restore internal balance. Chalk Banks, near the town of Wagram on the upper end of the river, has an interesting mixture of plants, fish, and animals from the sandhills and coastal plains regions. Trails are clearly marked, campsites well maintained and picknic areas aplenty for day-visitors. 0000002596 00000 n The Lumber River flows through the south-central portion of North Carolina.

Raleigh, NC 27699-1615, COVID-19 information for parks under phase 3, Maintain a social distance of 6 feet, regardless of the behavior of others, Bring a mask or face covering; they are required to be worn inside buildings and when social distancing cannot be implemented, Share the trail — warn other trail users of your presence, step to the side or wait at the end of a bridge, Do not enter restrooms until others have cleared out and please be patient when staff is cleaning them, Wash or sanitize your hands before, during, and after your visit, Do not share equipment like phones or cameras with other visitors, If the park seems crowded when you arrive, come back another time, Stay at home if you are exhibiting symptoms, U.S. 15-501 to S.R. 0000009646 00000 n H��TM��6�n�w)2A� ��]^ڤ�t��1�E���6.��������H��=#��tt�9��P��Z�P�k�I��_���ջG�3�UC�-PV_$�R��t��C�q��sc '2ژ�`���`>��6���T#��xF�N��aT�X�9ԧ��BJ$�o�] The Lumber River is a 133-mile-long (214 km) river in south-central North Carolina in the flat Coastal Plain. The Animal Athletes adventure challenges kids to exercise with the animals. There are no changes to park facility status under the new modified Phase 3 plan, since indoor and outdoor gathering limits did not change.

The park itself is well maintained. The main stem of the Lumber River lies in the Coastal Plain ecoregion. t'CyK�S���`ll�� ar�+�b`&��de`������DJ@�8��1p�0��t� Ը����"�Ü �������=�0�5p�`�K�T2O���Q��/ Many more relationships exist, so keep your eyes and heart open and you will discover many of nature's relationships - even yours. In addition, Chickenfoot Road, Hestertown Road and Noir Street will have flood waters on them. To request assistance with this site or a copy of a specific document, please call 984-833-5402. The Lumber River begins at the headwaters known as Drowning Creek, in the counties of Moore and Montgomery, in the Sandhills ecoregion. �li��G�y��6žw�*/!� ~��� endstream endobj 730 0 obj 778 endobj 731 0 obj << /Filter /FlateDecode /Length 730 0 R >> stream 0000003655 00000 n Part Sandhills but mostly Coastal Plain, the basin is a flatwater paddler’s dream and a … 0000011233 00000 n 0000003940 00000 n Lumber River State Park On a national wild and scenic river, Lumber River State Park is all about eastern North Carolina paddling, fishing and exquisite scenery. The Lumber River Basin contains three animals on the state Endangered Species List--the yellow lampmussel and Savannah lilliput, both freshwater mussels, and the West Indian manatee, a visitor to coastal estuaries. Below is a listing of distances along the Lumber River. NC Office of State Budget and Management Hotline. The N.C. Office of Recovery and Resiliency does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion or disability, and provides, upon request, reasonable accommodation, including auxiliary aids and services,to afford an individual with a disability an equal opportunity to participate in all services, programs and activities. A ramp at the park offers a unique opportunity to enjoy a leisurely small boat or canoe trip on one of the country's few wild and scenic rivers - the only black-water river with this designation in North Carolina. Black crappie, red breast, largemouth bass and catfish are abundant. Contact the park office for river conditions and suggested canoe trips. It is a place to gather your molecules and. Executive Summary xiv Griffin Whirl is an interesting reverse-flow section of the. The restrooms at the park office are closed. The park's recreation activities are currently centered at two access areas, Princess Ann and Chalk Banks. North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Environmental Assistance and Customer Service, Environmental Education and Public Affairs, Distance Learning - Environmental Education.