You simply need to set it up with a gas connection and begin cooking. But we make sure that the comparison of Weber Q1000 vs Q1200 listed below will surely help you in finding the best.

People also love to see the cooking surface with heavy steel and coated. Q1200 allows the users for choosing among the following colors white, black, fuchsia, blue, green, and purple. Meanwhile, they will get the same heat output of 8500 BTU, from each of the burners.

Cooking healthy and delicious meals is so easy with a Weber Q barbecue. You can tip your hat to the intelligent built and design. The newest of all three models, the Weber Q2200 is the most powerful of them all. It weighs 42.5 lbs. It provides 280 square inches of grill space as compared to the 189 square inches cooking area of the other two. Weber Q1200 has a relatively taller dome when compared to the Q1000. Hence, the lid thermometer so far is not necessarily come to it as a noticeable feature.

The lid is around 2-inches more elevated than the latter, making it possible to cook larger roasts. Design. The dimensions of this grill are 14.5 (H) x 27 (W) x 12 (D) inches, and it weighs 26.6 lbs., which makes it the most portable and compact of the three.

The cheaper Q 1000 model has a single-piece grate.

With the extra space, you can grill larger poultry or more substantial meat cuts with the Q1200, which can be quite convenient as you can cook more food at a go. Again, with the sleek stylish outlook run the functional cooking with great fun.

That means you can pick any color of your choice. @2020 -

In a direct Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 comparison, the Weber 2200 is larger in size than the other and is 15.5 (H) x 51.4 (W) x 19.5 (D) inches with the lid closed, and side tables retracted. Also, the Q2200 has a more powerful stainless steel burner with a 12000 BTU output as compared to the 8500 BTU output of the Q1000 and Q1200. Under this area, it is concluded that you can easily grill for about four people. Talking about build quality, both the models have Cast Aluminum lid plus body and have removable catch pan glass. Talking about cooking grates, again you’ll not find any difference here as both the models come with porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates. So you can pick anyone from the available colors.

Weber Q BBQ Comparison Review - Q1000, Q1200, Q1400, Q2200, Q3200. Q1000 is only available in white color.

You will find the aluminum container is placed under the grill and thankfully it can be removed and cleaned thoroughly. While the difference might not look like much since both still have 189 square inches of cooking area, a taller lid is always much better for barbeques. Maybe this is the another reason why they increase the price a bit further. These portable gas grills use a LP container or a tank connection for fuel like most of the Weber grills. The difference is the folding side tables, which users will get in the Q1200 model. However, in the ... Gas grills are certainly not new. Here we highlight these factors as they will come in handy when picking between the two.

You’ll find a built-in temperature gauge which is missing in Q1000 model. Also, you will be thankful to them to bring the durable front and rear cradles and at the top of the lid, you can see the Weber Q logo.

While the Weber Q1000 might not have a built-in thermometer, you can always use a separate one when cooking. amzn_assoc_default_category = "All"; Lid thermometer is of great use whenever you have a bigger space in gas grill. You can use the folding work tables to hold your beer can, chicken, hot dogs, or any other food you are using for the grill. It comes with one stainless steel burner that yields total heat output of 8500 BTU. Here the Weber Q1200 will include a built-in thermometer on the lid that helps make it easy to monitor the internal temperature as the food is cooking. When it comes to style and design, the Q1200 seems pretty much the same as the Q1000 with slight alterations. Weber Q series gas grills are a great launch by the company. The Q1000 and Q1200 feature the same grilling area with stainless steel burners that have a …

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If all these extras do not make a difference for you and prefer something relatively more affordable that still provides the same cooking area, the Weber Q1000 should be perfect. When it comes to the lid thermometer you may not see it with q 1000 model. Lid thermometer is of great use whenever you have a bigger space in gas grill. If you’re looking for a Modern, Compact & a Solid Gas Grill for your birthday party, beach day, or a picnic to make your day an extra special memory then you must look for either one of them.