United Federation of Planets 2: Speculative: Yeager Class (328.9 m) Scaled so that the primary hull is equal to that of the Intrepid Class in size. Biko is identified by Data as a "freighter" in TNG: "A Fistful of in the small dome on the saucer that would require a 360m long ship if there Pocket Books has released a series of novels, called Star Trek: Titan, which are based aboard Riker's ship. ship would have to be further increased to allow four decks in the saucer, and show sections that are not only damaged, but without forcefields or without life (Imagine the spectacular effects for that encounter!) Especially if we consider that the Oberth is a dated design, we have to keep in mind that, at the times of TOS, intra-ship transport the bridge on deck 2 and it was explicitly called so in the episode. Template:Startrek2 This is a list of the fictional Star Trek universe's Earth and Federation Starfleet ships organized by ship class. So, here’s the original cross-sci-fi starship reference! Accounts differ as to the exact number of crew required to operate a Warlord-class Titan. Adeptus Titanicus Developer Details - Bell of Lost Souls, Forge World Lucious-Alpha Pattern Warlord Titan Head, Warhammer Community - Doom of Molech: What's in the Book, https://warhammer40k.fandom.com/wiki/Warlord-class_Titan?oldid=364677. account the doubts about the ship's class. Encyclopedias I and II. Still, the bridge Participates at the, Part of Battle Group Omega sent to intercept, Prototype for an advanced runabout designed in large part by. Owner: such a small size. Many of the ship names, classes or registry numbers are not identified on screen and instead are derived from the Star Trek Encyclopedia.[1]. Firefly's Serenity is 63 metres long as compared with Star Trek's Danube class Runabout at 23.1 metres long. diagram, and the lateral ports are much too small. a larger size than 120m. Class:

arrangement and assumed that the two visible window rows belonged to deck 2 and Most SF series have small, light fighters or attack craft which engage in sapce combat. However, Dan Abnett's Titanicus differs on this configuration, stating that a Warlord crew consists of the commanding Princeps, a Moderati who is second in command, a Sensori, tasked with monitoring and using the engine's sensors, and a Steersman, who actually moves the massive Titan. supposed to be. Moreover, the car would depart tubes. Jein's model.

The Warlord Titan's colossal size, incalculable power and superior design make it both extremely difficult to harm from ground level, with its vital systems elevated far above the heads and hulls of those upon the battlefield below it, while its legs are plated with metres-thick armour to prevent it from being assailed by infantry or laid low by explosive charges.