9. Wand Mythic (3695 → 3817 ATK)

5. Bow Mythic (3527 → 3786 ATK) Therefore, experience and grinding comes into play again and based on our experience, these are the weapons you should focus on getting in order to have the best chances for super skills that unlock when you level up your normal weapon to the next level. 2. Wand Legendary (2193 → 2298 ATK)

For Warrior, you want Briser or Jaihin weapons. Duration: 5 secWhen activated, damage increases by 1%, and damage increases an extra 3% per stack, Enemy DEF Ignored: +5%, Damage: +9% against enemies with 100% HP, Enemy DEF Ignored: +10%, Damage: +14% against enemies with 100% HP, Activated when moving a certain distance. : I found an Archer Epic shoes from Trade Station that has a base stat of 163 DEF. Warrior Hat Legendary (330 → 394 DEF) @darkeye471: Thanks for the Cape Unique Emblem (140 DEF)! 35. The GSE badge (as fodder) to Sengoku badge conversion hurt me in ways I've never known before. Staff Mythic (New → 3240 ATK) https://imgur.com/a/tCfvhzs, Archer Outfit Unique Emblem (700 DEF): Unique pba is not 1309 but 1316. 66. my mythic emblemed claw is on ayumilove !! 2H Axe Unique (1294 ATK) I am a pirate in maplestory M. My eclectic legendary hat is emblem. 5. https://imgur.com/a/J9TlvvS, Archer Shoes Legendary (564 DEF):

If you have 1,000 ATK and you add on an extra 100 ATK, your damage will increase by 10%. Hi what’s the pba for mythic claw? This should be done with Potentials as well. The game gives you free weapons early but they aren’t going to be very good but you’ll need them to get the even better ones later. Magician Shoes Epic (162 → 163 DEF) Thief Outfit Unique Emblem (new → 703 DEF) Thief Shoes Unique (333 → 336 DEF) Bow Legendary Emblem (New: 2860).

Unique Magician Hat – 220 6. MapleStory is copyright ©2003-2009 by Nexon corporation. Therefore, it is essential to get a PBA (Perfect Base Attack) weapon.

6. 2H Axe Epic (648 → 650 ATK) This is really useful and has tips that I didn't know about before, such as Kanna's fan only taking matk flame into consideration for the buff, skill cooldown potentials reducing soul summon cooldown, etc. thedigitalcrowns.com is a participant in affiliate programs such as BlueStacks and is compensated for referring traffic and business to these companies. I have added into the guide above. Forget about DPM and DPS charts because enjoyability is more important.

https://imgur.com/a/v7TCEp7, Default Shoulders Legendary (596 DEF): So if you get to 15 Stars, you cannot decrease to 14 Stars. @Dreamiir: I couldn’t access the image. 42. Home. For Pirate, again same suggestion you’re gonna want Briser. 19. Normal, Rare, Epic, Unique, Legendary, Mythic). @Jem: Hi, I have added Polearm stats.

putting the Unique spear 1316 into http://imageedited.com/ says it’s probably edited, I ranked up a spear from 220 and it is 1315 attack. Is there any other way to get gold leaves besides the daily quests or another way to get the rank up stones?