This also explains how subsequently Tevinter Magisters could unwittingly unleash the Blight by entering the Fade and the Golden City, where some influence of the Evanuris lingered and remained. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Could Solas have banished the city into the void, which was tied in some way to the fade, and when he created the veil, it weakened or severed its connected with the fade in all but physicality? Cassandra took off the metal clamps around Harel's wrists and replaced them with thick ropes. Harel was frozen, the pain agonizing, but as she watched, the tear closed, and the mage let go. Are the Evanuris and forgotten ones simply evolved hybrids of spirits, similar to Cole but in a different way? I think it's very possible for this "abyss" to be someplace underneath the Deep Roads, which is where the Titans are. "The Fade? Maybe the Old Gods act as seals to unlocking the gateway into the void, in which Solas banished the Evanuris and Arlathan. She dove for the twin daggers sitting in the snow.

They made it to the bridge, whee they met Chancellor Roderick.

The legend says that the Forgotten Ones were sealed in an abyss. Dragon Age 4 has a big legacy to live up to. If this is the case, when Solas created the veil, is that where he ‘locked’ the evanuris away? "It's closed, albeit temporarily. Her only memory, besides the world facts and her name, was of a forest illuminated by the moon.

The Evanuris used the new found power inside their prison to act as their method of escape. Or more simply, while connected, they serve as two polar opposites connected on the same axis, or plain. One on point it seems like there is just so much evidence tying the Forgotten Ones with the Titans. While the fade is not inherently dangerous on its own, the void definitely is by containing the blight. Her form was an elf, so she quickly made herself Dalish. ... on this yet i wanted to get all this down in one place with my evidence as to why i think the Old Gods may be the Forgotten/Forbidden Ones. But I’m curious to hear others opinions on this and if you think mine is a good starting ground and/or is complete horse shit. A one-stop shop for all things video games. She knows everyone else's secrets, as a truth-seer, but she doesn't know her own. In addition World of Thedas 2 adds an account in which dead darkspawn were found in praying positions in an empty Old God prison.

They made it safely through the mine, only to find three dead soldiers. The chaos this could cause makes it seem likely that this act could also make the barrier between Thedas and the abyss more permeable, with some of the Forgotten Ones getting through or making their influence felt in Thedas for the first time in hundreds of years. Games Dragon Age. The creation of the veil then fundamentally altered the fade, into what we know it now as. A couple metaphysical things in no particular order. Harel just laid her head back down on the stone. [5] An alternate version of this tale has both camps of gods seeking out a weapon in their respective realms that Fen'Harel promised would bring their war to an end. The mage them grabbed Harel's wrist, and shoved her palm in the direction of the light.

His voice held a bit of respect for the tear in the sky, and a bit of concern. Several shades followed it. She saw some discarded weapons nearby. We know in Thedas legends aren't completely true but they tell part of the story. "Who did this?" Thus, if the blight originated in the void, and somehow the black city came to posses the same blight plague, then this stands to indicate both are connected to each other. The sight nearly brought Harel to her knees. While I would argue they are definitely two separate entities, maybe they are still connected to each other; possible physically?

She listened quietly to the conversation about her guilt, then about which path to take to get to the Breach.

She fought the shades, then went to the rift. Press J to jump to the feed. Cookies help us deliver our Services. "What are you talking about?" Will she remember? According to the legend of the Dread Wolf's betrayal of both camps of elven gods during the fall of Arlathan, the Forgotten Ones were easily swayed by his proclaimed plan to organize a truce by which the Creators would be defeated and, by consequence, the elves would be left alone and unaided. MORE: Dragon Age 4 Should Have DA2 Feature Skipped in Inquisition. For Dragon Age: Inquisition on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "The Forgotten Ones... (spoilers)".

She was a vindhru-itha, a truth-seer, and she knew what people wanted to hide most.

Harel awoke in a cold, dark cell. Again, much of this is speculation, but there are numerous hints in lore that suggest their is an intelligence behind the blight, more than just the archdemon and darkspawn. Cassandra set her down. Cassandra's first question didn't mask her surprise. She was freezing, and shivered visibly.

