It was suspended for eight months due to Covid-19, but that suspension is due to end on November 13. Cross-border freight transport and logistics in respect of specified cargo and permitted retail goods is allowed. There are further law changes for anybody who flies a drone, and there are financial changes to those with credit cards and debit cards. 'Fire break' or 'circuit breaker' lockdowns have been imposed across parts of the UK in November - including Wales and Northern Ireland. Six new laws are coming into effect in November 2020 - and we can reveal how each and every single one will impact you. The new legislation affects everything from lockdown rules and the coronavirus crisis, to cash support for workers impacted by the pandemic. No more than 50% of the capacity of the venue can be used, to the maximum occupancy of 250 people indoors and 500 people outdoors. Nine law changes coming into effect in November 2020 and how each affects you The new legislation affects everything from lockdown rules and the …

New laws and changes in France: October 2020. Sarah Sanders told ABC News, though, the plan to transfer undocumented immigrants from border cities to "sanctuary cities" is not the administration's first choice.

The amount that employers are required to pay to top up their wages has also been reduced to just 5% of unworked hours, down from 33%. New rules come into force on November 1, and will replace the current help, which forces banks to offer payment holidays to those struggling with their finances. Law 10 – Determining the Outcome of a Match. Though it's called the California Consumer Privacy Act, the law applies to companies that do business in California and companies in different states that sell to California residents, as well as firms that provide auxiliary services to those companies, meaning the reach of this law extends well beyond California's borders.

The furlough scheme officially ends on Halloween this year, with the government replacing the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. is a division of Blue Sky Publications Ltd. Reproduction without permission prohibited. The package, announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak, includes making the Job Support Scheme, which replaces the current furlough system, more generous. Copyright © Blue Sky Publications Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Persons must observe a distance of at least one and a half metres from each other. Yellow cards (YCs) and warnings are … Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Our offices are for administrative purposes only, no visitors will be accepted without an appointment. The pay hikes come amid a yearslong push by organized labor and progressive groups and politicians for a universal $15 minimum wage. Billions of pounds of extra help has been announced for firms and workers hit by coronavirus restrictions. The 2020 Employment Law Changes You Need to Plan For As we enter the holiday season, in-house counsel and employment lawyers need to return in the autumn with a plan as to how to address two key changes to employment law coming into force in April 2020. If a consumer asks for it, many companies now will be required to hand over data that's been collected, explain why it was collected and with whom it was shared. In some states, including Florida and Ohio, the increases are automatic adjustments to account for inflation, while raises in other states, such as Michigan and Arkansas, are the result of either legislation passed by state houses or ballot measures approved by voters, according to the Economic Policy Institute. At least eight states will start collecting new or increased fees on electric vehicles as a way of reconciling lost revenue from gasoline taxes that's used for infrastructure improvements. Truck drivers, sea crews, and the aviation industry have all been issued with separate directives this week – which can be found here: Specific rules for crossing our borders through all possible ports, of land, sea, and air, became official on Thursday. Signing-on crew must produce a negative Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test certificate or a valid certificate of COVID-19 negative test results, obtained not more than 72 hours before the date of travel, when entering SA. It's the start of a new year, which means new state laws will take effect across the nation. "States and localities understand that costs of living are rising and minimum wages need to keep up with that," Yannet Lathrop, a researcher at the National Employment Law Project, told ABC News. But it has wound down this month ahead of its climax on October 31.