We don't usually get too much rain but some years we can, so you should come prepared. I know, I told you the weather was perfect in Rome in October and now I’m telling you to bring a scarf and hat! What to wear in Rome in October October is a fall month, and in Rome it's just beautiful. We are convinced that visiting Rome in October will give you the best of both worlds. Sunglasses. Small umbrella. October is an excellent time to visit Rome. In October in Rome you are unlikely to need a sun hat or very hot weather clothing but, if you have sensitive skin, good quality sunscreen can come in handy. Here’s why we, in our humble opinion, prefer this Autumn month for visiting the Italian capital: The heat in the summer time can make sightseeing somewhat exhausting.

Weather in Rome in October is perfect. This is us during our tour with Tapsy in October in Rome. Well, you might only need a light scarf and perhaps a thin beanie hat towards the end of the month when the temperature really does start dropping, especially in the evenings. Check the weather before you head out each day, but it's almost always a good idea to carry a light jacket, or pullover, and a scarf.