[2] While mounted ladies and maids faded away or survive in minor regional patterns like the Tarocco Siciliano, knights were dropped in favour of queens in non-tarot French decks. It is a standard face or court card in Italian and Spanish packs where it is usually referred to as the 'knight' in English, the caballo in Spanish or the cavallo in Italian. They could convert their soul into any of their strifekinds very quickly. They would be able to sense their location. At times this cheerful demeanor can be used as a cover up for his other activities. Customized items would change style and gain special abilities. They would be voices in their head might speak through the Knight in intense situations.

As they progress they would learn to not only feel more comfortable with their weapon, but also change it into other types. Among French playing cards, the knight (chevalier) can only be found in tarot decks. [1] and ranks between the jack and the queen. Customize your avatar with the Knight of Heart and millions of other items. they can also exploit their aspect. knight of heart analysis. Many early tarot decks had added female ranks into the face cards including the Cary-Yale deck which added queens, mounted ladies, and maids as counterparts to the males. They could control them remotely and move them telepathically. One exception is the Württemberg pattern where the Obers are seen riding on horses. The Knight of Heart. they tend to have ‘masks’ to hide their insecurities. Each “core splinter” could make a temporary copy of themself. Personal traits and motifs would shine through their objects and exemplify the Knights qualities in the most useful ways. At higher levels items would effectively be sub-sentient, having a will and personality, but not actually capable of complex thought. At low levels they would pretty much just re-skin an item or two to match their personal motifs and style. I hope i don't disappoint you. At higher levels, when they learn to actually accept these personalities and parts of themself, each splinter would grow to deviate in their own way. knights are an active class. They use their aspect as a weapon so that they can protect others. They become part of the Knight, given life through their soul bond. A greatsowrd could turn into a katana. The Knight of Heart manipulates their own emotions and personality for their advantage.

The splinters would each manifest powers based on their distinct personality.

By channeling their own soul and personality into an object the Knight can alter and enhance their stats in any number of ways. Starting out the Knight would bicker with their splinters as they try to materialize and become their own person. Despite working at the Kingdom of Hearts as a Knight, the brunette has the cheerful mood of a bubbly teenager. So on and so on. :P Their weaknesses would be the same as the Knight, but their strengths and aptitudes could vary widely. A knight or cavalier is a playing card with a picture of a man riding a horse on it. Heart players splinter and a Knight would take advantage of this. Join Cain, Abel and the crew from Starfighter, on board an interactive adventure. They could manifest weapons outside of their strikinds simply because it feels right. Minor themes of morale, willpower, and intuition. Heart players splinter and a Knight would take advantage of this. Someone who has a wolf theme could shape their soul into a wolf. At medium levels the Knight would be able to hold empower their items further, making them far more effective and durable than items of the same class. Knights do not appear in German or Swiss playing cards; their place being occupied by an upper knave card called the Ober. A soul bound mirror might reflect their emotions. It is a face card and is called caballo in Spanish playing cards and cavallo in Italian playing cards. In these packs, it ranks between the knave and the king within its suit. They pour their Heart into these items and essentially alchemize them with their soul. Your dreamself can split into two.

One day, you meet a cute boy. One who weaponizes soul and personality so that they can protect themselves and their team. The card also features in tarot and tarock packs. In the Spanish suited Aluette pattern found in Brittany and the Vendée, knights have an androgynous appearance. A fully realized Knight of Heart’s soul would be nothing short of a swiss army knife of gadgets, all showcasing their greatest personality traits. In the original Mamluk Egyptian deck, there were three court cards called the malik (king), the nā'ib malik (viceroy or deputy king), and the thānī nā'ib (second or under-deputy). They would be stable enough to stick around for minutes and minutes, existing on their own power, but they couldn’t really stray away from the Knight’s task.