The story will need to feel engaging and fresh, wrapping up loose ends and satisfying different story arcs to compete against new game IPs like Avowed and Cyberpunk 2077.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Cassandra didn't seem too pleased with her answer, but she accepted it.

The Formless One = Fen'harel. Thus, if the black city was sent into the void, which is part of the fade we know now, though a twisted and polar opposite version of it, the question stands as to why this is the case. Harel smiled with chattering teeth and shook her head.

"There are easier ways to make something explode," Varric commented as they made their way towards the breach. This could explain why the Evanuris would try to manipulate the magisters into coming to the black city; to further spread, or completely unleash, the blight into Thedas with the sole purpose of corrupting the old gods and breaking the seals. Those same stories show the elven gods as noble when we know from Solas that they were actually brutal tyrants.

However, there were more important matters at hand. I suppose there could be more, or that guy was the Formless One...but I'm pretty iffy on this.

No demons were pouring out of it at the moment. There's a reason Solas detests the Blight so much as well as those who wield it (the Grey Wardens). Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Harel thought about the two options. A soft light pierced the edge of her vision as she opened her eyes. She felt like she had failed someone, or something. I have suspicions the Abyss and these Forgotten Ones may have been the source of the Blight if their nature was indeed evil, or if not, that the Blight was created as a magical bioweapon by the Evanuris in their emerging war that involved Mythal's murder. When Mythal was murdered, the two God groups blamed each other and started to war, hence the fall of Elvhenan began. But one of the common themes in the dragon age universe is that good and evil are heavily dependent on your point of view. Harel was grateful. Or will everything fall, because the Protector failed? Varric was right, Harel felt a bit warmer after fighting them off. She disrupted it, stunning the pride demon. Normally, she hides this fact to make people think that she is normal, but in her wretched and amnesic state, she let the name slip. It's a good thing you arrived when you did." She knows everyone else's secrets, as a truth-seer, but she doesn't know her own. With the Dread Wolf likely destroying the Veil, it's more likely than ever that the Forgotten Ones will make an appearance in Dragon Age 4. If the black city is the remains of Arlathan, and serves as the Evanuris prison, then the red eyes would symbolize Solas’s watch over them, no? The shattered library, as one example, shows that the old Elven empire existed equally in both regions, equally dependent on the other for stability and magic. Her own secret, an ancient one, might be the world's undoing. When looking back at when Solas created the veil, we know that the fade and physical world were very much intertwined. The main connection between the Forgotten Ones and the Taint is the Abyss the Forgotten Ones used which corrupted one of the the Evanuris and drove her mad. We need her." Harel admired it for a moment before Cassandra barked at her to get a move on. They had come to the Temple of Sacred Ashes. Could this explain why solas banished, effectively, the entire population of these hybrids together away in the void?

Of course there is no reason to discount your theory, they can even be complimentary if the Evanuris and the Forgotten Ones were originally the same before splitting and coming into conflict with each other. They could also theoretically be much stronger in the fade itself, so your theory still holds merit. Is it possible the Evanuris, who Solas sealed away in the city, knew that whatever the ‘Old Gods’ truly are, act as ‘keys’ to unlocking the seals surrounding old Arlathan?

Thinking of this, I find this is unlikely and not supported enough by what I have seen in the lore. Almost like cutting internet connection in a house, for example, but still being able to walk physically around the house? This is a question that is being expanded into a separate post from another discussion topic, as I feel this deserves its own forum platform. She didn't remember anything from before the Conclave. She didn't expect the giant clawed hand to smack her back with enough force to fling her into the temple wall. The currently mysterious Forgotten Ones resided in the Abyss, although Andruil was noted to have grown bored for a challenge and began hunting in this realm, and this started to make her go mad and corrupted her until Mythal intervened. Her story does not start at the beginning. Follow/Fav The Forgotten Ones. According to popular belief, not even the Dalish properly remember the Forgotten Ones since then, outside of their dreams.[3]. Follow/Fav The Forgotten Ones. These people truly believed that she had done something awful. Harel held up her left hand and opened the breach.

The last part was true.

It could be that the Old Gods (shapeshifted Gods) and the Ancient Dragons (their offspring), were in fact the Forgotten Ones. What came crawling out of it scared the life out of her.