Someone at Ubisoft really loves horses. Note that you can only train a horse's skills to the maximum authorized by its tier. Tier 1: Apprentice horses range from 10 points in all 3 skills (speed, jump, and stamina) to 25 points in all 3 skills. Do I win something when completing competitions?

This will teleport you directly to the challenge and out of trouble! Magic Seals are available in the shop and will upgrade one of your horse's tiers by one when used. When I did that everything when blank. Go to the customization section (Paddock, then the purse icon, and then the horse tack) and start customizing your horse. After taking a picture, it will be saved in your phone and you can view it again at anytime. Please note, Horse Adventure will request access to your photos the first time you take a picture. To enter a specific competition, you will need to own a skillful horse and pay an entry fee! There will be a small slider next to the photos option, check that the slider is green! Don't forget that challenges have skills requirements depending on the type of challenge and its difficulty. The music in the game is superb as well. Lamentamos que não ajuda. Do I win something when completing competitions? Abrir un caso es facil. Go to that location and you will find the treasure chest and all the wonders it contains! You can change its looks and its tacks. Ubisoft's disturbing equine fetish continues with Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria. A horse is limited to a certain number of Bravery Seals depending on its tier (1 Bravery Seal for Tier 1 and 2 horses and 2 Bravery Seals for Tier 3 and 4 horses). Para ver mais PMF resultados, por favor ajuste o seu critério de busca. The easiest way to level up your horse's skills is to buy a training from a trainer. In the game's defense, at least the simple graphics look pretty good - surely good enough to hold the attention of the middle school children that are the intended audience. When you find an item, go very close to it and a "pick-up button" (button with a grasping hand) appears on the right side of the screen. The popular battle royale -- now for Android. Hubo un error al procesar su solicitud.

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Check that you gave Horse Adventure the permission to access your pictures. Go to your Paddock (Horse shoe button in the top left corner of the Free-Ride screen) and swipe until you find the sick horse you want to cure. Do I win something when completing challenges? Privacy Policy: ETH: 0x72526044301289fedb52f50aA514CD87E4b98995

As you groom and take care of your horse, the trust and bond between you is going to grow. I was told about trust, but I can't find it. It reveals the entire region and indicates the locations of all discovered challenges, bravery seal trainers, hidden collectibles, and portals to other regions. Your horse will be unavailable for a certain duration. Indeed, your Paddock only has enough space for 5 horses, so if you have more horses, the stable will unlock automatically and any new horse you get / buy will be sent there. Is there another way to gain skill points? Cure the sickness with an apple or a remedy and only then will your horse accept to be trained. The map is available either by clicking on the mini-map or by switching tabs in the Paddock. You will not be able to send your horse in training if it is sick. - The Wind and Vertigo Bravery Seal trainers can be found in the canyon region. Tiers represent different categories of horses. You should seek a Bravery Seal trainer. Once the training is over, you will be notified and you can ride your horse again! A Tier 1 horse cannot have more than 25 levels in any skill). Související Příspěvky Blogu Tuesday, January 31, 2017 Předána Nová Hra: Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria Set off on an adventure of a lifetime with your horse in the wondrous but troubled world of Etria Accept various riding and racing challenges and attempt to earn all 3 stars Customize, train and take good care of your horses so they can reach their highest potential Číst Více Competitions and quests are independent, but competitions are a good way to earn Equus and gems! However, you will need Equus to train your horses in between quests and completing challenges is the best way to earn Equus! Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria A personalized horse and rider (presumably based on the person playing the game, but you can make it however you like) are called to the magical world of Etria. Be careful though, its stats will be decreased by 50% (down to a minimum of 10) and you will not be able to send them in training or to the Stable while it is sick. I don't understand the training system! This means you already own the item! Cure the sickness with an apple or a remedy and only then will your horse accept to be trained. The Chosen Ones are riders from our world that have been transported to Etria, just like you! It keeps saying loading one the main screen, it doesnt work plz help! The Millennial Horses have disappeared and only you can bring them back, and restore balance and peace in Etria. © 2020 Ubisoft Entertainment. One Bravery Seal slot. Connect with Facebook to see all your friends' scores. You will cross paths with many friends and cute animals along your journey. Yes, you can still play with a sick horse. When I change the horse I'm riding, I always get transported to another location. Tier 4: Expert horses range from 55 to 70 in all 3 skills. It would be cool if it was easier to get other horse coats and cloathes. Tap on the "camera" icon under the minimap (right side of your screen), you can then change the camera mode between "normal" or "selfie" and take pictures by pressing the "camera" button (bottom right corner)! COMPETE with your friends and other players in jumping events and amazing races accross Etria Is there another way to gain skill points? How does it work? The Game is Good but… I think there is a Glitch on a quest called “Ruined Temple.” When I went to the temple to ‘Search for Clues’ until the side quest turned green. Golden Scratch tickets are a fun way to get gems for a very small amount of real-life currency. You can also access him through the map by clicking on the Scratch Ticket icon on the bottom-right side of the map. Tier 2: Experienced horses range from 25 to 40 points in all 3 skills.

