The cyber threat sharing will support these operations, the local laptop incident team, national cyber security incident teams, law enforcement, specialist operations and justice in the investigations and the incident, also collecting digital evidence. Mehrere Arbeitsgruppen sorgen für die Umsetzung der Vereinsziele. 3) The information stored can be valuable, but can also be simply “too much information”, for instance lists of IP addresses which have been blacklisted – but without any further information or intelligence on them. MISP is an open source software and it’s also a large community of MISP users creating, maintaining and operating communities of users or organizations sharing information about threats or cyber security indicators worldwide. Threat Intelligence Sharing Platforms: An Exploratory Study of Software Vendors and Research Perspectives Clemens Sauerwein1, Christian Sillaber1, Andrea Mussmann1,, and Ruth Breu1. ? Forensic Investigators Law Enforcement Agencies There have been cases in the past where the information was only put in after the incidents only – in order to avoid an impact on the running investigations. Der Verein CSSA wurde im November 2014 von sieben deutschen Großunternehmen gegründet, um sich gemeinsam besser vor Cyber Angriffen und Bedrohungen zu schützen. ), and finally whether there are no other (open source) tools and technologies that become available that are more effective (and efficient). ? Also additional developments on the MISP interfaces can be build and included into the platform, or can be shared with the other stakeholders.

Sustainable, continues to be supported through the community, additional developments of the platform under GIThub. Ausschlaggebend für den Erfolg von CSSA ist jedoch der direkte Draht zwischen den Mitgliedern und der vertrauliche Austausch unter Experten.

Undoubtable, the platform has gained a lot of success over the last couple of years, because it has been used by some national CERT’s and their teams in order to communicate amongst each other and amongst some other private organizations in a structured way. Silke LechtenbergDr. High – there is only limited capability of filtering, high volumes of incidents needs to be treated as well, sometimes too much information is being shared, MISP-Project website Not Sustainable as it might be overtaken by another similar mechanism over time, providing better efficiency in operations with fewer resources. Many different tools exist to support the sharing. 1. Towards an Evaluation Framework for Threat Intelligence Sharing Platforms, Towards a Maturity Model for Inter-Organizational Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing: A Case Study of Stakeholders' Expectations and Willingness to Share. Cyber Security Sharing & Analytics (CSSA) ... liegt auf dem Austausch und der Analyse von Vorfällen innerhalb des Mitgliederkreises und dem gemeinsamen Aufbau von Threat Intelligence. The remaining 10% is labour intensive investigations on malwares, cybercriminal activities (such as darknets), which are being collected and shared amongst peers in different expert and other (non-expert) networks (such as MISP).

In the last …

High – in order to take into full operation, dedicated resources should be required, investigating and coordinating relations, managing the trusted network and the trusted information sharing (traffic light protocol). ? Cyber threat intelligence can be shared by commercial providers, based upon a certain fee. The platform allows for a (near) real time reaction to an incident. They can be used by first line responders working on cyber security incidents. Operations Handbook :

Incidents could be data breaches (theft or loss of data), but could equally be intrusions from outsiders (cyber criminals), entering into corporate networks, through malware (virus, ransomware, …. The incident management teams can sometimes be responsible for one organisation (large corporates, or security services companies) or multiple organisations (such as national CERTs, typically taking care over incidents of national governments, administration and public authority institutions. The lead developer works with the Luxemburg CERT team (CIRCL). The system can act as a forensic tool over time.

Their activities and results will be noted in a case log. The first attempt was called CyDefSIG: Cyber Defence Signatures.Github (open source – open development platform), this got further developed by NATO’s CERT and the Belgian military CERT teams. Alle Teilnehmer arbeiten auf der Basis von Ver­schwie­gen­heits­ver­ein­bar­ungen, für die das Traffic Light Protokoll (TLP) für den CSSA adaptiert wurde (siehe The information can be useful for investigators, while trying to understand the incident and while limiting its potential damage and impact, while searching for recovery and restoring the situation, in investigating the root cause and trying to resolve the vulnerabilities, in trying to understand the impact it has caused after a breach or for forensic investigations. The platform itself also allows investigators to collect evidence for forensic analysis. National Intelligence This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. Platforms are being used on a daily basis to gather intelligence on malware signatures, the way malwares have been engineered and how they have been adapted. Dies erfordert ein starkes Commitment aller Mitgliedsunternehmen und ein sehr hohes Maß an Vertraulichkeit. Cyber Security Information Sharing platforms have proven to be sustainable, in that they already exist for many years, at least within the industry. MISP is a platform for sharing, storing and correlating Indicators of Compromises of targeted attacks. The objective is to support cybersecurity incident response teams, analysts and first line responders in their day to day operations, with intelligence and a connected group of experts. First line responders will be confronted with the resulting laptop. Some platforms are only there to provide a communication and community management layer, as a trusted platform. Platforms for sharing have proven to be efficient. Der Schwerpunkt liegt dabei auf qualitativ hochwertigen, validierten Daten.


