Any suggestions would be so appreciated. Or another venue for the pre-order? If you didn't get my response then I'm wondering if there's something specific to your setup, whether that be your email client or otherwise, that may be contributing to this? Vegan Gluten-free Recipe.

In fact, the average vegan gets 70% more protein than they even need in a day! This is the first book I have been excited to show my non-vegan friends. Sam, I've heard lots of rave reviews from others who have tried the recipe so it should work out. He said it was delicious. Hope that helps! It's a blast! Good luck though . Hi Sam. Hi Heather, try reducing the amount of water or adding more nuts/seeds/oats etc.

That is my experience! Greens like spinach, kale, peas and broccoli, have somewhere around 20-30% protein, even rice has 8% protein. If you like what you see, be sure to subscribe so you never miss a fuss-free vegan recipe again. Let me know if you have any questions or need any support , Sam, this blog is amazing - thank you so much! I was researching kcal and I kept getting different answers. Yes, I was an art director, now a full-time blogger. Thanks Sam! Bon appetegan! I tried running but hurt my joints, and I do pilates but am too poor to keep up those expensive classes.

I realize this is a weird comment to leave on your blog but after watching the Melty Gooey Mozzarella video a bunch of times (, I simply HAVE TO ASK: What lipstick are you wearing in that video?!

I am actually making the transition to vegan from vegetarian. I hope you enjoy my book as much as I loved creating it . So happy you loved the recipe so much! There are 6 people in my family, but one is off on his own now. I have just watched COWSPIRACY and i feel i have to change. I was at Trader Joe's and the lady at the sample counter recognized me as "that vegan guy." Cardio is great, but it takes way more effort to see results. For fitness, I hands down, 100%, swear up and down, as someone who has always tried to get in shape but never did until now, love weight lifting.

As a sweet bonus, I saw my health improve. If it's just a small amount, then it is added for flavour and you can just amp up the other flavours a bit more. She is the only family member I have who is working hard on maintaining a plant-based lifestyle. Hi, love to read your strory, I am trying to figure out if to be vegan again _was raw vegan for a while and was vey difficult to follow...and now are basically trying to eat healthy animal proteins as I am not sure how to get all my protein needs as I am an athlete.

You are too cute! ?Thanks !! I was driving taxi at the time and my activity level never changed. Can you clarify the kcal conversion? It sounds like you are loving the food already which is so key!!! Thanks so much Naomi! Thrilled you love it so much . . But I am so so glad I did. . WHAT? Welcome, and I hope you enjoy many more recipes , Aww that's awesome, Julie!! So happy you are enjoying everything, Angela. Thanks for liking my recipes! I'm so very happy my bean salad converted your fiance! I have been following you for a few months and am just now reading how you became vegan. By chance, does your book include any recipes catered to children? I'm 53 and feeling soooo healthy and happy! Welcome so searching for info on a planet based diet i found your blog and i love it! I'm so glad you found me too!! It's the best thing I ever did and wished I had started earlier.