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That fragrance should be the main focus. At the suggestion of a single nice perfume I visited Le Labo a few days ago and tested Baie 19. I thoroughly enjoyed this fragrance and will be adding it to my collection.

Longevity was fairly long-lasting, 5+ hours before it ran out of steam. It lasted 6+ hours on skin and longer on clothing. It’s both funky, fresh and dirty at the same time. Clearly, this is a quality niche scent that I feel is perfect for men or women. I feel this is the best Le Labo scent for the Winter. Additionally, the product, of course, lights up. Le Labo Reveals New Electric Santal 26 Home Diffuser: Inspired by Thomas Edison's lightbulb. Such an eclectic combination and more than the sum of its parts. These cookies do not store any personal information. So imagine the delight when the label’s new home diffuser, which emits a steady stop-you-in-your-tracks-it-smells-so-good stream of the cult eau, arrived at the office. Top 10 Best Le Labo Fragrances / Colognes! Brace yourself….. this one begins life with a wave of sweet soapy/ talcum powder. Creates a well balanced more masculine scent, although this is a unisex fragrance. . After 10 minutes or so it dries down nicely to reveal a more musky/animalistic side due to civet, musk and tonka in the base. It remained detectable on my skin for 7+ hours and longer on clothes. All rights reserved.

If you found Labo Labdanum 18 a bridge too far, then I would imagine Oud 27 will make an excellent alternative. You can check the latest pricing and shop online: Bergamote 22 does what it says on the tin and is certainly a ‘summer-time in a bottle’ fragrances. You need exercise patience and allow it to dry down to appreciate it fully. In today’s article, we review the top 10 Le Labo scents that deserve your serious consideration. Terms & Conditions Opening with a near-instant crispness with an interesting hint of bitter. Le Labo Labdanum 18 is a deep, classy and complex oriental fragrance. link to 10 Best Gourmand Fragrances For Women, link to 12 Best Vanilla Fragrances For Men. It remained on my skin for 8+ hours and I could still detect it the following day. Privacy Policy.

Learn more here. The best gourmand fragrances for women are a delight for the senses, bringing together gorgeous scents that are almost good enough to eat. It’s invigorating, complement inducing, and you know when you are wearing it. Longevity was fairly long-lasting for such a top heave fragrance.