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Real or fake?

It doesn’t have to be some awesome titanium tool either – just something to get the job done. What Makes the Strider SNG Distinct from the Competition This is surprising considering the $400 price tag (intuitively, I would somehow expect the knives to cut better as the price went up), but when you consider the hard use nature of the blade it does make sense – this knife is designed to stand up to more than just cutting. If i started to save money near the $400 price range for a Strider i would just save up a bit more and get a Medford.

While it isn’t my first choice for school or the office, I do not mind having this as my primary EDC, and didn’t find it overly bulky or uncomfortable in the pocket. Spear-Point: This style is easy to sharpen and is the most common Despite being a near full flat grind the SnG is quite thick behind the edge, and I found the cutting performance underwhelming.

Knife frame: Both knives have a G10 and titanium frame

I have recently found Striders to be very nice looking, after years of seeing them and never really loving them. It is the differences between these two knives that justify the need for both models. Thank you very much Tom! There is a host of similarities between Strider’s SNG and SMF model knives. ok ive been wondering what the difference between the sng and the smf is for awhile now.

Press J to jump to the feed. How the Strider SMF’s Military Heritage Makes it Unique. Like the SNG, the SMF has a specific collection of features that make it more popular for certain uses. In operation since 1998, BladeForums.com has led the industry since Day 1. Out of all the Striders I have owned (2 SnG, 2 AR, 1 GB, 1 Pt) I find the liner lock striders to be of much better quality than the framelocks. The lanyard hole issue was mmy arguement when talling him my knife was better than his. Stone-washed All in all, I found that the SnG carried really well. Each knife is customized according to the type of steel, blade style, handle and finish desired by the customer. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised with how manageable the knife felt. Wow, that has got to be one of the worst fakes I've ever seen.

C’est la vie if you want a Strider SnG. My particular SnG happens to be flat ground, but I have seen hollow ground blades and tanto versions as well. So happy to hear you enjoy the write ups as the videos are generally more popular.

I recommend purchasing the Strider SnG at BladeHQ. No idea. I don’t think it’s perfect, and it’s definitely a luxury item, but at the end of the day it’s a really nice knife.

With the introduction of the SNG and SMF model knives, the knife manufacturing experts at Strider illustrated their commitment to designing folding knives that possess the same degree of strength and stability as fixed blade knives.

Proprietary hardware, in the case of the pivot, is a drawback too….. Yeah in my opinion they should have just left the lanyard hole out if it was going to interfere with the blade like that. The pocket clip doesn’t carry the knife very deep, but the knife itself is slim and feels light for its size.

Blade thickness: The blade on the SMF is 3/16 inch larger than the SNG Be first to receive news about sales, coupons & new promotions. It q… With the SnG’s reputation as a hard use blade I expected some sort of folding brick to show up in my mailbox. S30V is a proven steel, and my experience with the steel has generally been very favorable. My $40 Casio keeps better time than a $5,000 Rolex – but I’ll be damned if I don’t own a Submariner one day. Over the years, distant years, I owned a couple of SnG’s. It really sounds to me what So-Lo is saying is that the G-10 is not holding up if the knife is used day in and day out over a period of time. Rip danny boy. Key Similarities Between the Strider SNG and the SMF We were always buying and comparing knives. Discussion in 'General Knife Discussion' started by AR-Trvlr, Jan 1, 2018. Handles are typically available in several colors, including black, tan and hunter green I have heard stories about Striders developing blade play, but this knife has held up really well. Then I heard about the new lockup and I found a good deal on a used SNG Stone-washed and it has been a little tank. Best High Value Knives.

Closed length: 5 1/8” Each knife is customized according to the type of steel, blade style, handle and finish desired by the customer. Handle: Combination of G-10 and Titanium The knife comes like this: http://i.imgur.com/7elQik2.jpg, in a dirty, musty plastic bag, with literally nothing else. After initially specializing in the sale of fixed blade knives, Strider focused their efforts on manufacturing folding blade knives like the SNG and SMF which are as robust and sturdy as fixed blade knives. While the SNG is a versatile knife, it is not a comfortable choice for sustained cutting Weight: The SMF is slightly heavier than the SNG (6.10 ounces versus 4.85 ounces) Oddly enough, what really impressed me about the handle of the SNG is the hardware. It’s ground more thinly so it will slice a little better too.

Usually the only way to spot the good fakes from the real knives is to know your tolerances. I was two vehicles behind.

Out of all the Striders I have owned (2 SnG, 2 AR, 1 GB, 1 Pt) I find the liner lock striders to be of much better quality than the framelocks. Especially because the tiny incremental performance gain (if it actually exists) is coming along with a $300 increase in price. I have a fake PM2.

It is the differences between these two knives that justify the need for both models.

I can see the G-10 wearing over a period of time, causing the play being described. Simply said, it’s a great knife. Jun 4, 2008. I did suggest that it would be nice if they integrated a blade stop bar behind the blade that many folders have. However, I gotta be real here for a moment. Only know because I have it. Best Survival Knives Heck, even for $120 or $130 it’s a very nicely made knife. Real 22 vote(s) 81.5% Fake 5 vote(s) 18.5% Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Jan 1, 2018 #1. Great size for every day carry, but big and strong enough when you need a serious knife. Do any real production Striders have that swedge style? This unique incorporation of the back spacer into the handle scale combined with a variety of custom finishes captures the attention of knife buyers seeking a distinct look. The SMF is a popular choice for people participating in survival activities Black oxide Tiger Stripe

4) Blade Finish Blade length: The SMF has a 4 inch blade length versus the SNG’s 3.5 inch blade I will say that I was surprised at how lightweight the knife felt. S30V is interesting because it was formulated specifically for knives, and is something of a collaboration between Chris Reeve and Crucible. The G10 backspacer seamlessly integrated with the handle scale, the beefy custom hardware, the flamed titanium lockbar – these are a few details that make the SnG stand out in a crowd. Mick Strider SMF Knife Orange Peel Titanium (3.9") MSC $ 1,275.00 $ 1,395.00 Sale Sold Out. Overall its a small difference but it does make a difference if your looking for a larger knife, many people consider the sng to be a rather small knife. We invite you contact us to learn more about the similarities and differences between the Strider SNG and the Snider SMF. Hey guys.

S30V: This type of steel is tough and popular among knife manufacturers because of its resistance to abrasion But personal handling and a closer look at these two models highlights some suggested uses for each model. In contrast to most models, the Strider SNG uses a chain ring bolt construction and washers to integrate the back spacer into the knife. How does the strider compare to the Zero Tolerance 300 or 350? Edit: I should mention that there are fake Striders out there that are much more convincing than my $8 aliexpress.com version (which even a blind monkey could tell apart from the real thing), so be wary! Strider's most popular knife, the SnG, is available in a hard-hitting AUTO dubbed the Pro-Strider SnG, available in a number of different variations. I do find it odd that the fake actually puts U.S.A. on the back of the blade though.

It annoys the shit out of me when knives that are marketed as 'tactical' and hard use have proprietary hardware. The higher end Strider fakes have the lock bar stabilizer.

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