Join the battle to defend Hyrule a century before the events that occurred in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild game. They must face off and over come some form of oppression bringing them down. Pupa Pan. about the many ways that breath and breathing feature in our everyday lives. An Original Composition by Alex Lew. "One who allows rage to be destroyed, or invites destruction through rage", Able to channel his aspect with his belief (or hope) in the truth of science, and apply it to destructive ends, "Brings the past back to life" and saves ghosts from total oblivion by establishing dream bubbles, Natural longevity (presumably due to blood color), Theft of "breath" for the benefit of others, Prophetic visions involving bleak futures, doom, and destruction, "Inherits doom" in taking severe and permanent damage to save his team. Sburb may design planets with the titles in mind. Breathe is the original magazine devoted to mindfulness, creativity, and wellbeing. "Prince" actually means "destroyer", and "Light" means "fortune". creating objects out of thin air, and doing the same to enable, Apparently able to redistribute Void to existing objects as a form of p, Simultaneously conscious as both real and dream selves, with additional personalities as the, "Housekeeping"- cleaning up loops and preventing alternate timelines, Possibly using air for revival: "breathing life" into a person, Friendliness and charisma sufficient to gather an entire army against, Prophetic visions involving utter ruin, failure, and death, Doomed to die many times, and has overcome death on more than one occasion (thanks to two dream selves and his "half-ghost" form), Being able to form alliances, as in "blood brothers" (such as with, Theft of heart or soul, to the benefits of others, Skilled at manipulating others through mind games, Can literally invade the result of peoples decisions with a sprawling path of alternative possibilities, Is able to sense the presence of and converse with, Coordinating battle tactics by examining possible outcomes, Using memories and associated keywords as homing beacons for, Is able to peer into the memories of deceased instances of herself from doomed timelines and possibly the memories of players from the same timeline, Blood used to obscure references to an indestructible demon in Calliope's tome, Augmented attack power and berserker rage (?). Cloud Video Credit: brt5470 ( A little while back my friend Laura told me … Dealt massive blow to the Black King, possibly greater than Vriska's finishing blow. What is one of his favorite things, you ask? They make themselves out of their aspect and become a symbol of it. The only exception seen is potentially with the post-scratch kids, who, though they lack both Time and Space players and as a result lack a frog planet or scratch construct, through cosmic consequence their session anticipates the arrival of their pre-scratch players, with all their planets in tow, creating an effective 8 player session that does include a Space and Time player. The Page of Breath is one who leads others to be free. Meaning they could use the wind to fly and fight in the sky. One who passively uses wind, breath and freedom while also becoming a leader of wind, breath, and freedom. Breath: Control over wind and air flow. Now the Page of Breath would have an interesting journey. All of his proficiencies were hard won, built from the blank slate as his aspect would imply, advancing at the slow pace his class would as well. Page of Breath. A title can be assembled from any combination of class and aspect: John is the Heir (class) of Breath (aspect), while Tavros shares his aspect as the Page (class) of Breath (aspect) and Equius shares his class as the Heir (class) of Void (aspect). Wanna know who the Page of Breath is in canon?