Hi Sumit.

Thanks, I just downloaded the tracker, but not able to find how to open the xls, where it’s located in the downloaded folder. How can I add the weekend as part of the total # of leaves? Just wondering if you could let me know which Cell the letter C sits in on your spreadsheet. Great! As you will see I have had to put in a new set of formula for each separate half day that I had to record. so that it shows you the selected month only and hides all the other months. 1).

How can I change the colour of the leave record for employees? However, the horizontal scroll doesn’t appear to work very well. How can I change to hours? Now you can select weekends from the list. My company allows for time to be taken in hourly increments, not just half or full days. Hi Sumit. Is it possible to deduct two days for a Public holiday instead?

I-001 or R-001, ‘Raised By’ (Creator Name) ‘Date Logged’, ‘Issue Name’ (or ‘Customer Name’), ‘Description of Issue / Risk’ field (free text), ‘Current Owner’ (Owner name) ‘Priority’ (High, Medium, Low), ‘Age’ field (Age of issue in days) ‘Last Updated on’ (Date / Time field – flagged and highlighted if not updated in X days), ‘Status’ (Open, Closed, On Hold (with a triggered ‘Off Hold’ date), an associated ‘Audit’ record and, most importantly… Each record must be able to accommodate multiple Actions with each Action having a Time / Date stamp. or V days…. So pleasure to get in touch with you. I have added additional “leave codes”. You need to make sure the cells that are dependent on the scroll bar are not protected. Sumit, this is an amazing spreadsheet. Is it possible to do this within the same workbook? So you’re saying that dates will fall on the same days in 2019? Then you can resize and make it vertical. How can I have the total Leaves for the entire year? So, I have to do this for each month? For example column NT or NU. I cannot find a formula in cell NK8 that you reference above. You can add holidays in the table in the holidays tab. Hi Sumit. But how can I add minutes of late in the tracker so that it will add the leaves and lates. Thanks. For example, 2 half leaves would lead to 1 leave count, but you’ll see two half leaves in the leave breakup.

To have it all in the same tracker might complicate it a lot. This is in order to get data from individuals without them seeing others’ input that they can accidentally mock up. I would like to change the half day value. Use Scroll bar only. error. If you don’t want the holidays to get highlighted, you can remove these by deleting the holidays data from the Holidays Tab. I am trying to modify it to calculate the amount of PTO a given employee has remaining, as well as to count the number of days off that the employee takes without pay.

SO if you want the year from April-march, then you would have 4 in cell A1. Make sure that all employees that have been added, are in the same order on every sheet and the final tab. Kindly download the template again. Is there a way to assign a different color to each leave code? Here is the direct download link – https://www.dropbox.com/s/8tv8rgeyrna70pg/Excel-Leave-Tracker-2016-TrumpExcel_v3.xlsm?dl=0. How do you add employees to the list? I have updated the template so now you can get total leaves for the entire year as well. Do you have a leave template that includes part-time workers whose holidays are set in hours, not days? kindly do reply its very urgent, First right click and drag the scroll bar down and then keep adding the rows.

It works very well. Should have a button, when pressed excel should record the log out time.

EMPLOYEE CODE AND EMPLOYEE DESIGNATION. You can download the updated version from the tutorial above. Hello faye.. Thank you in advance! It only goes to March 2018? I have added two more codes W(Work from home) and F(Comp Off). however how can i only count leave labelled “V” and “H” whereas the rest are just indicating they are on “S” without adding to the total monthly and yearly leave? Hi, I just want to know that I dont want to count Work from home in leaves monthly and annually.

How is possible to change that with your template. I have been playing with this file trying to make it show me the weeks per year, and also im trying to make it show me the leaves not only the total of the month but for the week. Hello Mohammad.. This is already great, tracking hours would make it FANTASTIC! If there is no CL and SL leaves then leaves should get deducted in PL leaves. Good day! Hi Sumit, how do we change the color for those holidays that fall on a weekend (Sat/ Sun) to the ORANGE highlight. Hello.. How would list the counts for vacation days and sick days separate instead of having just the total of all days? Whats the best way to amend this formula?

If I want to add more leave name and code can I do it? Please help me remove the 0.5 value and make it to 1. It says “The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled”. Could you please help me on counting the leave breakup every month beside the yearly summary? there is one more cant add any other column or row coz it shift everything , any help . Hey Lisa, You can do that using conditional formatting. Please help. please assist me. I created it on excel but was trying to convert it to Google Sheets. I’m having the same problem – what am I doing wrong?

