Dann auf CH SET drücken zum Bestätigen und zum Speichern der Frequenz. The FM transmitter comes with antenna and power cord.

Need instruction manuals? FIND ALL ENDING & FOLLOWED ITEMS IN ONE CONVENIENT DESKTOP LOCATION, View all items from Lexington, Kentucky Showroom Sale sale. TR501 can be used as a hobby or FM station to transmit information. RangeStar 0.5 W Long Range FM Transmitter – Model FSCZH-05B, RangeMaster X-Treme Series FM Transmitter – FCC CERTIFIED – Model FSX-05B, RangeMaster 1W Long Range FM Transmitter – Model FSX-01C, RangeStud 15 W Professional Grade FM Transmitter Adjustable LO/HI Modes – Model CZH-15A, RangeCommander 25 W – Fully Adjustable 0.1W to 25.0W – Model CZH-T251, RangeBooster 2.0 Broadcaster Grade 1/4 Wave Ground Plane FM Transmitter Antenna – Model RB2.0ANT, RangeMax 1.0 1/4 Wave Ground Plane FM Transmitter Antenna – Model RMAX1.0ANT, RangeMax Professional Grade 1/2 Wave Ground Plane FM Transmitter Antenna – Model RMAXANT, Basic Antenna Tuning — Economy Upgrade Antenna. It does appear the manufacturer had been issued an FCC ID number (QKQRF-2001) for the transmitter being marketed as the Whole House FM Transmitter … A Rangestar FSCZH-058 500 MW FM transmitter. When first connected to power and turned on it defaults to 76 MHz. The FM transmitter comes with antenna and power cord. On this page, you can download the VicTsing FM transmitter user manual. items waiting to be discovered. Unlicensed operation on the AM and FM radio broadcast bands is permitted for some extremely low powered devices covered under Part 15 of the FCC's rules. FM TRANSMITTER Manual and Quick Start Guide Powering On or Off The Power On/Off Button (4) is a mechanical switch that can be switched on or off and remain fixed in that position. ive been using the original fordray fm transmitter with the lightorama mp3 controller for a few years now & the range is only about 80 metres before it starts to drop. This one have a beautiful aluminum alloy cover. h�b```e``�������01G�+303�0pM`�2��~oH �13(̀��` 4��

<>>> But I dont know if I have enough time or money for the ramsey transmitters. That would be quite helpful for the people who are aware of radio transmitted shows and know where they are but don't have to keep changing channels, noone else near me that would be doing a radio transmitted show....I doubt anyone visiting Beacy would be visiting me in the same night...20-30 minutes apart.


My FM transmitter arrived on Friday, found a power supply and connections required, hooked it all up tonight and hey presto.

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The Rangestar works great and delivers crystal clear radio signals 1/8 of a mile which covers our whole parking lot and beyond!

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It will click into position and stay powered until you press the button again. ST-05B FM Transmitter for Drive In Church; ST-05B FM Transmitter for Drive In Church; ST-7C FM Transmitter for Church or Drive in movie; Instruments.

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