I’ve also found reusable canvases at abandoned schools. So many fun patterns, colors and textures…also a lot of markups! SO expensive! Our Sites: WetCanvas | Southwest Art | Collector's Guide, © Copyright 2020 Golden Peak Media. Many times, when I’ve needed something, I’ve posted a simple status update on Facebook or searched local Facebook groups for things.

And I am ALL about saving money! This means free cardboard boxes, envelopes, and stickers for holiday gifts AND leftovers for new projects. Ours only has two things listed right now, neither one having to do with crafts. After all, Thailand is quite cheap for art supplies, so many artists want to buy supplies while they’re in Bangkok, but they’re not quite sure where to go. Student grades or bargain brands often will have less pigments in them and more fluid in their base, especially in acrylics. One of my favorite sites to get craft supplies is Zulily. Cookie Statement Terms & Conditions. Thank you again.

One of my favorite sites to do this is Fabric.com that offers 5% discounts for 2-14 yards, 15% off for 15-34 yards and 20% off for orders of 35+ yards. It becomes an artistic scavenger hunt. How to Get Free Art Supply Samples. If you’re more advanced, always go for quality art products for better results. You could also take this opportunity to score free paint samples, fabric, or texture samples from exhibiting designers. I would stack them and use a hole punch on one side, and then lace the side together with twine. Have just bought my beaut’ new machine and want to try quilting, needs some fabrics. If you’re a bit more experienced, you can upcycle. This one isn’t always a guarantee, but I’ve had the best luck at small local arts and crafts stores, like Mendel’s in San Francisco. Login to post a comment. I love DIY projects but almost surrendered the hobby because of the exorbitant prices.

Simply ask! Whenever I have to place an order and need to meet the free shipping minimum (for those of us without Prime), I will stock up on craft supplies I go through pretty regularly… knock-off ink cartridges, glitter, cardstock and washi tape. They feel the fabric was too expensive and nice to simply throw away or donate to a stranger, they’d rather give it to a friend- that friend, my friends, is you. If you compare the two, the other brands are less colorful and intense than Crayola. Come make art with us! I get craft items from a dollar store or big lots for cheap. Artlicious Canvas Panels 12 Pack - 8 inch x 10 inch Super Value Pack - Artist Canvas Boards for Painting. This was suggested to me years back and thought it was brilliant. I would then cut the unprinted side off, and create sheets of paper. I am making hats, scarves for those who are in need this winter, I also usually will throw in things I know I’ll need for craft projects later or don’t feel like carrying home from the store, like shoebox tuppers, mason jars and paint pens. Preach it girl! We’ve all been there- chances are you can score these craft supplies or fabric for cheap or free. They work with just about every canvas dimension known to man, have easy-to-read info so you can pick the card that matches your canvas/paper dimensions easily, and I added the markings on horizontal and vertical center to help me see exactly where I wanted the subject to sit on my canvas.

I talk about this all the time. If you think of any others, please let me know in the comments section so we can all share! If you are not using Ebates now, it’s a great way to get money back on your favorite shops. I saw a ton of great holiday decor that could have made awesome Frozen costumes for little ones this year!). I have bought sheets and duvet covers but they are very thin and Fray a lot. Great info in your blog. It never hurts to look for free art supplies on Craigslist. You can find sheets, duvet covers, table cloths, curtains and placemats on clearance you just have to reimagine them…best of all, some of them already have a hem or buttons you can work off of.