Apparently the vent itself isn't the problem. If she is eating, drinking, pooping and acting normally, I would just let it be for now. I suggest watching the flock to see if you can catch it happening in person. I've only had these guys (there are three of them) since August, so it is my first Winter with them and now it is dark so early I don't feel like I see enough of them to make sure they are happy all the time! I mean they almost look like what you buy at the store!. If it's bad, how is it cured? At first we thought she was hiding them, hunkering down on a new nest outside of the coop (which Kimora and Iman have been known to do). Her skin looks clear, her sister hen is fine as is the 9 year old rooster. Thanks! Hi there! (Just over this last year). My one hen is showing feather loss at the base of her back, where her tail starts, and now directly under her tail. I have lots of posts about mites and lice and feel free to upload some photos to the Facebook page as well. Chickens can become cannibals if left to their own devices. As painful and upsetting as that might be to you, sometimes a flock is more peaceful that way. very helpful info. They should all be on layer feed after approximately 20 weeks of age. I seem to be working my way from the inside out – this piece is about what covers our birds and will look at their anatomy, function, names and types of different feathers. And that means molting season is upon us. Wow! Mites/Fleas-Sometimes missing feathers are the only signs of mites. The chicken is shaking like cold but none of the others are .some have a little missing feathers but no red red Ness or sores looks normal this does not. I have had great success with the aprons. I think time is going to be your answer. Rooster and over-mating– A flock should have at least 7 hens to one rooster. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. One of my chickens has started loosing feathers, cant see any vent issues not sure if she is egg bound, appears to be pecking at her rear plumage as if its a pest, but this is my first time owning chooks, so might need some advice on this one? Chickens will slept very closely on the roosts at night to keep warm. At the base of the feathers there are often barbs that are not hooked together, called downy barbs. Silkies lack barbules, giving them their fluffy appearance. She stopped laying and has that red rash all over her bottom and chest, and has lost her wing tip feathers. I do replace their nesting hay every couple of days, their coop is dry and secure, but their run does have a lot of wet hay due to the weather. Unfortunately, there are no pictures to share. Hi, great info, We have a small chantecler that is just over a year now. Just like ingrown hair in people, chickens can have issues with feathers that don’t erupt through the skin. Melanins: brown-black pigments add colour to the feather, make them denser and more resistant to wear and breakdown by sunlight. Also providing pen with 6500K lumens of floresent light, some finely chopped califlower, broccoli, orange & apple. Sometimes missing feathers occur during the normal process of molting. Be sure they have plenty of things to climb on and roost on in the run. I’ve posted a series of anatomy and physiology articles about the different systems in a chicken’s body: respiratory; reproductive; digestive; the nervous system and the five senses.