Alle Mitglieder zahlen den gleichen Beitrag und haben die gleichen Rechte. Some platforms are centrally oriented, others work in a decentralized manner. The aim is to provide an effective and structured means of interactions and communications. As practical example: a computer incident occurs at a company, causing the laptop of an employee to show a screen asking for a payment to be done within the remit of days, threatening the user to destroy all information on the laptop. ?

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Cyber Threat Intelligence Sharing Platforms are operational mechanisms to support the exchange of intelligence on cyber security threats and incidents amongst different entities. Additional research is undertaken how the MISP can immediately include digital evidence – during an incident to capture all required data and automatically (without any intervention, time stamped and proven in methodology) reported into a platform (possibly MISP). The Malware Information Sharing Platform (MISP) is an open source software (freely downloadable and royalty-free operational) platform that can be installed by any organization in order to collect and distribute malware information – cyber threat intelligence amongst peers. Aktuell sind ca. The main purpose of the MISP is to have one incident management team, investigating such an incident, reporting it into the MISP to alert other MISP subscribers to be aware of the incident and be alerted that similar incidents might happen on their constituency – or with their stakeholders. Can We Evaluate the Impact of Cyber Security Information Sharing? CERT.EU & CERT.BE – operational teams Intelligence is being shared on how vulnerabilities have been discovered in systems and applications and how they are being exploited, what channels perpetrators are using and how they go about in “weaponizing”.

Policy Report: Preventing Violent Extremism – Current Debates in Europe. (public and private) CERT’s, CSIRT’s, Security Operations Centers (SOC’s) Additional extensions built on operational commercial platforms (QRadar, Splunk, …) There is a core team of motivated people who think that information sharing can be improved and supported by creating practical open source tools, open format and practises. Connecting to other MISP’s will take some additional requirements, but is achievable within a reasonable timeframe. Some cyber security industry players are reporting to use already for more than 90% automation, including the use of intelligence sharing, to respond to the daily challenges of incidents.

Als Haupt-Schnittstelle und Sharing-Tool fungiert MISP. ), botnets, ddos attacks, spam, phishing and other cyber-criminal activities. Other platforms aim to automate, and to maximize automated reaction and response. ARMOUR: Grant agreement No: 823683, PLATFORM OFFICE: Die Zusammenarbeit im Verein soll den einzelnen Mitgliedsunternehmen helfen, Bedrohungen schneller zu erkennen, Angriffe besser abzuwehren, Akteure und Vorgehensweisen besser zu verstehen und … They can start searching logs and activities of the laptop and they can investigate through specialized cyber security services about the activity. The MISP project doesn’t maintain an exhaustive list of all communities relying on MISP especially that some communities use MISP internally or privately. It supports the time sensitivity, that is that it helps in any case in reacting against the speed in which some of the cyber incidents take place. It effectiveness is mainly based upon 1) the effectiveness of the platform itself, 2) the contributing organisation, 3) the information stored (and forwarded) and 4) the organisations or people consulting the platform. CSSA ist für europäische, weltweit tätige Wirtschaftsunternehmen zugänglich, die über Inhouse CyberSecurity-Ressourcen verfügen und sowohl die Bereitschaft als auch die Fähigkeit besitzen, relevante Informationen über Cyber-Angriffe und -Bedrohungen unter Gleichgesinnten zu teilen. d) Other methods of cooperation include reporting platform – when SOC’s or other incident team discover an incident, the platform will receive – store and forward – the information. Gründungsmitglieder des Vereins sind Airbus, Allianz, BASF, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Telekom, Henkel und Infineon. Otto-Bauer-Gasse 5/14

In the last couple of years, organizations have demonstrated an increased willingness to exchange information and knowledge regarding vulnerabilities, threats, incidents and mitigation strategies in order to collectively protect against today’s sophisticated cyberattacks. Other platforms are oriented in providing (near) real time information, and get their relevance and significance on the basis of the contributors. ISAC’s (Information Sharing Analysis Centers) Private Security Services organizations The MISP tool is fully available on the internet, can be freely installed and operated.