In case your friends don't play the game, the system seeks out friends until locating people who have played the game. J'aime les zombies et Cthulhu. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit Remastered sur PS4, Le classement des actualités les plus lues.

“The opportunity for cross-play was, like, ‘Oh man, we have to do that,’” Chris Roberts, creative director for Stellar Entertainment, told Polygon. For example, even though we set the vsync to triple buffering, the game always displayed a few bands of split frames in the upper middle of the screen when we got into a big crash. With nitro activated, expect to feel like you're going fast enough to lose control during a race. “We wanted to take the opportunity to bring a different type of experience back,” Webster said. Un NFS Hot Pursuit sur PS4 et Xbox One, cool, Améliorations graphiques pas très flagrantes en pleine course, Temps de chargement toujours un peu longs. by Daniel Steinholtz, Editorial Writer, EA • Nov 6, 2020 @ 12:30pm. You have standard races against up to eight other racers in any of the designated tracks, and there's Interceptor mode, which pits one racer against one cop in a duel.

Sur PC, les différences visuelles sont moins palpables, mais dans les deux cas, l'ajout des contenus additionnels fait du bien à la durée de vie, il y a de quoi faire à Seacrest County. Race is a standard organized race where you choose a car from the qualifying class and try to outrun the competition to reach first place. Pour le coup, c'est un grand pas en avant, avec une végétation plus dense, plus réaliste et avec des rajouts de plots et bidons sur les bords de la route, mais là encore, dans le feu de l'action d'une course-poursuite, c'est du détail pas forcément évident à voir. Concernant le jeu en lui-même, il n'y a pas vraiment de nouveautés. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, the debut in racing series of Burnout maker Criterion Games, is being remastered for release in November. The pristine look is maintained whether you're driving at 200 miles per hour or at a more casual speed as you snap pictures of the scenery. Tying together all of this is Autolog, which is undoubtedly one of the series' better innovations.

But do I think we’re done with action racing? Notre avis vidéo. We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targeted ads, analyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit was launched on Nov 16, 2010. Steam and Origin players can now mix it up with PS4, Switch and Xbox One players right away instead of having to wait for a patch, and while the number of games that do cross-platform play is still relatively tiny, every bit counts.

Rapid Response is a race for cop cars to see who can reach the designated spot as quickly as possible, while Interceptor is much like Duel except you have to bust the suspect car as quickly as possible. We’ve seen some phenomenal remaster work this console generation, starting with Rockstar giving Grand Theft Auto 5 … He and Webster said Hot Pursuit Remastered will offer several quality-of-life and user interface enhancements to go along with the upgraded visuals and new content. Both Mercedes-Benz and McLaren have individual cars in the game, so the absence of these two vehicles is likely due to the fact that Mercedes-Benz sold its stake in McLaren back in 2009. A noter que s’il est déjà disponible sur PC, PlayStation 4 et Xbox One à une quarantaine d’euros, il sortira le 13 novembre sur Nintendo Switch.

Et avec ça, c'est mine de rien plusieurs heures qui se rajoutent à la durée de vie, un petit bonus non négligeable, surtout pour les amoureux de belles voitures ultra rapides. Pour mieux voir les améliorations graphiques, il faut donc se concentrer sur l'éclairage et les ombres, ce que personne n'a le temps de faire lorsqu'il pilote à 250 km/h, ou sur les environnements. Un jeu de course rapide et nerveux, développé par Criterion Games (Burnout) qui demande une bonne maîtrise des dérapages et de la gestion du boost pour remporter les médailles d'or.