It wraps around the finger and the tail flicks across the body. They are well matched good bright white stones that catch the light beautifully. }, A great looking and impressive 15ct gold ring. Antique Rings - Own A Piece Of History! This accentuates the design in an original way. It has been set with three diamonds set across the top framed on either side by winged designs set with diamonds. The shank is a twig or branch design with foliate engraving. Any item from this site may be viewed by appointment at our downtown Chicago location on Monday/Wednesday/, Copyright @ 1998-2020 All Rights Reserved, Vintage & Antique Engagement Rings (View All). It has been set with five graded lively white old mine cut diamonds within square canted settings with a ridged border that continues around the shank. light to enter the emerald which is a beautiful vivid green. There is a mixture of baguette cut and round brilliant cut stones. It is a highly decorative and very pretty ring.

It is comfortable to wear and would be an ideal ring to wear with one of our vintage rings. }, A pretty 18ct gold ring ring that was made circa 1900-1910. Here you’ll find quite simply the finest collection of antique men’s jewelry in San Francisco. The shank is a reeded design with shoulders have been set with small rose diamonds that sweep up to the top.
it would make a lovely engagement or dress ring. $3,450.00, Special Price }, This is a beautiful 18ct gold ring with a platinum top that was made circa 1910-1920. It would make a perfect engagement ring}, A lovely 18ct gold ring that was made at the end of the 19th century. Display

The ring features a natural unheated cushion cut 6.36 ct sapphire of […], This unisex ring was made in the city of Odessa between 1908 and 1917.

}, A fantastic ring that was made in the early 1920s in France. The warm orange of the central stone contrasts beautifully with the white gold and diamonds. In between are rectangular sections with star motifs. $1,875.00, Special Price On either side are step cut shoulders set with three diamonds each on either side. In the head is an old mine cut diamond and two rubies for the eyes. It would make a wonderful engagement ring. }, A stunning Art Deco 18ct yellow gold ring with a platinum top. }, A neat 18ct gold ring with a platinum top that was made in the early 1900s. The 1.33 ct old mine cut diamond measures 6.84 x 6.30 x […], circa 1910 This antique platinum and 18K gold engagement ring is centered with a bright white old European cut diamond (6.4 x 2.5 mm, approximately 0.68 […], Russian, circa 1880s-1890s. It sits low on the finger so it quite practical to wear. It has four engraved sections that have been bright cut engraved with stylised leaves. What a wonderful ring to give as an engagement or commitment ring, or just to wear as a beautiful look. The unusual design has black enamel lines on the shoulders and around the cluster. This ring is not resizable}, An unusual ring that was most likely made in Austria circa 1900-1910. }, A lovely 22ct gold wedding band that was made in 1880.

}, A pretty 9ct gold wedding band that was made in 1985 in Birmingham. The shank has foliage repoussé work on the shoulders. This signified the union of two people. What an appropriate thing to do in these Covid times! }, A good looking narrow wedding band that was made in 1940. }, An unusual 18ct gold ring that has been set with three rectangular emerald cut emeralds. }, This is a stunning ring that was made circa 1910-1920. The first letter of each stone spells “Regard”. It would make a wonderful engagement or dress ring. Buy Antique Rings in Sydney from Kalmar Antiques online store. The shank is 18ct yellow gold and the top is platinum.

}, A pretty 18ct gold crossover ring that has been claw set with a ruby and a good bright white diamond. It would make a fabulous engagement or dress ring. A good dress ring to wear. Above and below it says "Love Bal" There are flat cut almandine garnets that surround it. Antique & Vintage Gentlemen's Jewelry At Lang, we believe that jewelry should please the wearer, whoever they may be. It has been claw set with a beautiful natural mid blue colour sapphire. This style was popular in the 1960s and is as wearable now as it was then. We also buy and sell objects related to Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia.