to provide the full effect. Ottieni un incarnato impeccabile con il pluripremiato fondotinta Skin Base di Illamasqua. I haven't written up a beauty review in months, literally. p.s. If the sponge doesn’t work, maybe mix a dot with your favourite foundations to use it up?

Similar ones also available. Lo sconto è già stato applicato sul prezzo di vendita consigliato dei prodotti in offerta. Si prega di riprovare. Offerta con durata limitata, si applicano esclusioni. Of course I know that they must try and sell their products to us, but I felt that this was the best foundation I have ever worn and I’ve previously used Dior air flash, Mac, Benefit, Bare minerals and many others. Not that I’ve noticed.

OK, so I obviously can’t speak for ALL skin types, but I CAN speak for mine, which is oily on the t-zone and normal everywhere else. Which was a revelation, to say the least. As I said, I decided to buy it anyway, because it’s so hard to find foundations pale enough for my skin, and I’d heard enough good things about the shade of this one to hope I’d be in the “love it” camp. I have very oily skin and I find Skin Base really doesn’t help this. However, I discovered that gently patting it on with a sponge (and I hate sponges) made it look absolutely bloody wonderful. I've heard endless amount of praises about this product and was delighted when I was matched almost instantly to a shade in the shop. Shocked by its crapness, in fact. You know, like I did…. I was immensely disappointed. I’ve also been stalking MUFE Face & Body Liquid Makeup in Pink Porcelain 38 on the Sephora website because a few people have suggested it to me, but it’s perpetually sold out. Morning all! Hmmm, for some reason I’ve never been able to get the knack of foundation sponges, so I don’t think I own any, but I’ll definitely pick one up and see if it makes a difference: at least it can’t be much worse! Get this widget. I’ve tried a lot of foundations to attempt to get a good colour match and Illasmasqua has and always will be one of my favourites.

I often found that after wearing foundation my achne gets worse which was why I only started wearing it occasionally but with this one my skin stayed the same with no increase in spots or redness in existing ones. It’s by Rimmel London and called ‘Match Perfection’. Illamasqua Skin Base is a liquid foundation with a natural finish and light-medium coverage that retails for $42.86 and contains 1 oz. I bought this based on colour, and it is the perfect colour, but I had the same reaction as you to it. Let’s break it down: Not so much, no. Match Perfection is definitely worth a try, I now like it better than my Nars Sheer Matte in Siberia. It had the same effect each time. Kassie Thatcher 34,012 views. I find that applying it with a damp beauty blender, or that type of sponge, makes it look absolutely flawless. Also I found over the course of the day they colour seems to adapt more to my skin tone making it look more natural and less ‘painted on’ so that it was almost unnoticable where i had blended on my jawline and top of the neck area.