Customize your character and his/her horse with hundreds of options and objects. a Tier 2 horse becomes a Tier 3 horse). There are many challenges that can be done while you ride in Etria. To enter a specific competition, you will need to own a skillful horse and pay an entry fee! If you want to switch back, it's fine too, you won't lose anything! I can't train my horse (buttons are unclickable). You can disable the ability to make in-app purchase in your device settings at any time.

Challenges are marked with a yellow halo of light. If you train a horse to overcome its fear, you will get a specific Bravery Seal for that fear and your horse will no longer be affected by it.

The skill required depends on the type of challenge (eg. You can check the skill circle indicator. Train and ride your horses through poetic lands to solve mysteries and help the Ancients find their Millennial Horses. Use it to keep an eye on your current quest objective, spot a nearby challenge, or follow the quickest path to your objective. However, the Millienial Horses, guardians of magic and peace in Etria, have vanished and the Etrians need your help to rescue them and restore balance to Etria. The favorite game of Huns, Mongols and Dothrakis. To change the name of your horse, go to the Paddock, click on the inventory (purse icon), select "Horse tack" and tehn you can change the name of your horse by clicking on the pencil button. - "Easy" challenges require the level of 25 in a specific skill. It's like Skyrim or The Legend of Zelda, if your character had a sexual attraction to his or her means of conveyance. Is this normal? Please contact us on our Facebook page: Obrigado pelo seu feedback! Train and ride your horses through poetic lands to solve mysteries and help the Ancients find their Millennial Horses. Perguntas relativas à jogabilidade do Hungry Shark Evolution, Perguntas relativas à jogabilidade do Hungry Shark World, Resolução de problemas técnicos do Hungry Shark Evolution, Envie-nos o seu problema e um dos nossos especialistas entrar em contacto consigo. I loved this game when it was on my iPhone. Description: Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria APK Join the magical world of Etria and get ready for an amazing adventure! We respect your privacy and take protecting it seriously. You can buy new equipment in the shop! This item upgrades your horse to the next (eg. See a … Both horses may be trained up to 40. Note: Remedies cure and prevent ALL of your horses from getting sick. I started playing Horse Adventures: Tale of Etria on my phone and within the first day I got the first divine: Etrian. Regular scratch tickets will always give you at least 350 Equus, so it's always worth trying! Riding horses in Horse Adventure: Tale of Etria is simple and fun. If I change my character's sex (woman / man), do I lose the previous customization items I already have, or do they move to my inventory? Yes, players can customize their human avatars in Horse Adventure, but it hardly seems to matter. Do you want to give us your opinion? After taking a picture, it will be saved in your phone and you can view it again at anytime. You can groom your horse an unlimited amount of times daily. To use it, you have to go to your Paddock and swipe until the horse you wish to upgrade is displayed.