This is an excellent leave tracker. I was not able to add formula to account another half day leave. Hi, I also wanted to calculate shrinkage of the month for a team and also set a shrinkage limit. I don’t want Sick day to count as Annual Leave. I want to modify the name of the leave types and have a different color for each one. Sumit, you have made my life easier creating this. I would like to customize the tracker to run with our financial year from July to June. Can I ask for a version where You can also add two columns on the right from the employee which would include number of the employee group and current shifht. Really good.

Not sure what I am doin wrong. Kindly let me know what you are looking for, and I’ll try my best to guide you. I have figured out what I was doing wrong! As such, I am really stuck now, can any mentor kindly give some advice. I added in all of the relevant Holidays for 2014/2015/2016 into the [Holidays] worksheet. We have the same request. one comment.

If you have any more questions about the spreadsheet, please email us at enquiries@e-days.com. Great spreadsheet Sumit. I LOVE this leave tracker and have tried to manipulate this form to track the services but can only enter 1 “letter” in a daily box. Hi Ammar.. There is already a Half Day leave in the tracker (use the code H), Its a very very useful tracker..kudos… however , it doens’t allow for designations, locations, DOJ etc. • Time off In Lieu I would like to set this up so that each department in on a different tab.

You can select a start month and can track leaves for a year. I’m not having luck modifying the formula as I don’t have a lot of experience with so many layers of nesting. You are able to allow access to limited hands and therefore better management. This makes it unusable. However, I will like to upload it on Google Sheets so that I can share it with my entire team, but I do not want them to be able to make changes, just to view the sheet. Does anyone know how to adjust this? I need my employees to have access to view the planner but no edit permissions. Is it possible to tweak this template to count weekends when it comes to vacation? So, I created this Excel Leave Tracker Template to make leaves management easy and track monthly and annual leaves by her team members. Thank you so much. I downloaded the excel sheet but the red arrows aren’t working. The month number is cell A1 is to give the user the flexibility to change the lave year. 2. can’t upload onto google drive coz of the macros…. i get a message that macros disabled can u help. Need to be able to readily see how many days, hours Hi Sumit..can you help me to do this excel spreadsheet in google excel? Has REALLY helped my job). I have updated the template and now you can select the weekends. I just saw your comments, but I guess you managed it before I could jump in . Hi, maybe a silly question but where must I download it too for it to work?

Once i enter the employee status the above mentioned leaves days has to credited in opening balance (column H, I, J). Hey Brenda.. You can download the leave tracker now and it will be saved as an Excel file (not a zip). The leave tracker came in time that i require.

It’s the compensation day. This is going to sound a little weird, but what program does this use and what file do I open?

days he/she had login in particular region so that in end of the month it will be easy to calculate the shift allowance. Hello Summit, Thanks for the template. How to create this in excel. How is that done? Hi, Is there any way to amend the formula so sick days and maternity days do not calculate as leave but can be recorded? Do I need to open those XML files with any application?

Thank you Sumit, loved this tracker… it is very much user friendly. Kindly download the template again using the link in the tutorial. Did you manage to figure it out? So adaptable to my needs. Great template – amazing what Excel can do. However, I would like to add designation and date of joining to the tracker next to employee name. One request, if you can also break up monthly leaves instead of just giving total for the month would be very helpful.

Thank you. it shows like macros is missing. If there was some instructions to add columns to the template, it would make it so much easier. Ive tried to suss it out but can’t find how to do it. It could also be used to apply ‘Data Validation’ to all the dates.

Isnt there anyway where it shows the summary for only july aug sept n so on..please do let me know. Thanks Sumit! Using this template, is there a way to calculate the number of days of annual leave they have taken only within their current contracted 6 months. How can we change the color for the code we enter, for example i want to change color of P code from red to other color? I love your tracker, but is there any way to track using hours instead of days? This template is the best. How to move the scroll bar down, or how to properly insert additional employees? But while it’s in one month, say November, and I click on the right arrow on the scroll bar, it doesn’t go to Dec. It’ll go straight to Feb of the next year or some other random month. Do share your thoughts in the comments section . Also, it would be great to test the number of days leave taken against the maximum allowed (for example; a maximum of 10 day’s annual leave per year; or 30 day’s sick leave per three year cycle).