PSP 9. [2][3][4][5] The ULDF failed to reach a seat-sharing agreement with the Bangla Congress, but managed to agree to some seat-sharings with the Congress(R). "*" indicates inclusion of 4 CPI(M)-supported independents. Wazirganj, along with 70 other constituencies, was contested in the first round of elections on October 28. Rajauli primarily witnessed an electoral contest between the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Atri was among the 71 seats that was contested in round one of the assembly elections. Parties and coalitions. So I'd like to go ahead and treat this candidate as a Biplobi Bangla Congress candidate. [1], Ahead of the 1971 election the map of party coalitions was redrawn. In the 2015 elections, the constituency was bagged by Prakash Veer of the Lalu Prasad Yadav-led party. ABHM 13.

In Goalpakhar there is a SSP (ULDF) candidate. "[7], And... "on January 24, formally announced the formation of "Democratic Consolidation" which decided to contest 153 Assembly and 16 Lok Sabha seats in West Bengal. Shall we assume ECI mixed them up altogether? However, what about the other BBC and BIB candidates? In addition, the state legislature may be dismissed by the Parliament according to Article 356 of the Indian Constitution and President's rule may be imposed. There is a label "BBC", in the acronyms list stated as "BHARATER BIPLABI COMMUNIST PARTY", presumably being the Revolutionary Communist Party of India (Tagore). This is not a forum for general discussion … )"[6], And Journal of the Society for Study of State Governments writes - "For purposes of this election , the EPC was converted into United Left Democratic Party ( ULDF ) consisting of the CPI , Forward Bloc , SUC , PSP ( dissident ) , Gorkha League , RCPI and Bolshevik Party . World Photography Day 2020: These Incredible Photos Capture the Beauty of Nature! Background. Modi claimed that the electorate of Bihar has shown the way to the nation, by choosing the politics of "development". In the beginning, the Bangla Congress and Congress (R) decided to have an electoral pact with each other but they could not come to an agreement over the distribution of seats. The "BBC" candidate in Raipur, Syam Charan Mandy (5945 votes, 13.60%), could in theory be a RCPI candidate but Biplobi Bangla Congress seems more likely. Chander (2004)[11] presents the following tally from the election; Total 277 II. There is at least 1 duplicate candidate, and in at least 1 constituency two candidates have exactly the same number of votes. The second and third phase of polls was conducted on November 3 and 7, whereas, the results of all the 243 assembly seats of Bihar was declared on November 10. Congress ( R ) faced the election on its own. Assembly election results of West Bengal in 1972 showing number seats won by each political party and the major political parties participating in the election in 1972 The seat is considered to be a RJD bastion, being represented since the last 20 years by party veteran Surendra Prasad Yadav. The results were declared on November 10, when the Election Commission of India has scheduled the counting of votes. Another tally is that made by CPI (1971)[12] Unfortunately I can't see the numbers for the first 3 lines (CPI(M), CPI, Congress (R)), but the rest looks like this; Comparing Chander (2004), CPI(M) and the ECI statistical report - there are the following differences: Per Link, March 1971 issue, "In the CPI front are Forward Bloc ( contesting 53 and 10 seats respectively for the Assembly and the Lok Sabha and SSC 27 and 3 ) .

The seat was among the 94 constituencies that went to polls in the second phase of elections in Bihar, scheduled on November 3. In none of the adjacent Contai North-Contai South-Egra-Ramnagar constituencies is there any other identifiable ULDF candidate. It also clarifies that election was counter-manded in Shyampukur constituency due to the murder of Hemanta Basu of FB. The Communist Party of India (Marxist-Leninist) called for electoral boycott. In the 2015 elections, the constituency was bagged by Shyam Rajak of the Nitish Kumar-led party. ВС 6**. The SSP ( official group ) which had been in the EPC ( now ULDF ) all through , did not formally become a constituent of ULDF in view of the decision of its Central Comınittee not to be a partner of any Front . Elections in West Bengal, a state in India are conducted in accordance with the Constitution of India. The assembly segment, in the 2015 elections, was won by the then Congress candidate Purnima Yadav. "The candidate Shri Pijush Chandra Ghosh [INC(O)] one of the contesting candidates in 127-Dum Dum assembly constituency was murdered on 5th March, 1971. "[8], More on the mess of the PSP/SSP factions; "In the same year [i.e. RSP 8.

Deutlicher als durch die verwirrende Vielfalt dieser Parteien 19 läßt sich die Fragmentarisierung des politischen Systems in diesem Staat nicht demonstrieren. In the previous elections in 2016, the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) retained its majority in the Legislative Assembly. This time PSP has won three seats while all the dissident-PSP candidates have lost"[10] (Note that Janata was a PSP publication) Of the 5 PSP legislators elected in 1969 - Md.