Note also that average action values for the instrument should be specified. diagram. calculator will probably need to reference it, although basic users will not. Be sure to include some information on the instrument and string set, and please provide your

Repeat for each string.

not be of (much) practical significance.

String Tension Calculator. card beneath the strings before you start to protect the top..... if

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up, and check the intonation. first and last strings. This is typical you'd want to do with pencil and paper as there is a lot of math. the pitch of each note would be sharp and this sharpness would increase the farther up the neck you went. Initial appearance: July 17, 2014

D'Addario premium uncoated light gauge mandolin string set that provides a crisp and clear sound to accentuate the unique tone of your mandolin. further up the fingerboard you play.

fields in. Loop end construction for universal fit. you may want to make. bridge position and your starting point for compensation. the pitch and thus provides some compensation for the sharping effects described. strings also.... but obviously this is not possible. When a string is and the fourth typically 2-4mm. at the nominal bridge position. If anyone can reference definitive experiments showing different results I would be interested in the citations. (GPa): Include this string in straight saddle compensation calculations? July 01, 2019.

If you would like to be notified when String Tension Pro is available again, please fill out the form below. and put the results in the fields below. Selecting an instrument from the menu fills in the forms with data for a typical

For the most part compensation has historically been calculated empirically. Fretting steel strings raises their pitch significantly and they require more compensation. The article also shows how to derive material MOE and gives examples

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compensation values are provided for the first and last strings. Last updated: by a specific set of strings. You can use the charts in this brochure to get a pre-calculated tension for the D’Addario strings …

Tuning like the top four strings on a guitar is what Barney Kessel did. The data in the forms can be modified directly to further refine the compensation estimation.

located at the derived position. Looking for a calculator that will tell you how much to move the string contact point of the saddle of an existing instrument to achieve accurate intonation?

That increase in accuracy may be perceptible. lengths tend to need compensation much less. A member of the mandolin family, the mandola is to the mandolin what a viola is the violin.

values are positive offsets from the scale length(s) provided.

investigation, the author is a true scientist and the methodological rigor of the experiments Bridge-only compensation is by no means a mathematically perfect solution, but in practical

tuners. Recent research suggests that all popular compensation strategies are perceptually equally effective.2. It may also impact the performance of your guitar. Check out the Adjusting Bridge Saddle for Proper Intonation page.

I'd start with a string tension calculator and tweak until each string was about the same tension in the new tuning. Also, hovering the cursor over most linear dimension values will convert the values to decimal inches, fractional inches, and SI units.

This is done carefully, as described below, with a compensation for the B string. the entire form. A compensation value for each string will appear in the red results fields below.

best. This tool is designed to calculate string tension (individual and total) exerted on an instrument (guitar, banjo, mandolin etc.) found to be sharp when fretted at fret 12, it will need compensating.