When she’s not reading up on the world’s religions, Eileen spends her free time listening to neuroscience lectures and dharma talks. For more than forty years the Himalayan Institute’s Retreat Center has been a gathering place for people seeking inspiration and aspiring to restore inner balance. No previous meditation experience is required to participate in the course. Good physical and mental health as well as a high degree of self-motivation are required due to the very intensive nature of the course. Understanding the role of prana, pranic-awareness, pranically-oriented asana and systematic relaxation in Vishoka Meditation, including both theory and practice.

Thorough review of how diaphragmatic breath training and sitting posture are the foundation for Vishoka Meditation.

You will receive wholesale discounts for any Vishoka Meditation products which you purchase in bulk for resale (subject to wholesale terms and conditions). FULL PROGRAM FEE: PHP75,000.00 You will learn how to interact with your participants in the online space, taking into consideration the privacy and safety concerns that come along with this.Please note that only an overview of delivering MBSR Online is possible during the MBSR TTI; trainees are encouraged to take the Centre’s Learn to Deliver Mindfulness Groups Online workshop before delivering online. At work, she divides her time between teaching yoga, leading yoga teacher trainings and conducting meditation workshops.

Find the package that matches your preferences and resources best. Health Info Policy However, individuals will derive much more from the course by gaining some meditation experience already. 327 Katipunan Avenue Prerequisites for the intensive training include participation in an 8-week MBSR program, formal mindfulness training equivalent to, Payment, cancellation and refund policies, • How to articulate the foundational principles of the MBSR program, • To demonstrate the basic MBSR teaching skills, • The central role of mindfulness meditation practice for general wellness and self-care in the regulation of emotions and behaviours, • How to articulate the rationale for a facilitator’s ongoing mindfulness meditation practice in teaching MBSR, • To discuss and outline formal and informal meditative practices and mindfulness as a mode of being in daily life, MBSR Teacher Training Intensive ONLINE 21-330-04. The Vishoka Meditation Teacher Training certification program was created to share the practice of Vishoka Meditation far and wide. : Opportunities to receive ongoing personal guidance from the Vishoka Teachers Training faculty. She holds a Master’s Degree in Philosophy from the Ateneo de Manila University with a focus on Eastern thought and combines an academic understanding of Hindu and Buddhist philosophies with a decade-old practice rooted in Vipassana, Yoga and Zen. Imagine a life free from pain and sorrow, and infused with joy and tranquility. Priority registration invitation for all future Vishoka Meditation teacher training continuing education offerings. The methodology for sequencing and prioritizing the various practices, particularly the preparatory and supporting practices, which fall within the system of Vishoka Meditation. This 6-day training intensive will provide participants with the opportunity to study and experience the foundational underpinnings, mindfulness practices and specific exercises that are the framework of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. Annual certification dues of $108 (first year included in the $1108 tuition). 647-524-6216 Training sessions are held five days per week at an average of four hours per day. Get tailored solutions for specific concerns or particular objectives.

Himalayan Institute Certifications INDEFINITELY POSTPONED IN LIGHT OF COVID-19. What To Expect (in-person)This training will combine elements of a clinical training workshop and a meditation retreat. Our Mission Programs are yoga seminars, retreats, and professional certifications, taught by our Mission Faculty, designed to bring you the best of an authentic yoga tradition. Get unlimited access to authentic teachings of the living Himalayan Tradition on the topics of yoga, meditation, ayurveda, tantra, vitality, health & wellness. This program qualifies for Yoga Alliance CEUs, Completion of the Vishoka Meditation Master Course (either the inaugural offering in, A 200-hour yoga teacher training certification from a Yoga Alliance recognized yoga school OR comparable proficiency in yoga, 500-hour yoga teacher training certification from a Yoga Alliance recognized yoga school, Prior participation in advanced trainings with Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and other HI Faculty. For questions on how to begin cultivating a personal practice or for other questions altogether, contact our Front Desk at +632.577.0345 or at +63917.577.0345. Participation in at least one live Zoom session per day is required, All sessions will be recorded and available to watch four hours after they air live, Students must submit a brief summary of each session not attended live, All sessions will be available to view for 30 days after the end date of the program, Students will need to coordinate with other students in order to participate in the independent group work assignments, therefore individual email addresses will be shared within the training group, Students are responsible for downloading Zoom to their personal computers and ensuring that they are comfortable with operating the program, Link for joining the program will be sent prior to the start date, Listing on the Himalayan Institute website’s directory of certified Vishoka Meditation teachers, Ability to officially reference your credential as a certified Vishoka Meditation teacher, Receive class outlines and curriculum materials for all the Vishoka Meditation educational offerings this certification covers, so you can offer the Vishoka Meditation course and guided practices to your students, Only certified Vishoka Meditation teachers will be authorized to teach the Vishoka Meditation offerings covered in this certification, and to use the Vishoka Meditation brand in relation to those offerings (subject to approved brand usage guidelines).

Empower your practice with engaging courses led by our core faculty. The ethical underpinnings of teaching MBSR will be discussed. Established in 1972, Himalayan Institute Excursions offers purpose-driven journeys to discover the fulfillment your soul is seeking. Relax, restore, and nourish yourself with a wellness retreat or weekend getaway.

Ability to bundle the Vishoka Meditation Digital Companion Course with your offerings of the Vishoka Meditation course at no additional cost.

Trainees are then given the opportunity to practice facilitating various components of the MBSR program under the supervision and guidance of the TTI facilitators. 100H Meditation Teacher Training Intensive. The program is immersive and highly experiential, and unlike other training I’ve completed in this area, it provides invaluable frameworks and rationale that bring clarity and consistency to what might seem to be a purely organic process. Participants who wish to reserve a slot in the full program are required to make a nonrefundable deposit of PHP15,000.00 which entitles them to free access to all of the studio's public meditation classes for the duration of the course. There is daily meditation practice yoga/mindful movement, and periods of silence. Deepen your study with online webinars and trainings. Price: $1108 (includes a non-refundable $108 application fee), Complete the Vishoka Meditation Teacher Training course. You can expect to spend some periods in silence and others in active discussion and interaction.

Registrants will not be provided with a detailed agenda beforehand; instead the schedule and time breakdown will be addressed at the opening session of the retreat. Key teaching techniques which are required to effectively teach Vishoka Meditation and its supporting practices.