Paragraph 1The first paragraph of the personal recommendation letter explains how you know the person you are recommending and why you are qualified to write a recommendation letter to recommend employment or graduate school. State that you “highly recommend” the person or you “recommend without reservation” or something similar. Where an applicant has had his or her record expunged relating to one of the narcotics offenses under section 212(a)(2)(A)(i)(II) and section 241(a)(2)(B) of the Act, that applicant shall be considered as having been “convicted” within the meaning of § 316.10(b)(2)(ii), or, if confined, as having been confined as a result of “conviction” for purposes of § 316.10(b)(2)(iv). She even finds time to volunteer at a local day care for single mothers. {He/she} is also hard working and dedicated, and never leaves a job unfinished. (c) Proof of good moral character in certain cases - (1) Effect of probation or parole. An applicant who has been on probation, parole, or suspended sentence during all or part of the statutory period is not thereby precluded from establishing good moral character, but such probation, parole, or suspended sentence may be considered by the Service in determining good moral character. However, quantity is not better than quality.

Ariel would be a tremendous asset to the town and I recommend her to you without reservation. I have had the chance to get to know {Name}, and I say without a doubt that you are dealing with a person of very good moral character. Her responsibilities in that capacity have grown with the activity level of a now pre-schooler, and the addition of another child, now a toddler.

During the years of our acquaintance, I have known Katherine in many capacities.

The information on this website is for general information purposes only. The following events automatically prevent a person from establishing Good Moral Character if they occurred in the look-back period. An applicant who has received a full and unconditional executive pardon prior to the beginning of the statutory period is not precluded by § 316.10(b)(1) from establishing good moral character provided the applicant demonstrates that reformation and rehabilitation occurred prior to the beginning of the statutory period. (3) Record expungement - (i) Drug offenses.

(1) An applicant shall be found to lack good moral character, if the applicant has been: (ii) Convicted of an aggravated felony as defined in section 101(a)(43) of the Act on or after November 29, 1990. § Sec. I have had the pleasure of knowing Katherine Kingston for eight years.

I am writing to tell you of the many fine qualities of {Name}, whom I have known for {length of time} in various capacities, including {ways in which you know the person being referenced}.

All Rights Reserved. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Compliance with probation ; and Length of time in United States . (2) In accordance with section 101(f) of the Act, the Service shall evaluate claims of good moral character on a case-by-case basis taking into account the elements enumerated in this section and the standards of the average citizen in the community of residence. She is always quick on her feet, with sensible reactions in all the circumstances I’ve seen her in. 316.10 Good moral character. She has spent several summers working on the farm, as well as time during school vacations, after school, and weekends.

(c) Proof of good moral character in certain cases (1) Effect of probation or parole.

Showing that you are on a good path (work wise, or through your charity or volunteer work, or socially), or something along those lines that fits the person is helpful. I am confident that Heather’s intelligence and maturity will be great assets in any organization. We primarily depend on personal referrals, and so we strive to earn our client’s highest level of respect and their top testimonials and reviews. She has been my … Seeing the “other side” of the background, situation, and directions in life of a person involved in a case means that the opposing side has the opportunity to see you as a person, and not just another case number. This information is not intended to create, and receipt or viewing does not constitute an attorney-client relationship. {Name} operates with integrity, and never has a bad word to say about anyone. (ii) During the statutory period. She has been my Mother’s Helper since the birth of my first child five years ago. SalutationWhen writing a personal recommendation letter, include a salutation (Dear Dr. Joyner, Dear Ms. Merrill, etc.). Here is what one wrote when I, as a defense attorney, asked what the character letters should include. … Jane is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages. Her responsibilities in that capacity have grown with the activity level of a now preschooler, and the addition of another child, now a toddler. An applicant who has committed or admits the commission of two or more crimes involving moral turpitude during the statutory period is precluded from establishing good moral character, even though the conviction record of one such offense has been expunged. Include a phone number within the paragraph, include the phone number and email address in the return address section of your letter, or in your signature.

This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. [56 FR 50484, Oct. 7, 1991, as amended at 58 FR 49913, Sept. 24, 1993]. Below, you will see a sample format for various letters. SummaryThis section of the recommendation letter contains a brief summary of why are you are recommending the person. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions. With a personal letter, you are writing a recommendation simply because you know the person and their character. On a personal level, may I just say that I really like {Name}, and I have no doubts about {his/her} abilities to succeed in the future. Nothing on this site should be taken as legal advice for any individual case or situation.

As a nanny to my eight-year-old twins for the past three years, Heather Pleat has proven herself to be a remarkably responsible, confident young woman. (iii) Committed unlawful acts that adversely reflect upon the applicant's moral character, or was convicted or imprisoned for such acts, although the acts do not fall within the purview of § 316.10(b) (1) or (2).