The survival, evasion, resistance, and escape (SERE) course held at the Navy’s remote training site in the mountains of Maine and in the desert of Southern California are courses taught by SERE specialists.The course helps Navy pilots and aircrewmen, as well as other ground troops in the Navy, learn about evading capture as well as being held captive by an enemy force.

Back to their prior enlisted MOS.

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Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. "I didn't know what time I was supposed to be there", or something... No problem. Obviously a big portion is classified so I'm just looking for tips as far as what I should/shouldn't bring and/or anything I should do in Spokane.

Every minute of suck is another minute you're closer to it being done.

The 2020 election wasn't 'stolen.' By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This is not to insult those that have failed, but my purpose is to shed light on maybe some weaknesses you weren't aware of before you entered training. One of my buddies got medically disqualified because during the night landnaves he fell asleep standing up and fell down a cliff.

Everything else will be issued to you and you have to take to the field no matter if you have a personal replacement or not. Unless you have a demonstrable requirement for this level of training along with a big budget you will be unlikely to secure this training (If you find companies offering off-the-shelf Level C SERE training to the general public you can be pretty sure it isn't really SERE Level C). Depends how well you learn what they're teaching you. Sternos are allowed? Got into SOWT on a hearing waiver. I thought it was some of the most practical training I ever received from the AF. Wait he's not an actual PJ? Can you join the army if you’re weren’t born in America ?

My dad went through SERE as a Navy pilot in the Vietnam days, and as he tells it he did just that. Do you believe if you focused more on rucking and your strength/endurance you would have benefited you? It will happen when sticking your foot into a hole in the ground as you are doing PLF during a night parachute drop, or when you step off the edge of an embankment or fall out of a tree. I still have respect for those that have even tried out, because it takes some cojones to do so.