My answer depends on the context this questions is being asked.

Terminate the intervention and document the conversation. Senior Investigator Job Interview Questions & Answers. If I am in a populace area, then authority figures will show up with instructions, if not, assess the environment for survival needs, amass them in a safe sheltered place and/or assemble a shelter util help arrives. First thing take a selfie and post it to my status on Facebook. Top Interview Questions Background Investigator at U.S. Office of Personnel Management was asked.... Tell me how you would conduct an interview... Fraud Investigator at AIG was asked.... How do you detect fraud? Can you please let me know when did this interview happen ?? Advise for someone considering starting the process? Investigators shouldn’t discount this important opportunity to hear what they have to add. Doors will open in only the right places for you. The best answer then would be questions. What are your future steps after experience you'll gain from your police detective job? Wow tough question. Spend a night and compile names of cutting edge platforms, and mention these along with their purpose to your interviewer. Was there ownership of a mistake, or deflection? Is there anything else you want to tell me that I haven’t asked you?

Afterwards I would check for supplies of food and water and if the plane was still fit to provide me with some shelter or if I could make one from bits of it for long enough for me to await search and rescue as sticking close by to the crash if possible is the most wise course of action and would give the best odds of retrieval.

It can also be helpful to interview witnesses to other incidents that the subject of the complaint was involved in. Love your job. Wonderful. What happens if you don’t have any experience? Learn how to use these 44 questions as part of your overall investigation interview strategy with this free Investigation Interview Techniques eBook. Stay tuned. Was I the only survivor because actually, I was the only one on it? Describe it. I found more information that makes the wait a little more easier, but will post that information after I hear back from the hiring manager.

Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. That would be a golden experience which cannot be even shared 100% of it, so I will feel lucky enough, and start enjoying more than what I used to, because life itself has taken a bow on me...! i'm enjoying it so far. In an interview, you'll want to demonstrate that you are a critical thinker with strong research abilities and an in depth knowledge of the law. The main reason is to gather my location and to hopefully send an SOS text. Demonstrate it.

These questions What was the date, time and duration of the incident or behavior?

No one likes these situations, but Ive found that dealing with it factually and without predjudice tends to be the best approach. I finally got the job offer and accepted it. Learn about interview questions and interview process for 84 companies. Thank the interviewee for their time and for helping you to get to the truth.

What did you say in response to the incident or behavior? Also, you only have 30 days from thw date of hire to actually get your license and vehicle registration changed over to the state of Florida. What did they say and/or do? Then I would go home and hug my family. If i was the only one that survived in an airplane crash... i would be lucky that i was alive.. get up knowing everyone else is dead and freak out.. be crying... panicking trying to get help ... try to call my family and tell them im alright, then just pray and thank god for letting me live and taking a different route in life. I succeed when given clear expectations of me and my team, and find a balance of working individually as well as alongside a team is when Im most content. If there was a time someone didn't like me how did I ................... Did you complete a drug test and fingerprinting ? What field experience do you have for a INVESTIGATION OFFICER POSITION? Realize that my work on earth has not been completed; So, I'm interviewing here today to pick up what I need to accomplish!

Tell me about your ability to work under pressure? I would check the baggage of any passengers for any of those flight insurance documents. However, when you want something bad enough, you simply have to fight for it. Anyone who has spent enough time in this industry realizes that human error is part of the job, and no one is perfect. SoSo with that said, I didn't get the Acceptance letter today, but I am assured and confident it is on the way. Lastly i would NEVER go on a plane again ever in my life! Did you tell anyone about the incident or behavior? 8 Questions You Should Absolutely Ask An Interviewer.

I just survived a Plane Crash! Immediately call my lawyer to initiate a lawsuit against the airline. Or at least I would try to tell everyone about what happened to the airplane so that the families of the people who died would have some closure on this terrible tragedy. Assuming I crashed somewhere that no one actually witnessed, I would use my cell phone to call for help... Then, while snuggling in to those incredibly comfortable blankets and mini-pillows that are available to me, (assuming it is cold outside), I would help myself to all of those free airline pretzels and sodas and hang out and wait until help arrives. Seek shelter for those injured and out of any harsh climate or wildlife 4. Don’t sweat it!

Identity of reference, determine scope of relationship, ask questions to verify they know the person, ask the designated questions. The most compelling witnesses are, of course, those who actually witnessed the incident. What they’re looking for here is some sort of system of checks and balances.

The following sample interview questions are presented in an effort to assist investigators propound questions to witnesses. Other police detective interview questions to expect: Tell about yourself and why you think you are successful police detective? I would then check to make sure that there was indeed no one else that had survived or if there was someone who might need some help. How long did it take to be contacted for your second webcam interview?

At least make attempts to inquire as to the individuals reasons, ask if there is someone else who would be willing to meet and discuss the person, and get that individuals contact information before leaving your location. I would sue the airline and start a competing site to Airbnb. I would open a business called "How to survive a plane crash".

Thank you... How do you like rhe job so far? What could you do not like to work as police detective? The plane cash is nothing special but the experience is making you special. Take a selfie in front of the burning wreckage and post on Facebook. Background Investigator at U.S. Office of Personnel Management was asked... Trust and Safety Investigator at Airbnb was asked... Background Investigator at KeyPoint Government Solutions was asked... Child Protective Investigator at Florida Department of Children and Families was asked... Background Investigator at Advanced RPO was asked... AML Investigation I at Capital One was asked... Background Investigator I salaries ($52k), Background Investigator II salaries ($60k), Customer Service Representative salaries ($25k). I would try to survive, while waiting to be rescued. Why do you like to work as police detective? I hope I would have the courage to roll the dead for useful items is small electronics still operational, etc.

Assuming all communication systems were no longer operable, I would focus on finding the necessities (food, water, and the closest Airbnb). See if anybody else got hurt. I believe that in order to be an effective x you really require a great deal of y. Set signal flags,. Will fake my own death and will go live with gorillas. Hey, no one is perfect – but when it comes to accounting & finance, perfection in numbers is expected.