Consider their crusade against Khun Sa. But if the White House or DEA do decide to turn their gaze to narcotics labs in Myanmar, they might first consider how badly America has failed to suppress the country’s drug trade in the past. In the 1980s, when his heroin was hitting New York streets, Khun Sa was dubbed the “Prince of Death” by American officials. In that region, no economic activity is as lucrative as the meth trade. Money laundering carries the. The seizure netted 18 tons of meth, mostly in the form of tiny pink pills, nearly 200 million of them stuffed into bulging sacks. Martinez will also be charged with harassment of a public servant, resisting arrest, failure to comply with sex offender registration requirements, and unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. Marshal in Waco on federal drug charges. The story you just read is freely available because readers like you support The World financially. But that, too, is a frightening prospect. For example, a kilo of crystal meth will sell for roughly $5,000 in a militia-run patch of Myanmar. Family Searching for Man Who Disappeared In Colorado City, San Angelo ISD Investigating Glenn Middle School Incident and Social Media Video, BOOKING REPORT: Illegal Alien Arrested for Jazz Cabbage Possession, Advertising here can transform your business. Plus, barrels of chemicals, almost too many to capture in a single photo. Perhaps it was going to get mixed in with bags of heroin sold around Asia. Their mission is to defend a patch of land against the army’s arch foes: Indigenous rebels fighting to gain control of their Native lands. Especially since the traditional route from China is under siege by Beijing. That could be the reason for their downfall.”. According to the Brownwood Bulletin, the SWAT Team executed a search warrant in the 1600 block of Ave I.

Myanmar’s army and police, which conducted the raids, are naturally pleased. “It’s a paramilitary group, set up by the government. Investigators still don’t know where it was headed: possibly around Southeast Asia, to cities such as Sydney or Seoul or even to North America. The mafia imports the chemists, operates the refinery and traffics the drugs to wealthier countries such as Australia or Japan. From there, he said, “it’s reasonable to assume that Southeast Asia, with its very good logistics … could very quickly become a source for North America.”. “It is by far,” he said, “the largest amount of meth ever seized.”, Related: A US-style drug war brings a terrible cost: Thai prisons packed full of women. The same goes for the United States’ Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Chinese intelligence. According to Captain H. The men were arrested on Sept. If it grows popular in Southeast Asia, it could bring on the same sort of overdose wave that has sent America reeling. For decades, crime syndicates have pushed drugs along jungle trails and into neighboring Thailand, home to some of Asia’s biggest ports, which ship to countries all around the world. US President Donald Trump had been pushing them to do just that.

Most Recent Drug Bust 2020 … They came to him because his area was safe from disturbance. From now until Dec. 31, when you support The World your donation will be doubled! The militia actually fends off these rebels for free, receiving almost nothing from the government: no bullets, no weapons, no rice to feed their ranks. daily is emailed 5 days per week. When you support The World’s fall fundraiser, you ensure we can continue this critical work. “It lasted until he declared independence,” which voided that pact with the army. Thailand is betting big on cannabis. After cops seize a large stash of narcotics, they’ll usually splay them on a table for the cameras. Khun Sa insisted he was liberating Indigenous people from oppressive army rule. There were roughly 1,000 gallons of the stuff, enough to fill about 25 bathtubs, and get millions of people high.

email. Southeast Asia already supplies tons of cheap food, gadgets and other goods that underpin middle-class lifestyles in America — and it does so through fleets of US-bound ships that leave the tropics every day. Was that the fate of the Kaung Kha militia, which saw its superlabs gutted and scattered across a field for the world to see? Related: Thailand approves medical pot in small step away from US-backed drug war. The World is participating in NewMatch! They came to him because his area was safe from disturbance,” he said. The mountain of meth stacked up by Myanmar’s authorities after the raid proved startling — even to Douglas, the UNODC official. Double your impact today. “When Khun Sa was working with the military, the investors would come and set up refineries. “When they put it on display, it was like a football field full of chemicals and equipment.”. Covering West Texas from San Angelo, TX © 2020 Copyright • All Rights ReservedContact Us • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy • Advertising Information We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. Called Kaung Kha, it is technically known as a “people’s militia force.” Its troops wear uniforms and tote machine guns.